Capital Of Raja Ampat Development

Capital Of Raja Ampat Development

Capital Of Raja Ampat Development

Capital Of Raja Ampat Development – The opening of the 2016 Raja Ampat Festival at Waisai Beach, Torang Cinta Raja Ampat on Tuesday (10/18) was very lively. In the middle of the event, visitors who came were entertained by singer Andre Hehanussa, who sang the song Lovely Raja Ampat and Kami Papua.

Others are proudly welcomed as well as happy to be able to perform in Raja Ampat. He is comfortable, a beautiful island in Papua is loaded with local wisdom, which is very popular with tourists.

Since he landed in Sorong to cross to Raja Ampat, these nuances have been felt from treating friendly and smiling locals.

The man born in South Sulawesi has these two things to be the initial capital that makes tourists comfortable visiting a new area.

“They serve with a friendly and full of smile, to anyone. This is very similar to Bali. Travelers need a comfortable atmosphere, we need tourists to come,” said others.

Raja Ampat’s accommodation and transportation, the singer of the Kuta Bali song, hopes that facilities and services make it easier for tourists to be reproduced.

“I am optimistic that the development of Raja Ampat will improve and expand, so don’t hesitate to come to Raja Ampat,” said others.

Deputy Assistant of Personal Market Segment Development Deputy of Nusantara Tourism Marketing Development, Ministry of Tourism, Raseno Arya also claimed that the people of Raja were increasingly open to welcoming tourists.

Even though they did not close themselves to modernization, the local community did not forget the customs that were handed down by their ancestors.

“Their art blood is very thick. The art is also very entertaining. Travelers who are interested in getting to know the local culture will feel very entertained when visiting here,” Raseno said.

The development of Raja Ampat tourism potential continues. The Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) together with a search engine company, Google, recently collaborated to take pictures and showcase the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat in cyberspace.

One of Google’s bosses, Sergey Brin, had visited Raja Ampat some time ago.

After seeing the beauty there, he promised to take the underwater streetview live team with a submarine to do his job.

“Before I was not too sure of the beauty of Raja Ampat. But after seeing it immediately, I was very impressed. It’s a shame if the experience isn’t shared with others,” Brin said.