Coral re-planting project – Doberai Private island, Raja Ampat

Coral re-planting project in Raja Ampat
Have you ever thought of the importance of corals or coral reefs affection to humanity? Has the coral reef, as a word, been just a distant thing that your neighbor has been telling you excitedly about after his trip to Thailand? Although most of the world’s coral reefs are located near equator, their well-being have an impact to all people in the world. In addition to the fact that more than 500 million people around the world are dependent on coral reefs for either food or livelihood, reef organisms have also provided cures to treat asthma, arthritis and certain cancers. So welcome to a little exploration of the most interesting place in our seas and to see how our coral re-planting project here at Raja Ampat actually went.
Coral re-planting project
As I told you in the beginning, it is probably obvious why we feel that the well-being of coral reefs around the equator is important to us. In fact, the well-being of coral reefs is so important to us here in West Papua, that as soon as we heard the coronavirus will shut down the resort for months, we decided to start our own coral reef recovery project. We got inspired by one of our diving instructors who did a similar project in Java, Indonesia. It should be noted that there are many ways to grow corals. Different technigues are constantly being developed to help with coral planting and it has been great to get to know different ways to do this. This method of ours is very traditional and does not involve any kind of new innovations, microfragmenting or electronic radiation.
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What is coral and coral reef?
There are many types of corals and they belong to the animal kingdom, more specifically to the cnidarians. Rock corals and soft corals differ in appearance but also in structure. In this story we take a look more closely to rock corals as they largely form coral reefs. Rock corals are made up of lime frame bodies, polyps that are attached to them and zooxanthellaes which are living in them symbiotically. Most corals are communities of thousands of polyps, and the coral polyps that make up the reef survive by forming a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae algae. Corals provide algae protection as well as nutrients, while zooxanthellae provides coral energy, oxygen and food in exchange.


koralliprojekti7Like other amphibians, coral polyps are made of two cell layers: the outer shell (the ectoderm), and the inner layer (the entoderm).
They are surrounded by the sac-like hollow belly. Between the two cell layers there is a mesoglea called medium, which in loose cells drift and the outer
edge of the oral cavity which is bordered by a mouthpiece.


Coral re-planting projectCoral re-planting project


Rock corals mouth is surrounded with trapping tentacles. A coral polyp animal catches plankton from the water with its tentacles and feeds coral animals mainly with plankton. However, some corals prey on invertebrates and small fish with gill cells. Many rock corals defend their habitat aggressively and when another species gets too close, they can grow combat tentacles that are up to five times longer than normal trapping tentacles.
The growth of corals which are the same species, may accelerate when pieces taken from the same family are planted close together. Microfragmenting is one of the latest innovations in coral cultivation, where the idea is to break up one piece of coral into the smallest possible pieces. The pieces are then placed close together to grow, allowing them to gain strength from each other and grow faster.

Rock corals can reproduce either by asexual division by cloning themselves or by sexually releasing their eggs into the water once a year. A coral reef is formed when several rock corals split on the seabed, building a cohesive structure. This is how the new coral reef in Doberai will be created artificially.

koralliprojekti4Coral re-planting project


The importance of corals to the world
Coral reefs are often compared to ocean rainforests and lungs. Corals absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into respirable oxygen. In this way, they regulate the air and water temperature for all of us. Coral reefs are vital to marine biodiversity and are spread to 250,000 square kilometer area. Although they cover only 0.1% of the world’s seas, they still provide a home for up to 4,000 fish species, 800 coral species and thousands of other plant and animal forms.
In addition to all this, corals protect the coasts from elapse and erosion. They also reduce the damage caused by hurricanes and tsunamis.

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What threatens coral reefs?
One of the biggest threats to corals is certainly climate change. As a result of climate change, sea levels are rising and waters are warming. When the water overheats, the corals become stressed and expel the zooxanthellae algae that live in symbiosis. And because corals get most of the nutrients they need from algaes, over time without them, corals will wither and fade. In many countries corals are threatened for example by overfishing or fishing with dynamite. Indonesia is one of those infamous countrys that has used very questionable fishing methods for years. The next threat of course, will be non-biodegradable waste, chemical waste, and in some cases tourism. It has been predicted that if the world continues in the same pattern, by 2050 all the corals in the world would be dead.
DJI_0322 (3)
With small daily things during our holidays we can contribute to the well-being of the seas during our holidays. Among of other things, the sunscreens we use should also be ecological just to protect corals.
Now that we’ve iterate a little bit of general thing about the world’s corals, their biology and talked about the threats, we can move on to the real thing, our coral re-planting project.

