Page OneAs number of guest staying in Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort (Raja Ampat Resort) is increasing rapidly for the last one year, we perceive the need to expand our “playground” that consist of beach, dive spot, camping ground and trekking area in and adjacent Urai island.

Urai island, the 70 ha natural beautiful island where we are located, has many gorgeous white sand beaches around it, and one of them we name it JB’s Park. The beach actually one of the house-reed in our Raja Ampat Resort. The dive spot is known to be abundant with soft coral, hard coral, nudies, macros, sea turtle and pigmy.

JB’s Park beach is simply natural and sexy beach. Just like any other enticing beaches in tropical countries, JB’s Park is “equipped” with clear white sand, crystal shallow water, pretty coconut trees, shady green trees, beautiful coral reef and privacy. We put privacy as one of the criteria to be an ideal beach. This is in line with the concept of our Raja Ampat Resort, which is to provide the “play ground” as privacy as possible for the guest. We guaranty that the guest and his/her spouse or partner would literally be alone.


Based on the natural condition, inputs from guest and our consultant, we have decided that the beach is highly ideal to be a camping ground in our Raja Ampat Resort. The camping ground is specifically needed by canoe riders, guest who area crazy about beach but want to stay in completely empty beach, guest who just want to be alone in a sexy empty tropical beach.

Canoe riders in Raja Ampat are guest who explore and enjoy 1,500 island of Raja Ampat, that’s why it is classified as archipelago, by riding canoe. The riders row their canoe in 10 up to 20 people in a group. The riders usually could be strong enough to row their canoe for a month in one time visit to Raja Ampat. They stay in a different island for almost every night. That is why they need JB’s Park.

Even though the riders are usually equipped by state of the art canoe, that can carry every items needed for survival in a wild mother nature such as tent, food, mini cooker, first aid medical treatment etc, but based on request we still provide them with complete support that could allow them to relax, enjoy, and regain their energy to continue their exciting but challenging canoe riding in Raja Ampat.



Diving in Raja Ampat is the best diving in the world. It has the world’s most biodiversity marine region with more species of fish, coral, and mollusk than anywhere else. The enormous number of species can be staggering. Some areas have large group of manta rays, turtle, school of fish and regular sighting of shark.


Definitely Doberai Eco Resort provides varieties of packages or customized packaged for diving. However, Doberai Eco Resort sets a standardized packaged that includes diving in it. See packaged.



Raja Ampat maze of islets, peninsulas, bays and ilets provides kayaking opportunities for all skill. The calm, enclosed water of Raja Ampat are a save environment for a first time paddle while affording plenty to explore. Sea kayaking is the best way to explore Raja Ampat archipelago of more than 600 islands stretched out on an area of 250 x 350 km .


Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of 644 island, 80 percent of which remain as yet unnamed. As the one and only archipelago landscape such as this, island hopping becomes another best attraction.
in Raja Ampat, we can certainty guarantee that you would be witnessing the most beautiful marine scenery that our mother nature could create.


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Experience once in a life time, being only you in a wonderful empty island that has crystal shallow flat beach. in Raja Ampat archipelago, we recommend you to undergo the only few people on earth can experience. This especially fits for honeymooners (bulan madu), where you and your partner or special one will enjoy the 100% privacy.

We would drop and leave you alone the whole day or night  in the island, of course  we would provide you with full logistic including tent, to ensure your comfort. in a nutshell, what can be more privacy than being in a private island. For you to know, that is in Raja Ampat area, the best and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.


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For those who like to do trekking or mountain climbing, and at the same time enjoying the magnificent marine scenery, Definitely Raja Ampat should be in your first list. Raja Ampat has more than 640 island, where more than half consist of high hill or could be classified as little mountains.

in Raja Ampat archipelago, we guarantee that the scenery from on top of the hill that you climb is completely fascinating, since they are combinations of beach and foothill.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort could arrange package specifically for trekkers or climbers. Please contact us for details



There is no doubt about it – the best snorkeling and diving site in the world is in Raja Ampat. This eastern Indonesian archipelago contains more marine bio-diversity than anywhere else in the world – more fish, more corals. In 2002, The Nature Conservancy conducted a scientific survey of the Raja Ampat Islands to collect information on its marine ecosystems, mangroves and forests. The survey brought Raja Ampat’s total number of confirmed corals to 537 species —  an incredible 75 percent of all known coral species.

Raja Ampat with six hundred island spread along the western coast of Indonesia is one of the last wild places in the world. It has the immense abundance of the Western Pacific marine ecosystem, from the tiniest bright-colored sea snails to huge pelagic fish. Topside, there are dramatic limestone islands, dazzling aquamarine lagoons, and fantastic birds including the endemic red bird of paradise. Close to the shore you can see Blue spotted Stingrays, Turtles, Crocodile Fish, Stone Fish, Bat-fish, huge school of Jack-fish and sometimes even a school of Bump head Parrot Fish. It is only in Raja Ampat.


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Raja Ampat is also known for its spectacular above water scenery. Sparsely inhabited, most of Raja Ampat still has pristine rain-forests atop dramatic limestone cliffs, uninhabited bays with white sand beaches and all sorts of hidden treasures to greet the intrepid explorer. It’s a kayakers dream, an intricate coastline with caves, bays, gorges, hidden rivers—all buzzing with exotic tropical wildlife.

Birdwatching hike on Gam Island (an island out 640 islands in Raja Ampat)  might take you through scenic forests, past fragile orchids growing from cracks in the stone, and finally to the unforgettable experience of witnessing male birds of paradise doing their elaborate courtship dances to attract females. there are many endemic birds to the island of Papua and its surrounding areas. Bring a binocular and your telephoto lens. We’ll be looking for the noisy and playful parrots, cockatoos and hornbills as well as the showy ribboned birds of paradise. Some of Papua’s birds have been in the endangered list as well as near extinction due to poaching and logging activities in Raja Ampat.
There are many endemic birds to the island of Papua and its surrounding areas, most of them in Raja Ampat. Bring a binocular and your telephoto lens. We’ll be looking for the noisy and playful parrots, cockatoos and hornbills as well as the showy ribboned birds of paradise. Some of Raja Ampat’s birds have been in the endangered list as well as near extinction due to poaching and logging activities.
Bird watching or birding is the observation of birds as a recreational activity in Raja Ampat. It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, or by listening for bird sounds. in Raja Ampat, Birding often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more readily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Most birdwatchers pursue this activity mainly for recreational or social reasons, unlike ornithologists, who engage in the study of birds using more formal scientific methods



Raja Ampat’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse too, ranging from neolithic shell middens and prehistoric cave paintings, through relics from the era of the Four Kings (Raja Ampat) who once ruled here and gave the region its name, to remnants of a more recent history such as the cave bunkers and seabed wreckage remaining from the Second World War.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort completes your adventure in this unparalleled place by letting you witness the stone aged era of the mankind. Several activities await you such as visiting the sea cave skull cemetery, sacred stone, fish spearing, hot stoned cooking and so fort and so on.


Canoeing around Urai Island

Through its above and under water spectacular marine scenery, Raja Ampat could satisfy many people from many interest, one of them is photographer.

Prepare your camera, lens, filters and any other additional photograpghic tools well, cause you are going to have very limited time to shoot almost unlimited spectacular view around Raja Ampat, the best and the most beautiful archipelago in the world

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort could provide special package only for photographers, so you could maximaze your time taking picture around. Please contact us for further info.