Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know

12 Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know

12 Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know

12 Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know – Raja Ampat is indeed known to have a very beautiful marine environment. Not only famous throughout Indonesia, the beauty of the Raja Ampat sea is also ogled by foreign tourists. Raja Ampat is indeed known as a tourist attraction in Papua that is superior. Therefore, many tourists who want to travel to this place. You will also travel to Raja Ampat? Before you start your tour, consider our following article about travel tips to Raja Ampat. Here are the tips:

1. Go with the group is one of the Raja Ampat Travel Tips

One of Raja Ampat Travel Tips can be about transportation costs. The cost to Raja Ampat are arguably more expensive than other regions in Indonesia. To anticipate a large expenditure on transportation, you try to travel to Raja Ampat with other people or groups. You can invite your relatives or friends. If you come there with 10 or more people, your party can be a joint venture to pay boat rental fees and gas costs per day which can amount to millions.

2. Raja Ampat Travel Tips Can Also Be Searching for Airplane Ticket Promos

These are Raja Ampat travel tips that you should pay attention to. In addition to transportation costs that are quite expensive, the price of plane tickets to the nearest city, namely Sorong, is also quite expensive. Typically, the wealth of plane tickets to Sorong ranges from four to five million Rupiah for one way. This price does not include tickets for returning home.

Therefore, look for promo price tickets to Sorong well in advance or a few months in advance. If necessary, look for promo tickets from one year before departure. In addition to the way to routinely look for promo tickets, you can also hunt for promo tickets through a number of travel fairs that are usually followed by several leading airlines.

3. Know the Regular Ship Schedule Is Also Raja Ampat Travel Tips

After you arrive at Sorong City, then you have to take a regular boat from the port to Raja Ampat. The price of a regular boat ticket is definitely cheap, although the speed isn’t as fast as a speedboat.

For your information, regular boat schedules leaving for Raja Ampat are available for three days, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The time of departure is every 09.00 WIT or 14.00 WIT. The price for a one-way ticket is Rp. 120 thousand per person.

4. Choose a tour package from a travel agent can also be the Raja Ampat Travel Tips

Raja Ampat Travel Tips is actually, you can do your own travel plans. But if you don’t want to bother planning your trip, and have enough funds, you can choose a tour package provided by a travel agent. Do not worry, usually travel agents have many choices of packages offered and adjusted for the funds you have. Of course, you must first make sure the travel agent you will use is trusted. Do not let, you have out a lot of money but it turns out your travel agent is actually cheating you.

5. Pay Tourism Levies

Did you know that all Raja Ampat areas are included in conservation areas. According to the applicable rules, tourists who want to travel there are not allowed to enter if they do not pay mandatory fees as evidenced by a pin or card.

So, according to the rules, local tourists are required to pay an admission fee of IDR 500,000 per person. As for foreign tourists, the entry fee is Rp 1,000,000. Well, it turns out the pins and cards that you will get as proof of payment of retribution are valid for one year. Cool, right?

To pay the mandatory levies and exchange them for pins or tickets, you can go to the Raja Ampat Regional Public Service Agency office in Waisai City or in Sorong City. After getting a pin or card, then you are allowed to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat to your heart’s content.

You might ask, what is the purpose of the levy? The retribution money that you pay will be used by conservation officials there to protect Raja Ampat’s natural preservation from irresponsible parties, such as illegal fishermen or certain parties who want to damage the conservation area in Raja Ampat. Of course, this can damage the tourism advantage of Raja Ampat, which is well known throughout the world.

6. Choice of Lodging on Budget

If you have already gotten an airplane promo ticket, we congratulate you. Furthermore, you can also look for cheap lodging locations in Raja Ampat. Generally, lodging prices in Raja Ampat include accommodation and meals. Eitsss, don’t forget to compare prices elsewhere. If you want to be cheaper, choose a homestay that is not far from Waisai or that is close to the attractions you want to visit. For information, on Waisai Island there are already around 40 homestays to choose from. The range of one-night stays for one person ranges from IDR 250,000 to IDR 350,000.

If you want cheaper lodging costs, you can stay at the home of one of the local residents who are used as lodging for tourists. Although there are not as many facilities available if you are at the inn, you can interact directly with local residents there.

However, if you want to stay in a more luxurious lodging, around Raja Ampat have stood dozens of hotels and a number of resorts that have luxury facilities and views overlooking the beach. Of course, the cost you have to pay will be more expensive.

7. Come at the Right Time

Doing a tour on the sea certainly will not be separated from the name of the weather factor. There are some good months for a vacation to Bali. Similarly, when you travel to Raja Ampat. If you come in the wrong season and month, you could be stuck in the harbor without having the opportunity to travel due to high sea waves. You don’t want to waste your tour time in vain just to wait for the sea waves to calm down?

Then, when is the right time to travel to Raja Ampat? In October to April, the waves that hit the Raja Ampat area were not too large. Although the current weather conditions are unpredictable due to global warming, usually in May to mid-June, and in the last two weeks in September, ocean waves around Raja Ampat can still be faced by passenger ships.

8. Don’t Damage the Coral Reef

As a tourist attraction that favored the beauty of the sea, Raja Ampat certainly has various types of coral reefs and fascinating marine animals. Even Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. However, you should not damage the coral reefs there so that the marine ecosystem there is maintained. You do not want the beauty of the sea there tarnished because of the damaged coral reefs there?

9. Dispose of trash in its place

Take care of cleanliness in the Raja Ampat area, especially the area there is a conservation area that must be protected from the natural environment of waste. Don’t dirty the Raja Ampat with rubbish that can threaten the environmental ecosystem there. This also applies if you travel or go anywhere, not only only in Raja Ampat. But it also becomes mandatory travel tips for all tourists, and this is one of the travel tips to Japan that you must obey if you don’t want to be fined.

10. Bring Food Supplies from Home Is One Of

You need to know, that Raja Ampat is not like other big cities. In Sina, there aren’t many stalls. Even if there is, surely the price of food and drinks is enough to drain the bag. Therefore, bring your own food supplies from home. In addition, you can certainly be more efficient for food costs.

However, if you do not have time to prepare food supplies from home, buy food when you are in Sorong City. At least, the price of food there can be cheaper than in Raja Ampat.

11. Bring Personal Equipment as Needed

When you travel to Raja Ampat, you should bring your personal needs as needed. Remember, the price of basic necessities in Raja Ampat can be more expensive than in other regions in Indonesia. Especially if you use sea transportation that takes a long time to travel. Carefully consider the items you carry with the length of time you traveled there. Make preparations for a beach vacation in Raja Ampat well.

12. Interact with Local Residents

Raja Ampat Travel Tips can also be mingling with Raja Ampat people, who are known to be friendly and willing to accept outsiders. Therefore, if you want cheap lodging, then look for rented houses. Besides being able to interact and find information about Raja Ampat correctly and deeper, you also help their economy. However, your manners must be maintained, one of them wearing modest clothing. Local residents there will reprimand tourists if they meet with tourists who are considered rude.

Also, actively ask local residents if you don’t know about Raja Ampat. You can also ask your tour guide or the ferry captain. Sometimes, there are persons who ask tourists for more tips. Oh yes, you do not hesitate to ask areas or areas that are prone to them. So, you can get deeper information when traveling to Raja Ampat.

Interacting with local residents can also be one of the vacation tips so it’s not boring. You want to enjoy a vacation that’s all?

Have you noted all of our Raja Ampat travel tips just now? We wish you a pleasant trip to Raja Ampat and you can return home safely. Have a nice trip!