10 Famous Attractions in Papua | Raja Ampat #1


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Papua Located in the eastern part of the island of Papua, the province has many national parks and also a variety of interesting cultures to see and visit. Papua also opens our eyes to see that beautiful places in Indonesia are not only in crowded places. We can feel the life of local residents who are still traditional, traveling while enjoying nature and trying the local specialties. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Papua, such as Raja Ampat, Bosnik Beach and the others. Here are some of the tourist attractions in Papua :


1. Raja Ampat


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Raja Ampat was originally a unity with a district of Sorong, until it finaly became the Raja Ampat district in 2004. The islands with beautiful underwater scenery are well known to many local and foreign tourists, and are included as one of the world heritage sites with the most beautiful views in the world.

To reach and walk around Raja Ampat, we can take a boat or stay overnight at one of the resorts in the Raja Ampat islands. Raja Ampat is certainly very popular to be a suitable tourist spot for young people and also couples who are looking for tourist attractions for honeymoon.

Although many divers make Raja Ampat a chosen destination because it has many types of coral reefs and marine animals, there are also many things to see in Raja Ampat besides the underwater beauty. One of them is white sandy beaches, karst islands, and also endemic flora and fauna such as paradise and orchids. Those are some of the famous tourist attractions in Raja Ampat.


2. Bosnik Beach 


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It’s a beach that located about 15 kilometers from the city of Biak. Even though it has beautiful underwater scenery, tourists who want to snorkel should be careful about the dangers of water tourism. Even for travelers who don’t want to snorkel, can relax and enjoy the view of white sand and blue water on Bosnik beach.

The beach is quite crowded with visitors because the scenery is indeed asking for fees to enter the beach area. But, of course, it is worth the view and also the beautiful atmosphere but still soothing.


3. Wafsarak Waterfall


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Located quite far from the city of Biak, the waterfall which must be taken 2 hours from downtown by car or motorcycle is also located not far from the beach. The waterfall which is also called the Warsa waterfall has a height of about 10 meters, although it is classified as gentle, but the view of the waterfall and the rustling sound of the water that greets us when entering the waterfall area is very soothing.

The locals really maintain the cleanliness of these attractions, can be seen from the blue color of the waterfall and the cool scenery that is still natural. To enter the waterfall area, there is a collection of fees per group of 35 thousand rupiah. Visiting this waterfall, we are allowed to swim, and enjoy the view of this waterfall from a hill that is no less beautiful. Of course, with the condition that we don’t litter or pollute the area around the waterfall. For tourists who love waterfall tourism, of course there are many places that also provide the beauty of waterfall tourism in Indonesia that must be visited.


4. Lake Sentani


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The lake, which is below the slopes of the Cyclops Nature Reserve, has 22 “islands” in it that are so large that they can be seen from the air when we board a plane. To visit the islands in it, we can rent a small motorboat in one of the villages near the lake.

There are 24 villages around this lake, and we can buy local handicrafts and taste culinary dishes in various tourist attractions in Papua such as papeda and also processed fish.

One of the islands frequented by tourists is the island of Asei, which also sells distinctive crafts in the form of wood carvings and other handicrafts that are no less interesting. There are more than 30 species of fish around the lake, and we can also watch the locals catch and process fish. One of the highlights of this is that in June, we can watch the festival, which is the attraction of local residents and war dances.


5. Lake Paniai


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This lake once held the title of the 157th most beautiful lake in the world in November 2007, the views of this lake can no longer be doubted. To reach this lake, you can drive from the city of Enarotali, or you can also by air, which is a Cessna type aircraft. Many local and foreign tourists eyeing the lake at sunset.

Paniai lake area is located in the mountains and is around 1700 meters above sea level, making the atmosphere around the lake cool. Although it is located in a mountainous area, Lake Paniai has many species of shrimp and fish. One of them is cheating shrimp, a type of shrimp which is an endemic species of Papua.

Besides enjoying the scenery on the lake, tourists can also enjoy other activities such as fishing for fish and freshwater sea animals, or enjoy the scenery on the lake by renting a boat. There are many facilities around the lake, one of which is a guesthouse, travel agent, hotel, restaurant and souvenir shop. We can also hire a guide and utilize the function of the tour guide to help us with travel.


