Damage to coral reefs at Raja Ambat due to being hit by a Noble cruise ship Caledonia could be greater than 1,600m2 originally estimated.

The Indonesian government is still evaluating the damage so that it will immediately determine the steps for restoration and rehabilitation. The Indonesian government will also file a lawsuit with the Noble Caledonia ship company in the near future.

According to the Director General of Sea Space Management of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Brahmantya Poerwadi, after knowing the total area and types of coral damaged by being hit by the MV Caledonian Sky, the government will also assess the multiplier effect that was incurred and opportunity lost (costs for lost opportunities ) of the incident.

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The KM Amanikan tour boat is reportedly dumping anchors in the shallow coral reef area which is one of the dive sites of tourists visiting Arborek Village, Raja Ampat, West Papua.

The tour boat irritated the residents of Arborek Village for throwing anchors in an area that should not have been, so residents reported it to the Transportation Agency.

Head of the Raja Ampat District Transportation Agency, Yohanes B Rahawarin, in Waisai, confirmed that his office had received a report from the community of Arborek Village, accompanied by a photo document of the incident.

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Get to Know Raja Ampat Marine Biota

Raja Ampat is home to a variety of beauty and diversity of marine biota including invertebrates, animals without vertebrae. Various types of marine invertebrates inhabit various habitats in Raja Ampat.

Based on records there are 540 types of shellfish, 700 types of mollusks and various other marine invertebrates in this island district. One of the Raja Ampat marine invertebrates that we will discuss this time is about Jorunna funebris.

Funebris jorunna are invertebrates such as sea slugs in Phylum Molluscs. This species belongs to hermaphrodite animals so it does not display sexual dimorphism.

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New Facilities in Tanjung Putus

We proudly announce that Doberai is now constructing its new facilities in another island named Tanjung Putus. This new facilities will have 12 over water bungalows. And it is prepared to be ready end of this year.

Tanjung Putus island is located 1 hours from Doberai Private Island

The Beauties of Raja Ampat that You Cant Afford to Miss

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Speaking of holidays, Raja Ampat seems never to be missed from the list. Beautiful and full of charm, Raja Ampat must be your next vacation destination.

Raja Ampat is a small archipelago in West Papua. Having a lot of islands, the traveler will be spoiled by various sights from various islands. Just point to going to what island, you will be lulled by beautiful landscapes like heaven.

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Some Appreciation from Other Countries on Conservation Project in Raja Ampat

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

The countries that are members of the Regional Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Secutity (CTI-CFF) regional membership appreciate the management of the Raja Ampat watershed conservation area, Papua.

Director of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Andi Rusandi said the Indonesian government along with member countries of the CTI-CFF were after discussing the management of watershed conservation areas in each, especially the starfish area which was the world’s coral reef triangle.

In the workshop each country delivered the concept of conservation management in their country. Then they receive input and suggestions for more effective management.

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