Coral re-plantating projectCoral re-planting project

Starting a project and its early days
Because the coronavirus was already spreading around the world and there was no way to order anything, the first part of the project was to find out the available materials needed for the project. Would we have any material from our own to build the base to the reef, what we could use for attaching it and what else would the project require? Because of the unstable situation in the world, it was out of the question to even try to order any materials for the project from anywhere. We had to get along with the materials that were available from the nearby village of Waisai. It was sad to notice afterwards, that by ordering for example ecological glue, we would have been able to make this project much more environmentally friendly. While doing this project i learned from Finnish-owned Fast Manta diving company in Thailand that they did a similar project in Ao Nang by using wound care glue to attach corals. Well maybe next we can also try that!
In addition to the materials, we also had to think carefully about a suitable location for the coral reef. Where around the island would be the best, brightest and most sheltered place for a new reef? So we spent a few days in the ocean just observing the currents, tides and other corals around. To survive, the coral needs a shallow place at a depth of about 2-3 meters, sunlight, clean / clear water, a temperature of 20-32 ° and of course salt water.

RajaAmpat_lockdown (2)Corals grow best in shallow water, allowing sunlight to reach the corals. Different coral species living in different areas can withstand different temperature changes,
but in general corals live in an environment of 20–32 °. Clean water is also absolutely essential for the reef,
and for example wastewater discharged too close, may contain too many nutrients that cause seaweed.

We found quite easily few good places in front of Doberai Island where we could build a new coral reef. The place we found perfect to our new coral reef had have a few unfortunate things which led to the partial destruction. In addition to boat traffic and local fishing, one of the most effective destroyers here has been the Crown of thorns starfish. The crowned crown is a large, toxic starfish species found in Indopacific marine areas. It eats live coral and spreads really fast. During the corona, we have collected several dozen of them from the sea and we inspect the reefs evenly for them.

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koralliprojekti16Crown of thorns starfishes are collected from the corals with a long stick and slipped into a bag. The Crown of thorns starfishes can be disposed of either by burning or just by burying to the ground.
toinenviikko_2 (1 of 1)For the reef base structure, we wanted to use cages found on the other side of the island that had once been abandoned by pearl farmers.


koralliprojekti14Cages have been lying on the seabed for ten years. Cleaning them from algae is a time consuming work.

Once the cages had been collected as well as cleaned, it was time to take them back to the sea in new places. In order for the coral reef structure to be stable in the seabed, we had to fill the cages with dozens of rocks.
RajaAmpat_2020 (13)
The cages quickly found their new places on the seabed and loose stones found on the bottom were used to stabilize them.

RajaAmpat_2020 (5)The first cages were randomly placed on the bottom. 62 corals were placed in these cages.

RajaAmpat_2020 (6)
At a later stage, we got so excited about this project that we decided to do the whole project again. The next location was selected to be a slightly flatter terrain from the seabed and resort name DOBERAI was written from the cages to the bottom.
At the same time, on the surface, some of us made the cement substrates of suitable size and shape for the coral pieces. After a few days of drying, the substrates were immersed in the sea to collect plankton as well as bacteria. This will make it easier for corals to adapt to their new growth base.
Coral re-plantating project

Coral re-planting projectAriep made a small hollow for corals to each substrate and holes in the sides for attachment to the cages.

