Best View For Photographic Hunting

Best View For Photographic Hunting

Best View For Photographic Hunting

Best View For Photographic Hunting – Through its above and under water spectacular marine scenery, Raja Ampat could satisfy many people from many interests, one of them is a photographer.

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Prepare your camera, lens, filters and any other additional photographic tools well. Cause you are going to have very limited time to shoot almost unlimited spectacular view around Raja Ampat. The best and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort or Doberai Private Island could provide special package only for photographers. So, you could maximize your time taking a picture around.

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In Raja Ampat there are types of view can be considered as objects, starting from the icon Wayag, Piaynemo, Kabui Bay. And many other above the water objects in around Raja Ampat Archipelago.

The other type of object is, of course, its underwater world. This can consist of fishes, coral reef, molluscs, shrimp, pigmy seashore, and many others.

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Doberai Private Island has been hosting and facilitating many groups of photographers from all around the world. Some of them were coming as a group from their company, and some others were individual photographers.

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Doberai Private Island understands fully that facilitating photographers entails full commitment and dedication to satisfying their need. Aside from that, handling photographic equipment can be another big task to handle.

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Doberai Private Island also comprehends that’s those photographers have limitation in terms of length of stay provided to them, and also about the weather.

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Hence, Doberai Private Island and the crew are always ready at any time. To move and leave to the destination whenever the weather allows the photographers to take pictures.

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Since Doberai Private Island occupies its own private island. Which is a very beautiful island, the majority of the photographers took a picture around the island firts. Before, going out to other islands around.

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