Ancient Tomb In Raja Ampat

Ancient Tomb In Raja Ampat

Ancient Tomb In Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat is famous for its exotic marine scenery. The clear blue sea and uniquely shaped islands are the main magnets for tourists from around the world.

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There is one more attraction that will make tourists curious about these islands in Raja Ampat, especially for the ones who are enthusiastic about history.

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Ancient Artefacts and Burial Complex

Ancient artefacts and burial complex that is thought to be the tomb of Arab traders were recently found by Archaeological Institute of Jayapura in Raja Ampat. The tomb was found in Misool Island.

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Artefacts and the cemetery were probably derived from the 17th century means, both hundreds of years old.

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Excavation of the tomb of the Arab merchants carried out by Jayapura archaeologists in 2014 in Kampung Harapan Jaya, Misool. Through the excavation, archaeologists found 14 tombs merchants from Saudi Arabia.

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“They just used sailboats and along with their wares who was still in control by the Maluku master Sultan Raja Ampat,” said one of the resident from Misool.

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Spread Islam

On a trade mission, Saudi merchants also spread Islam in the Raja Ampat community.

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Of course, in the spread of Islam, traders Saudi Arabia experienced a variety of challenges. They were ultimately not able to return to Saudi Arabia and died in Papua. They were then buried with their wares in Raja Ampat.

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Initial research and study took place Raja Ampat. Most likely, this year, the Institute for Archaeology Jayapura will continue the research and studies in all areas of Raja Ampat.

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They suspect there are many ancient tombs of traders from Saudi Arabia that have not been found yet.

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As known, Indonesia is the country with the largest Islamic religious adherents in the world. The population of adherents of Islam religion in Indonesia reaches 70% of the total population.

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Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a part of the archipelago under Tidore Kingdom who are Muslim empire in 17 – 18 AD. Remains of Islamic civilization itself can be seen from the number of Muslims people in Raja Ampat archipelago.

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One of the islands in the Raja Ampat with the majority of the Muslim population is Saonek island in southern Waigeo.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort witnesses how diversity and religious tolerance in Raja Ampat, are in good condition.

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