Next, it was our turn to find suitable corals. The rock coral we set out to find and grow is called Acropora branching. Acropora branching is a rock coral specie that is one of the most common coral on coral reefs. The corals to be replanted can be either living pieces that have already detached from the coral reef or small pieces carefully removed from the larger coral. It has been studied that cuttings taken from large colonies are not detrimental to the parent colony. It has been noticed that just in few weeks, the surgical site begins to grow new fresh tissue to replace the cut one. We collected loose pieces as well as cuttings from our home reef and a little bit further away from next island called Gam.
toinenviikko_123 (1 of 1)
We attached the corals piece by piece to the substrate with cement. Live coral should only be on the surface for a short time, so this operation had to be done quickly. We stored the coral pieces in a container filled with seawater and quickly attached coral into the substrate. One of us made a small mound of cement to the platform, one attached the coral and third was ready to take them back into the ocean.
Coral re-planting project
Coral re-planting project
Once each coral was successfully planted in the substrate we left them in a sheltered location next to our pier for quarantine. Quarantine and observation time is an important part of the project, because during that time we can first see whether each coral survives and whether new corals carry any diseases. Our first batch was quarantined for less than a week, but the next batch we kept in isolation for 10 days. After quarantine time, both coral batches were alive and ready to take deeper into the ocean.
toinenviikko_18 (1 of 1)
After this, the corals were ready for the next stage, to move to their new home. We first transferred the corals in water containers to the ship, from where they were carefully lowered to the ocean by using cages. Three of us were waiting at the seabed for newcomers and ready to attach them to the platforms. If the intention is to plant corals from different families, then it is very important to remember to set proper safety distances for them. As I mentioned at the beginning of the text, some coral species defend their living space aggressively, and when an individual of another species gets too close they can grow their combat tentacles and attack.
RajaAmpat_2020 (10)
RajaAmpat_2020 (3)

RajaAmpat_2020 (2)Coral re-planting project



_korallinkiinnitus2We tie the coral bases to the cages with cable ties that we cut as small as possible. Glue could also be used very well at this point if it were available.

RajaAmpat_6viikko (15)Coral re-planting project


Coral re-planting projectCoral re-planting project


Coral re-planting projectCoral re-planting project


koralliprojekti2Word DOBERAI written down!

Then begins the hardest part of the project, waiting! Coral grows about 2 to 10 cm per year, depending of the coral. Ariep said that in a project in Java, their Acropora Branching corals grew up to 13cm a year! In order for us to have a completely new, whole and big coral reef here, it will take several years. Even if the growth is small, the rock corals are still able to spread quickly and grow the reef efficiently. As I mentioned at the beginning, rock corals can multiply by cloning as well as spreading eggs.

Coral re-planting projectWaiting and observing the environment.

One nasty guest on the coral reefs is a parrotfish that uses its teeth to bite corals. Parrotfish got its name for its colorful appearance but also because of the mouth that resembles a bird’s beak, which it uses to access the inside of the coral it has eaten. Some species beat their heads on the reef until large lumps come out of it.
Coral re-plantating project
Raja Ampat
Although Raja Ampat region is still one of the richest coral regions in the world, that still does not mean that it is not worth to put an effort to the reefs right here. Hidden from mass tourism, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful and unique travel destinations in Indonesia. Among divers, Raja Ampat is considered one of the best dive sites and travelers should not miss underwater life.
Raja Ampat is one of the richest coral areas in the world, with over 500 species of different corals in the area. More than 1,300 species of fish swim in the waters of Raja Ampat and the most majestic are wobbegongs, devil rays and dugongs.
Project progress
Below this I will update the pictures of the progress of the project and the growth of the corals.
The first batch of 62 corals
– 6th of april 2020 Planting on the seabed.
– 16th of april 2020 16 dead from either parrot attack or currents.
– 30th of april 2020 no new dead corals. 10 new corals will be planted to replace those that have already died.
Another batch of 100 corals
– 30th of april 2020 Planting on the seabed.
Coral re-plantating project
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How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat

How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat

How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat

How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat – This writting is actually more suitable for Indonesians themselves. Statistically tourists coming to Raja Ampat consist of 80% foreign tourists, & 20% local tourists. Of the 20% local tourists it can be said that 70% are from Java. And the rest are from the city of Sorong & its surroundings.

When viewed from the side of length of stay, foreign tourists on average stay for 5 – 8 nights. While local tourists, on average stay for 1 – 3 nights.

In terms of their activities, 70% of foreign tourists dive, the rest make landings on the island. Or just relax at the resort. As for local tourists, 95% of them do island jumping activities. With the main purpose of doing selfies.

Foreign tourists generally combine their time in Raja Ampat with 50% doing activities. Such as diving, snorkeling or island hopping, and 50% more relaxing to enjoy the beauty of nature. By sitting on the beach reading a book.

