The Needs to Preserve The Nature, and At The Same Time Grow Tourism Safely in Raja Ampat

Waigeo, Misool, Batanta, Kofiau and Salawati islands are part of Raja Ampat Regency which has terrestrial habitat of various endemic flora and fauna. Raja Ampat has an area of land and sea totaling 46,108 square kilometers with a total of 2,713 islands.

Based on research conducted by the West Papua Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) and the organization Fauna & Flora International – Indonesia Program (FFI-IP), biodiversity on Waigeo Island, Batanta, Salawati, Misool, and Kofiau is in the form of 186 species of birds. 40 types of amphibians, 13 types of reptiles, 32 types of mammals, 350 species of wood and palm trees, 57 species of orchids, and 5 types of semar bags.

According to the Head of the KSDA West Papua Central Office R. Basar Manullang, there are still endemic fauna and flora that need to be studied. Call it bald paradise (Cicinnurus republica), red paradise (Paradisea rubra), maleo waigeo (Aepypodius bruijinii), cuscus waigeo (Spilocuscus papuensis), and Dendrobium azureum orchids.

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Doberai Private Island - Raja Ampat Eco Resort

New Jetty Facilities

New jetty has been constructed. This jetty allows guests to explore the island better without sweating.

Technically the jetty connects the eco bungalows to the dive center area, which also means connecting two sides of the island.

New Schedules for Pick Up & Bring Back: Waisai – Doberai Resort

Saturday – Monday – Wednesday (3 days a week)

Waisai  to  Doberai Resort: at 11.45 am

Doberai Resort  to  Waisai: at 7.45 am

Marina Ferry Express Schedule

From Sorong to Waisai:

  • Mon – Sun at 9 AM & 2 PM

From Waisai to Sorong:

  • Mon – Su at 9 AM & 2 PM

Marina Express ticket :

  • Executive IDR 130.000;
  • VIP IDR 230.000;



Doberai is one of the resorts in Raja Ampat, located in Urai island, one of the islands in the area of Raja Ampat, West Papua. Doberai Eco Resort picks up guests by speedboat at Waisai, and bring them to the island in just 25 minutes. This place is one of the best choices for travelers because it is owned by Indonesian investor. For reasons of high idealism and love to Raja Ampat make them want to invest their money in the form of Doberai Eco Resort. Keep in mind most of the resorts in Raja Ampat belong to and controlled by foreign investors.

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In the context of Raja Ampat community sago plant is very guarded and preserved by older people or their ancestors. Sago is a plant that is typical for Raja Ampat. Therefore, these plants should be kept in the preservation.

There is no doubt that for Raja Ampat people sago is a typical food that can support their life. Both as a source of food and income and the money can be used for living.. If the sago tree is old enough then:

  1. sago starch material processed into food industry,
  2. cortex / sago trunk processed into paper industry;
  3. sago pulp is processed into animal feed mixtures,
  4. Can be used as a mixture of charcoal, a mixture of particle board, medium mushrooms,
  5. From the sago tree can make plywood, textiles, chemicals, organic acids, fructose, ethanol as a staple energy.

Therefore, sago has a central position to the lives of the people of Raja Ampat. Sago function for society Raja Ampat as has been mentioned as a sustainer of life. Sago / sago provide guarantees for the life of every day, a tool / means of support for school children.

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Raja Ampat Diving Resort. Since hundreds of years ago, banana (Musa Paradisiacal) turned out to have been a part of human diet. Fossil research in Papua New Guinea showed domestication and cultivation of more than 10,000 years ago. Benefits of banana plants are in all parts of the plant, namely starting from the root to drugs, stem to rafts and rigging, leaves for wrapping, and of course the benefits of bananas to eat.

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Three of Langsat is one of the original fruit that grows in Indonesia and is one of the woody plants that lived during chronic. Duku (Lansium Domesticum corr) is starting to spread widely in different parts of the continent of Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Olive fruit is a type of fruit that goes into the tribe Meliaceae. This plant grows in Raja Ampat and spread evenly on all the islands. The fruit is exactly the same as Duku and flesh is the same except that there is a difference of complexioned from duku. Olive fruit is usually no different from duku durable, as well as taste sweeter than duku complexioned.

Actually there are several types of olive fruit or duku. It’s called the tribe, there complexioned and sosokan, and there are also duku-complexioned. Complexioned has a thin tree, with branches high above, and not shady slim shape as tree. Its fruit branch is long. There are usually consists of 15-20 seeds or fruits in the bunch. Duku or olive fruit has many health benefits for our body. For more details you can see a little review below.

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Palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) or Black Cockatoo is one type of parrot Indonesia. In contrast to other types of parrots, cockatoos king has black fur and black crested. The size is very large, up to 60 cm, making it the largest cockatoo species in Indonesia.

In some areas King Parrot are called by different names. Local names include alkai (Aru), awehie (Membramo), Kasmalas (Papua west-northwest), Mampais (Doreh), Sangya (Sorong), and Siong (I wish). Whereas in English parrots is named Palm Cockatoo, Cape York Cockatoo, Great Palm Cockatoo, Black Macaw, Great Black Cockatoo, or Goliath Cockatoo.

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Seventy percent of the world’s reefs are in Raja Ampat, West Papua. It means, when diving in Raja Ampat, one can literally see 70 percent of the world’s coral.

Therefore, no wonder if Raja Ampat is famous for diving worldwide.

Raja Ampat is the heart of the world’s coral triangle. So the sea of Raja Ampat has such a diverse marine life including whales, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, and more. More specifically, in addition to whales, dolphins, and sea lions, Raja Ampat has five species of sea turtles, rays, unique sharks Wobbegong and Kalabia or walking shark and sea horse. There are 15 species of endemic fish, shellfish up to 699 types, up to 1427 types of reef fish and 553 types of hard corals.

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