Canoeing Raja Ampat Doberai Resort

Canoeing Raja Ampat Doberai ResortCanoeing Raja Ampat Doberai Resort

Canoeing Raja Ampat Doberai Resort – Raja Ampat maze of islets, peninsulas, bays. And ilets provides kayaking opportunities for all skill.

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The calm, enclosed water of Raja Ampat is a safe environment. For a first-time paddle while affording plenty to explore.

Sea kayaking is the best way to explore Raja Ampat archipelago. Of more than 600 islands stretched out on an area of 250 x 350 km.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Resort or Doberai Private Island itself is the first resort in Raja Ampat who occupies a private island individually.

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The private island has a 70 ha area, that 97% remains intact. The management of Doberai Private Island, and also the owner of the island. Intentionally conserve and preserve the island including the nature in general to as natural as possible.

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This is in line with the concept and mission of Doberai Private Island. Which to enjoy, unite, and conserve the nature for the guests and generation to come.

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Canoeing around the island and the islands next to Doberai Private Island, is one of the main activities that Doberai Private Island offers to the guests.

By doing that, guests could experience many things that they do for the first time. Or at least not many times in their life.

Being the only you in the pristine clear white sandy beach. Could be the first thing you could enjoy.

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As guests should know that Doberai Private Island has 10 – 12 natural white sandy beach around.

Majority of them are located where no one is around, or empty. This gives you a moment to be only and nature around. Something that you might not experience before. And for sure you will never forget it.

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When guests find a beach that they like, and they can do snorkelling or sunbathe to their heart content.

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Furthermore, in order to allow guests to enjoy the beach for the whole day. We could provide them with some food or snack, or even lunch box.

So that, they could not be worried about being hungry or thirsty. While enjoying the beach and surrounding with their loved one.

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