As for local tourists, because they only have 1 to 3 nights, they in the end almost never stay at the resort where they live to just relax. And enjoy the beach. Their time is very crowded from morning to evening. Even sometimes until the new night they arrive at the resort. They generally want to be able to see all the attractions in Raja Ampat. In just 1 or 2 days.

Finally, because they are always in a hurry, it can be said that they lost the opportunity. To be able to enjoy the beauty & superiority of Raja Ampat. Which is not owned by other locations in Indonesia. Such as silence, tranquility, which blends with the natural beauty typical of Raja Ampat.


We can propose if possible, especially for local tourists, to provide sufficient time at least 5 nights. If you want to have a maximum vacation in Raja Ampat. 2 or 3 days are allocated for sightseeing. And taking pictures. While the remaining 2 days are for leisure.

Thus from us. Hopefully it is useful for local tourists. Who want to take a vacation. And see the natural beauty of Raja Ampat.

Doberai Private Island

Doberai Private Island itself, is the first resort in Raja Ampat. Located on a private island. With the aim of providing a private space. And atmosphere for guests to relax.



How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat



Get Instragamable View In Raja Ampat

Get Instragamable View In Raja Ampat

Get Instragamable View In Raja Ampat

Get Instragamable View In Raja Ampat – Usually if you want a vacation somewhere, we’ve been looking for a cool photo spot. Starting from googling, searching on people’s blogs, or checking locations via Instagram. The photos circulating on the internet are not infrequently famous tourist destinations and have been pegged entry tickets.

If you really want to save money. Try mingling with local people and ask for spot photos that haven’t been touched by tourists. Usually they know very well. Just ask between your check in or breakfast at the homestay. You can even become a friend and if you want to go there again you are offered lodging discounts. Don’t be shy about SKSD, you guys!

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So, what do you do? Add more enthusiasm to pursue the dream of a vacation to Raja Ampat? Want a vacation do not need to bother thinking about things like crazy. Just be a smart traveler. You can vacation to Raja Ampat with a budget budget. The good news is, you can fly to Raja Ampat with one way ticket prices. Starting at Rp 1.4 million.

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The enchantment of nature in Raja Ampat has indeed been very popular among travelers. Both domestic and foreign. Even Raja Ampat tourist destinations are famous as the best diving spots in the world. Where one of the spots offers the sensation of diving with manta rays.

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Doberai Private Island

Doberai Private Island provides island hopping activity for hunting spot especially for you who love photography. It brings guests to any places around South Waigeo, Fam Island, until Wayag archipelago.

Besides enjoying the exoticism of the island group in Raja Ampat, you can also see various attractions and festivals held in Waisai so that your vacation experience is more complete. There you could take landscape picture to your heart content.



Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat

Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat

Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat

Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat – If we hear the word Raja Ampat, we would have thought of hunting photos that are instagrammable. In Raja Ampat, there are two most famous photo spots, namely Pianemo and Wayag. Both of these places do offer phenomenal views, with blue sea and small islands that adorn.

Besides these two places, you can actually find instagramable photo hunting locations that are no less interesting. One of them is Mayalibit Bay which is on Waigeo Island.

Mayalibit Bay

Mayalibit Bay is a very long bay. Its existence seems to divide Waigeo Island into 2 parts. This bay has a shape like a bottle. At the edges, you will find waters with a size that is so broad, has a width of up to 350 meters. The natural atmosphere is still very awake here, with shady trees and clear water.

In addition to having spectacular views, Mayalibit Bay also has enormous fisheries potential. Here, you can find as many as 230 species of fish. In addition, you can also find 27 species of mangrove trees that grow in the area around the bay.Well, during a visit to the Bay of Mayalibit, you can find several interesting places that offer unique photo spots.

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At the mouth of the Mayalibit Bay, you will find the position of the bay surrounded by karst rocks. These rocks have a unique shape. Out of the many rocks that exist, there are two rocks that have a genital shape. Local people refer to both stones as the Monument.

The local people have their own beliefs about this place. In fact, anyone can apply in this place. The requirement that the application be granted is also very simple. All you have to do is earnestly ask for a cigarette or coin presentation at the Monument.

