Trip to Raja Ampat is expensive? Not really actually, especially if we plan it well.

The word “expensive” is something that is relative actually. In general, Raja Ampat when it is compared to other tourist spots in the country, it is relatively more expensive. This is because Raja Ampat is marine tourist spot, where everybody knows that normally is more expensive than tourist spots on land. Moreover, Raja Ampat is located in Papua, where infrastructure is minimal when compared to other provinces in Indonesia.

However, all of the high expenses will be paid off when you see the breathtaking view of Raja Ampat, both underwater and above the sea.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is very concerned with the preservation of the Raja Ampat area within the scope of the overall ecosystem. Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort and we all of course do not want Raja Ampat to suffer the same fate just like other tourist destinations in Indonesia, where there are damages to forests, coral reefs and also socially negative changes of the social and cultural life of the community.

When we heard the name of Raja Ampat, the imagination of every person will wander into an archipelago in West Papua which is famous for its natural beauty. Raja Ampat is now well-known among tourists, both foreign and domestic. Especially for those who have a hobby of diving (diving). Raja Ampat is like a paradise for divers.

What makes Raja Ampat Islands are so attracted for tourists, so they do not care about the costs that they should spend to enjoy the exotic nature? Natural exoticism of Raja Ampat archipelago

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Conservation values ​​is the starting point to understand the behavior of the culture of Raja Ampat society. Nature gives life to them. Interaction with the nature teach them how to survive by using simple or traditional technology. Conservation values ​​are the manifestations of the values of their religion ​​or beliefs that they embrace. These values run in the process of interaction with the nature around them.

Not all of the Raja Amat people know the term “Conservation” in Papua. However, they know and realize that “WE MUST PROTECT OUR SEA, AND THE SEA WOULD RESULT A LOT”.

That is a couple of sentences implies conservation in very deep meaning. Most of the coastal communities never heard about conservation and protection of coral reefs in the Raja Ampat. 6th grade elementary school students from Kampung Aduwei, revealed in their language, Matbat, “Min bomb genie na or in Indonesian means the fish should not be bombed. They heard the conservation and protection of coral reefs of Raja Ampat from the government and village facilitators of some conservation programs.

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Do you like or are interested in water sports? Exploring the under water world have the same sensation as exploring outer space. For those of you who love the under water world and did not hesitate to wear tight waterproof, diving activities surely captivate you.

Scuba diving (diving) is becoming one of the most popular water sports. So popular, up to nearly one million people get certified divers every year. Basically, sport diving only involves an air tube that is placed in the back and you just dive into the water with a protected set of waterproof clothing and the tube that keeps you can breathe in the water. Quite interesting, is not it?

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Education is very important for the development of human resources. In general, limited infrastructure for education in Raja Ampat is significantly similar with other part of Papua. This poor infrastructure for education causing educational programs recommended by the government runs less than optimal.

Education Facilities

Success in education is largely determined by the availability of facilities and infrastructure. Physical facilities of the school buildings are available in almost all the districts ranging from elementary school (SD) up to Junior High School (JSS), while the upper secondary education (high school) only in Waisai (South Waigeo), Waigama (Misool), and Fafanlap (South East Misool). Due to of this condition, many children should go to Sorong when they are in school junior and senior high schools.

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Foto Wayag

Halong Bay in Vietnam is already established as one of the New7Wonders. But that does not mean Wayag in Raja Ampat can not be its competitor. In terms of natural beauty, Wayag, the gorgeous islands in eastern Indonesia has become rival of Halong Bay. Come to discover the thrill of Raja Ampat and beautiful life there. Clusters in the Raja Ampat islands provide inspiration for everyone who visits. How much more when you come to Wayag.

Travel to Wayag takes about 6 hours drive from Waisai. Up in Wayag, a traveler is obliged to stop by the post to report and show PIN that has been bought in Waisai or Sorong. If you are lucky .. the weather is friendly, and the sea breeze is not so great. The sea than will be so calm and clear like glass table. It is very nice to see the sky is mirrored to sea. Clusters and islands are so beautiful clouds reflected in the crystal clear sea. Since we left Waisai, the view of the sea is blue, skies and a tiny little island that arise from the surface of the water looks like emerald green, green tree growing island … .. really very spectacular view.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort prioritizes diving activity as one of the activities that our guests could do in our private Urai island. Hence, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort ensures that all of the diving equipment, speed boat, safety first tool kits, and standard Operating Procedure are all applied and in a good shape or condition. By doing that, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort would be able to give assurance to our guests that they are in the right hand to do their scuba diving activities.

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Raja Ampat region is a region that is very unique with a series of islands large and small, which greatly affects both the state of the language and its speakers as well as the cultural and social system that is embraced by the people in this region. In addition, this region is a border region between groups of languages ​​and cultures in the west, namely the language and culture in the Moluccas and groups of languages ​​and cultures in Papua.

With the geographical conditions, which is an archipelago and the most western part of the chain of islands of  New Guinea, Raja Ampat Islands into areas that in terms of anthropologic and linguistic is an area that gets the title of diversity (an area of ​​diversity). This diversity is very precise term used to describe the situation of culture and language is a blend of cultures and native languages ​​of Raja Ampat with cultural and language brought by immigrants, both from other regions of Papua and outside Papua. This mix of cultures and languages ​​has happened since centuries ago.

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In eastern part of Indonesia, particularly in the area of ​​Raja Ampat, the world recognizes or knows Raja Ampat archipelago for its uniqueness and magnificent view above and underwater, but do not know what is the staple food of the community, before rice was introduced by the government for the last 40 years.

In eastern part of Indonesia, they are; Sulawesi, Ambon, and Papua, including Raja Ampat, their staple food before was sago. In Raja Ampat itself, accordingly the first tribe was first made sago as a staple food in the region is Matbat.

Since there used to be a tribe of “tribal Matbat” who first inhabited the islands of Misool area. The tribe originally lived in the middle of the forest so that they make sago as their staple food.

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