Beautiful Pearl From Raja Ampat

Beautiful Pearl From Raja Ampat

Beautiful Pearl From Raja Ampat

Beautiful Pearl From Raja Ampat – Pearls are very beautiful. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people love it. Especially for female, the pearl is one of Indonesia’s natural valuable resources. Cultivation of pearls is scattered. On various islands in the archipelago.

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One of them is in the area of Raja Ampat, which is located at the westernmost tip of Papua. Pearl is a leading commodity in this area.

There are at least 6 companies. That develop the cultivation of pearls here. Three are foreign companies. And the other three are local companies.

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The location that pearl are cultured are in Misool District, West Waigeo, and Batanta. In the district of West Waigeo. Pearl cultivation is in Aljui region. Approximately, 70 nautical miles west of the city of Sorong.

To go to the location. We should use a speed boat. To cross the sea area of Raja Ampat region. While enjoying the breathtaking view. Of Raja Ampat.

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After travelling for 6 hours. We arrived at the site of pearl cultivation. In this place, the cultivation is done in the middle of the sea. With floating nets.

Marcus Wanma

According to Bupati of Raja Ampat, Marcus Wanma. This area is very suitable for pearls cultivation.

From the surface, the location of pearl cultivation is only visible. As the expanse of floating nets crocheted with the ball. In these nets, dozens of shells are cultivated. By hanging them below the surface.

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There are some conditions to be successful. For this pearls cultivation industry. The location must be protected from big wind and waves. In addition. The sea also shall be free of pollution.

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Pearl cultivation process takes a long time. To produce good quality pearls. It takes about 4 years. Tillers of pearl shell are three months old. With ten to 12 cm length brought from Bali.

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Pearl Cultivation

Pearl cultivation process is quite complicated. The placement of seed pearls. Called nucleus is performed in the laboratory. Through the process of operation. Since the necessary precision. And patience are needed. Usually women perform this job.

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Seed pearls are placed in the gonads. Or bag eggshells. Each seed pearls are given coat called saibo, which is useful for stimulating. The formation of shells injured. Afterwards, the shells are placed captured floating in the sea. Nets should be cleaned every week.

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In this place, there are at least 250 people who word to cultivate pearls. There is a woman one of the workers who come. From the town of Sorong. She is in charge of putting seed pearls in shells.

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Pearls are harvested after six months. Whenever harvest, this company is capable. Of producing 150 thousand grain pearl. Pearl quality is determined by the shape, colour and flash. The main quality pearls are round, shiny and big.

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Pearls are produced in the domestic market. And exported to Japan, Singapore and Australia. The price of each pearl main quality. In the international market. Could reach two hundred United States Dollars.

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Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat does have the potential from its incredible ocean. Pearl from raja Ampat has been recognized worldwide. As high-quality pearls.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort facilitates guests who are interested. To see and want to know further. About pearl cultivation. By passing by the area of pearl cultivation. Every time Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort brings guests. Too many tourist’s destinations in Raja Ampat.

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In the island where Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is located, Urai island. There are still many iron cages where pearls. Were placed scattered. Everywhere in the beaches around.

It becomes one of attraction. For Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort guests to enjoy.

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