Kali Biru

In addition to the Kemarah Monument, you can also find the presence of an exotic river called Kali Biru in Teluk Mayalibit. This river has water that looks so special, because the water is very clear and bluish in color. Around him, you will find areas of unspoiled forest.

To get a photo opportunity in Kali Biru, you need to walk through the forest about 15 minutes from the tributary area. Furthermore, you can play to your heart’s content in this refreshing river.

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Mayalibit bay also has a unique waterfall, which the local people call by the name Air Fall. This waterfall flows fresh water sourced from the mountain, with a height of about 50 to 100 centimeters. It is the presence of fresh water from here that gives rise to brackish green water around it.




Raja Ampat And Chance Education

Raja Ampat and Chance Education

Raja Ampat And Chance Education

Raja Ampat and Chance Education – Since the 1998 crisis, the poverty rate in Indonesia has been claimed. To had dropped dramatically, based on the survey conducted. The poverty rate in Indonesia is at 9.82% or 25.95 million poor people.

However, these quantitative statistics and figures. Don’t fully illustrate, the real conditions. Of the quality of life. For Indonesian people.

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The provinces of Papua. And West Papua are in the first. And a second place. With the highest. Poverty rates. No less than 1/5 of the Papuan people. Live below the poverty line.

And yep, formal education is important, to improve the quality of human capital.

Therefore, education measured through school enrollment rates. Is an indicator in determining. Human quality. The high rate of dropping out, of school in Raja Ampat. Is a serious problem. For the government.

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On the other hand, an increasingly open world requires. Every locality to increase the capacity. And the competitiveness, of its people.

Moreover, the development of the Raja Ampat Islands tourism. That continues to be done, or not has to be balanced. With the development, of its community.

The government is required to carry out, physical infrastructure development in conjunction. With the development, of social infrastructure. (Health and education). Raja Ampat and Chance Education

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Papuans generally have the potential. For good social capital which is measured. For example., from a wealth of informal values. And norms including. Informal institutions.

If local knowledge and beliefs are combined, with personal skills and expertise (human capital). The acceleration of improving community welfare can be realized.

The Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) owned by Papua. Should be maximized. Not only in the economic. And tourism sectors. But, also in the education sector.

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District or City gets a portion of 80%. Of the special autonomy fund. Where a minimum of 30%. Must be allocated. For education. With such a large budget.

It’s certainly very inversely proportional. To the condition of most Papuans. Who are still trapped in poverty.

Behind the glitter of Raja Ampat. As a world tourist destination. The face of poverty reflected. By the indigenous people is clearly visible.

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Insolvency, makes the cost of living high. Making it difficult. To fulfil basic services. There are people who are marginalized. From education. Especially the people of Raja Ampat Regency. Who value education. As a luxury item.

On Mainyafun Island. For example, to go to secondary school. You have to go to Waisai. Which costs around Rp1.3 million. In one direction. And about 4 hours. By glass fibre boat. And often without security equipment.

Behind the beauty of the world paradise. Of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Many households struggle. To get out of poverty.

Many government programs. To help reduce poverty. In Raja Ampat. Can be said to. Still not succeed.

1 of the causes. Of failure is high practice. Of corruption among. The bureaucracy.

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Raja Ampat Sea Area

The Raja Ampat Sea Area covers more than 85% of the Raja Ampat area. This condition is inversely proportional to the land area. This is, of course, the main attraction for Raja Ampat. Especially in the eyes of divers.

The famous diving spots in Raja Ampat, include Cape Kri. Which is not far from Mansuar island, the Blue Magic which has beautiful coral. Or the waters around Arborek island which is a Manta Stingray habitat.

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Fish species that live in these waters exceed the number of land animal species. The world’s divers love Raja Ampat. Because, of the biological wealth possessed by its underwater paradise. To call Raja Ampat the Underwater Sea of the World.

Many unique marine species such as wobbegong (a type of cuttlefish/squid), mini seahorses. Or even large fish such as sharks, manta rays, and legendary mermaids.

Divers also often find and swim with a collection of Tuna, Giant Trevally, or Snappers.

In fact, dangerous fish such as Barracuda often accompany divers when enjoying the beauty of the Raja Ampat underwater ecosystem.