6. Baliem Valley


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The Baliem Valley is home to the Dani, Yali, and Lani tribes. Located around the Jayawijaya mountain, which is among the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia. This valley has a low temperature, but commensurate with the scenery that can be seen along the way. The journey to the Baliem valley is difficult, however, we can reach it by plane from Jayapura city and head straight to the city of Wamena, the main city in the Baliem valley area.

The scenery around the Baliem valley depicts rock age civilizations, and most places can only be accessed by bicycle or on foot. The countryside around the valley can be a major tourist spot, because we can trekking while peering into the lives of the Balinese people who still maintain the traditional image. One that cannot escape from the Wamena area is a 400-year-old mummy in the Akima area, about 20 kilometers from Wamena.

West Papua as a province located in the west of the island of Papua, West Papua has many interesting natural and cultural attractions. Beaches, lakes, mountains and nature reserves are sights that we can find in West Papua. West Papua is also a place that has many beaches which are also one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, which is a shame if not visited.


7. Manokwari


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In Manokwari, there’s a Japanese monument which is a memorial to the landing of Japanese troops for the first time in Manokwari. There is also a unique tradition of the surrounding population, namely the calling of fish using a whistle from the reef. This tradition is still carried out on Bakaro Beach which is located on the north coast of Manokwari.

One of the special dishes of Manokwari and also Papua is papeda, or often also referred to as sago porridge. Papeda made from sago flour is usually eaten instead of rice and served with fish and yellow gravy made with traditional cobs and herbs. For snacks, we can try the sago plate which is usually served as a friend to drink coffee and tea.

There are many natural attractions and various types of water tourism that can be seen around the Manokwari area. One of them is the Arfak mountains which is a protected nature reserve, it is not wrong if local people want to make this place as one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.


8. Arfak Mountains


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Arfak Mountains is the highest point in West Papua, with a height reaching 2,940 meters above sea level (asl). From the top of the Arfak mountains, we can see views of the city of Manokwari, and sometimes in winter, the mountain peaks can be covered with snow. Although we can be accompanied by a guide or guide, but it helps us not to forget taboos when climbing a mountain.

In these mountains there are also two twin lakes. According to local stories, the two lakes were formed from a love story of two people, who enshrined themselves into two lakes. In each lake there is also said to be a male and female dragon. Therefore, based on the story of the existence of the two dragons, local residents believe that the twin lakes also have male and female sexes. Locals call the male lake Anggi Ginji and the female Anggi Gita


9. Wondiwoy Nature Reserve 


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If we just want to take a walk or trekking calmly while enjoying the scenery, not just relaxing on the beach, then this place is the type of place for our tour.

The Wondiwoy Mountains Nature Reserve is the right place for those of us who like to walk in nature and enjoy the fresh air. Not too far from the city, located 5 kilometers from the town of Manokwari, the Wondiwoy Nature Reserve has 147 species of flora and fauna.

From the nature reserve, we can also enjoy the stunning views of the Cendrawasih bay and Wandamen Bay. Even though achieving it is quite difficult, because we have to board a Cessna type aircraft to reach the center of this nature reserve, the scenery and diversity of flora and fauna contained in it is comparable to the journey we take.


10. Biak Island


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Biak Island and Numfor Island are a unity that forms Biak Regency. The island which is located in Cendrawasih Bay has many interesting places to visit. In North Biak, there is Amoi Village which is famous for its beautiful scenery. In addition, there is also the Museum of Paradise which has many collections during World War II. Don’t forget to try typical foods in the Biak area. Marapen cassava is one of them.

Cassava is processed by wrapped in banana fronds and then baked on the coals is a treat that must be enjoyed. There’s also Japan Iyen, a taro which is boiled without seasoning and served with spicy seasoned sea fish. One of the attractions in Biak is the Bird Park and Orchid Garden which is located in the Bosnik area. There is a collection of birds and plants that are quite diverse and complete with information. Around the Biak area, there are many interesting tourist destinations, such as Bosnik beach and Wafsarak waterfalls around Biak island.