New Facilities in Tanjung Putus

We proudly announce that Doberai is now constructing its new facilities in another island named Tanjung Putus. This new facilities will have 12 over water bungalows. And it is prepared to be ready end of this year.

Tanjung Putus island is located 1 hours from Doberai Private Island

Why Raja Ampat is Beautiful?

Doberai Private Island - Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

At first glance our mind imagine a beautiful landscape and calm ocean meet the sky at the horizon. The open sea with beautiful coral around the islands, welcoming some cheerful jumping dolphins. The blue sky combined with the beautiful ripples of the waves combing every white sand on the shore.

Fresh air blowing boisterously guarantees the natural coolness of the typical green tropical forests. The sound of seagulls bursting beautifully as if singing and grateful for this amazing sight. From inside the water, a variety of beautiful collored fishes graced the living corals that gracefully dance. This is a real life paradise on earth.

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Doberai is one of the resorts in Raja Ampat, located in Urai island, one of the islands in the area of Raja Ampat, West Papua. Doberai Eco Resort picks up guests by speedboat at Waisai, and bring them to the island in just 25 minutes. This place is one of the best choices for travelers because it is owned by Indonesian investor. For reasons of high idealism and love to Raja Ampat make them want to invest their money in the form of Doberai Eco Resort. Keep in mind most of the resorts in Raja Ampat belong to and controlled by foreign investors.

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In the context of Raja Ampat community sago plant is very guarded and preserved by older people or their ancestors. Sago is a plant that is typical for Raja Ampat. Therefore, these plants should be kept in the preservation.

There is no doubt that for Raja Ampat people sago is a typical food that can support their life. Both as a source of food and income and the money can be used for living.. If the sago tree is old enough then:

  1. sago starch material processed into food industry,
  2. cortex / sago trunk processed into paper industry;
  3. sago pulp is processed into animal feed mixtures,
  4. Can be used as a mixture of charcoal, a mixture of particle board, medium mushrooms,
  5. From the sago tree can make plywood, textiles, chemicals, organic acids, fructose, ethanol as a staple energy.

Therefore, sago has a central position to the lives of the people of Raja Ampat. Sago function for society Raja Ampat as has been mentioned as a sustainer of life. Sago / sago provide guarantees for the life of every day, a tool / means of support for school children.

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Raja Ampat Diving Resort. Since hundreds of years ago, banana (Musa Paradisiacal) turned out to have been a part of human diet. Fossil research in Papua New Guinea showed domestication and cultivation of more than 10,000 years ago. Benefits of banana plants are in all parts of the plant, namely starting from the root to drugs, stem to rafts and rigging, leaves for wrapping, and of course the benefits of bananas to eat.

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