Raja Ampat Diving Is Amazing

Raja Ampat Diving Is Amazing

Raja Ampat Diving Is Amazing

Raja Ampat Diving Is AmazingDiving in Raja Ampat is the best diving in the world.

It has the world’s most biodiversity marine region with more species of fish, coral, and mollusc than anywhere else.

The enormous number of species can be staggering. Some areas have a large group of manta rays, turtle, school of fish and regular sighting of shark.

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Definitely Doberai Eco Resort or Doberai Private Island provides varieties of packages or customized packaged for diving. However, Doberai Eco Resort sets a standardized packaged that includes diving in it.

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Underwater Beauty of Raja Ampat

The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat Papua is no longer a new thing. Not only for residents of Indonesia, even the international community often talks about how exotic this group of islands in eastern Indonesia is.

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With many beautiful island choices, Raja Ampat Papua is on the list of destinations that must be visited. And is a paradise for travellers.

Marine life that will accompany your diving experience here, including sweet lips tropical carangidi or big fish like sharks. In another part, there is also a beautiful coral reef garden, where small fish and carpet sharks live.

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How? Are you interested in visiting the Dampier Strait?

With 610 islands in Raja Ampat, Papua, you will be presented with many diving spots.

Not to mention the many unique marine life that will accompany your diving.

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It will definitely be a pleasant experience, right?

If you have plans to dive in the depths of the Raja Ampat sea in Papua, here are diving spots you should not miss.

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Blue Magic

One of the most internationally recognized diving spots in Raja Ampat Papua is Blue Magic. In this place, Lonjor Sharks, Tuna, and various fish schools appear like a busy parade.

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In addition, you can also see the magic of the blue-ringed octopus that is often found in this place. The exotic underwater panorama makes divers always fall in love with this place.

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If you want to visit it, the location is close to Kri Island. This spot can also be reached from the city of Waisai. With a tricky entry and fast flow, this place is a challenge for divers.

Therefore, you need to concentrate more on diving.

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Canoeing Raja Ampat Doberai Resort

Canoeing Raja Ampat Doberai ResortCanoeing Raja Ampat Doberai Resort

Canoeing Raja Ampat Doberai Resort – Raja Ampat maze of islets, peninsulas, bays. And ilets provides kayaking opportunities for all skill.

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The calm, enclosed water of Raja Ampat is a safe environment. For a first-time paddle while affording plenty to explore.

Sea kayaking is the best way to explore Raja Ampat archipelago. Of more than 600 islands stretched out on an area of 250 x 350 km.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Resort or Doberai Private Island itself is the first resort in Raja Ampat who occupies a private island individually.

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The private island has a 70 ha area, that 97% remains intact. The management of Doberai Private Island, and also the owner of the island. Intentionally conserve and preserve the island including the nature in general to as natural as possible.

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This is in line with the concept and mission of Doberai Private Island. Which to enjoy, unite, and conserve the nature for the guests and generation to come.

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Canoeing around the island and the islands next to Doberai Private Island, is one of the main activities that Doberai Private Island offers to the guests.

By doing that, guests could experience many things that they do for the first time. Or at least not many times in their life.

Being the only you in the pristine clear white sandy beach. Could be the first thing you could enjoy.

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As guests should know that Doberai Private Island has 10 – 12 natural white sandy beach around.

Majority of them are located where no one is around, or empty. This gives you a moment to be only and nature around. Something that you might not experience before. And for sure you will never forget it.

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When guests find a beach that they like, and they can do snorkelling or sunbathe to their heart content.

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Furthermore, in order to allow guests to enjoy the beach for the whole day. We could provide them with some food or snack, or even lunch box.

So that, they could not be worried about being hungry or thirsty. While enjoying the beach and surrounding with their loved one.

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Island Hopping In Raja Ampat

Island Hopping in Raja Ampat

Island Hopping In Raja Ampat

Island Hopping in Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of 644 island, 80% of which remain as yet unnamed.
Raja Ampat is not only beautiful with its underwater world, but also its above the water is even more beautiful. Especially for non-divers.
This makes Raja Ampat different from any other places in Indonesia, that are also famous for divers.

Islands and Kars

Raja Ampat above the water view is dominated by islands and kars. The last one is even more amazing, since they emerge from the surface of the water with varieties of shape.
In many places, the kars always located in group, this creates magnificent view when we are in the middle of them.
Furthermore, since the kars stand up as a group, scattered around, this makes the surface of the water calm, since the wave is blocked by the kars.

Main Icon

The main locations where groups of cars are very beautiful and famous are Wayag, Piaynemo, Kabui bay, and Misool. Among all of them, Wayag is the most beautiful one, and becomes the main icon of Raja Ampat.
Things that make Wayag special are the area is so wide, and numbers of kars are also almost countless.
Within the area of Wayag, we could explore it by riding a boat or kayak. The view within the area is so calm like swimming pool, quiet, peaceful, and clean.


Piaynemo is named the little Wayag, since the view looks almost the same with Wayag itself.
The only difference is that Piaynemo area is much smaller than the area of Wayag.
The location of Piaynemo is halfway nearer to the town, as compared to the distance to go to Wayag.
This is why Piaynemo becoming more popular than Wayag.

Kabui Bay

Kabui Bay is actually more similar than Wayag and Piaynemo.
But, there is no need to climb to any summit. To enjoy the view.
The main location in Kabui bay where tourists enjoy the view is called Kaliraja.

Private Island For Honeymoon

Private Island For Honeymoon

Private Island For Honeymoon

Private Island For Honeymoon – Experience once in a lifetime, being only you in a wonderful empty island that has a cristal shallow flat beach.

In Raja Ampat archipelago, we recommend you to undergo the only few people on earth can experience.

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This especially fits for honeymooners (bulan madu), where you and your partner or special one will enjoy the 100% privacy.

We would drop and leave you alone the whole day or night on the island.

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Of course, we would provide you with full logistic including tent, to ensure your comfort.

In a nutshell, what can be more privacy than being on a private island.

For you to know, that is in Raja Ampat area, the best and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.

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Doberai Private Island

Doberai Private Island is mainly designed for honeymooners or guests who enjoy company with their loved one.

Due to that design or concept, Doberai Private Island that occupies a private natural beautiful island, only construct the bungalow and the facilities as much as possible not to damage or destroy nature.

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Furthermore, Doberai Private Island as a resort accommodation, only builds a very few numbers of bungalow so that the tranquillity and privacy remain.

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To justify this, Doberai Private Island only occupies not more than 10% of the total area of the island, and the majority of the bungalow is built on the water.

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In Doberai Private Island, guests who are in their honeymoon period, or guests who prefer to be alone while enjoying nature, could find a lot of space in this island.

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There are many beaches around the island to hang out and enjoy without having disturbed by other guests.

On land itself, Doberai Private Island provides a huge area to explore.

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This especially who love to enjoy the tropical natural forest. The forest contains more on birds, that allow guests to enjoy more.

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Best Place Trekking Raja Ampat

Best Place Trekking Raja Ampat

Best Place Trekking Raja Ampat

Best Place Trekking Raja Ampat – For those who like to do trekking or mountain climbing, and at the same time enjoying the magnificent marine scenery, Definitely Raja Ampat should be in your first list. Raja Ampat has more than 640 island, where more than half consist of high hill or could be classified as little mountains.

in Raja Ampat archipelago, we guarantee that the scenery from on top of the hill that you climb is completely fascinating, since they are combinations of beach and foothill.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort or Doberai Private Island could arrange package specifically for trekkers or climbers. The best place to do trekking is absolutely in Wayag. Up to now, there are only two spots to do trekking. Both offer magnificent views. However, the path way to go up to the summit are somewhat scarry and exhausting for people who are not confinient at the high altitude places, and for elderly.

It is scarry enogh since the path way to go up remain natural as it is, meaning to say, there is no stair, or pathway made to make the climb little easy. For some people even have to crawl literally, either to go up, or to down.

The party in charged, keeps the pathway remain natural and intact. This is the policy the make to maintain the naturality of Wayag. However, all stake holder agree to this policy.

The are still many places in Raja Ampat to do trekking of course. The second to the best of course Pianemo. One thing is for sure, the pathway to go up to the top is extreemly different as compared to Wayag. All stairs, fit for a king are there. This deifinitely pleases the people who dont to do extra effort.