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Country Read the Most – According to the NOP World Culture Score Index, readers in India are making the rest of us look bad. India is the country that reads the most, with over 10 hours per week. WOW! Thailand and China are second and third, with 9.24 and 8 hours per week respectively. Don’t squint!

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Here’s a larger version, and here’s the complete list :

Hours reading per week per person

  1. India — 10 hours, 42 minutes
  2. Thailand — 9:24
  3. China — 8:00
  4. Philippines — 7:36
  5. Egypt — 7:30
  6. Czech Republic — 7:24
  7. Russia — 7:06
  8. Sweden — 6:54
  9. France — 6:54
  10. Hungary — 6:48 Also Read : How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat
  11. Saudi Arabia — 6:48
  12. Hong Kong — 6:42
  13. Poland — 6:30
  14. Venezuela — 6:24
  15. South Africa — 6:18
  16. Australia — 6:18
  17. Indonesia — 6:00
  18. Argentina — 5:54
  19. Turkey — 5:54
  20. Spain — 5:48 Also Read : Island Hopping in Raja Ampat
  21. Canada — 5:48
  22. Germany — 5:42
  23. USA — 5:42
  24. Italy — 5:36
  25. Mexico — 5:30
  26. U.K. — 5:18
  27. Brazil — 5:12
  28. Taiwan — 5:00
  29. Japan — 4:06
  30. Korea — 3:06 Also Read : Best Place Trekking Raja Ampat

Are you surprised at who is and isn’t on the list?

Remember, reading is extremely important to your mental health and has been shown to foster creativity. So go grab a book and start reading!

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New Facilities in Tanjung Putus

New Facilities in Tanjung Putus

New Facilities in Tanjung Putus – We proudly announce that Doberai is now constructing a new facilities. In another Island named Tanjung Putus. This facilitiy will have 12 over water bungalows & it’s prepared to be ready end of this year.

Tanjung Putus Island

Tanjung Putus Island is located 1 hours from Doberai Private Island. Just like Doberai Private Island that has a beautiful small calm bay right in front of the bungalows, Tanjung Putus has such kind of the view aswell.

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The resort is designed to tap the same level of market of Doberai Private Island. It’s intensionally built to give more alternatives ambience & views. So that, guests could combine their stay in Doberai Private Island. And in Tanjung Putus Resort.


The management who will run the resort will be the same management that in Doberai. This will guaranty the high quality standard of services. That guests receive in Doberai, will be the same in Tanjung Putus.

So again, by having 2 facilities with only 50 minutes distance. Our guests could stay in both resort. This will allow the guests to have more experience in 1 visit.

In terms of fun diving activity, our guests could even dive in more dive spots that before. Just to inform, that the Tanjung Putus resort has at least 7 house reef to dive. Out of 7 house reefs, at least four of them are mandatory dive spots. For all live aboard & resorts around to dive.

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This new resort offers extraordinary views, that only very view resort in the world have. And this resort has 2 kinds of view. Which separated only by 2 minutes walking. The first view is a bay view. Where 1 couldn’t see any open sew view. Exactly just like in a lake. And where the other view, is that guests could see right at the beach facing the sea. These 2 views are separated by natural exotic mangroves.



Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson

Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson

Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson

Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson – M.V cruise ship. Caledonian Sky which ran aground on the Dampier Strait on March 4. Caused massive damage to coral reefs. In Raja Ampat. Environmental activists say the Government must make this event a valuable lesson. And make various efforts to protect state assets in the form of invaluable natural wealth.

Damage to coral reefs in the waters of Raja Ampat is estimated to reach more than 1.8 hectares. Due to the destruction of the M.V cruise ship. Caledonian Sky which ran aground in the Dampier Strait.

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Further research and calculations are needed. To determine the steps that must be taken. As an effort to restore damaged coral reefs. This is related to the damage to coral reefs. That are included in the core zones of fisheries and tourism.


If the damaged coral reef is around 1.8 hectares wide enough. And the affected coincidence is coral reefs that enter. The core zone of fisheries. Also tourism. So, this needs to be done by restoration or recovery. The strategy for restoring coral reefs. We can’t yet determine whether. We should use transplantation techniques or not.

Of the 603 species of coral reefs recorded in Raja Ampat. it’s not certain how many species are damaged. The total loss due to damage to coral reefs in Raja Ampat. As not been calculated exactly.

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Because the damage caused is not only related to coral species. That have existed for 100 of years in the place. But also related to the functioning. Of coral reef ecosystems for tourism and fish production.

Very large. Indeed there have been those who have already calculated the value. It’s based on the option value. For example in addition to the value. That must be used to restore the costs used for restoration. To the costs lost from a reproduction of fisheries capacity.

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Yep. Because the coral reefs that we have are nursery places. For several types of fish. Well, there are also values that are lost because of tourism. Because if it’s broken. People can’t dive anymore. Well, that’s actually a lost loss. A lost benefit.


Restoration is the most likely choice to restore damaged coral reefs. However, variations in coral reef species need to be measured. Before they are damaged. Before doing restoration or repairs.

From the monitoring that has been done. There are several large colonies of damaged coral reefs. Which require a very long time to restore. To the minimum conditions of the coral reef. Doberai Private Island.

Growing coral reefs until he has a 30 cm colony. That may take more than 30 years alone, minimum. Well especially if we measure the success. Of the restoration from the ecosystem side. It’ll take much longer. Because this is a coral reef system. The ecosystem has been built for hundreds of years.

reproduction of fisheries capacity.

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The government needs to take policies to protect coral reefs. And Indonesia’s underwater ecosystems. From the threat of anchors of large ships that stop or just pass.

Identification of the types or species of damaged reefs. Must be carried out immediately. And the restoration strategies that will be used.

Strategic Ship Moorings

To avoid the same damage or incident occurring in other coral reefs in Raja Ampat. Or other dive sites in Indonesia, the government must immediately make a lot of strategic ship moorings. So, large vessels don’t directly enter shallow waters. Which are at risk of damaging the reef coral.

In addition, the government must immediately make a good zoning policy. So that there is clear zoning. Where large ships can enter or can’t enter.

Ketut Sardjana Putra said that this was related to the importance. Of the existence of a map in the sea area. As a better reference and planning in the future.

The 1 map policy. 1 map policy is important. Not only in the territory but also in the sea. So that good coral reef information, marine conservation areas which are actually state assets. Should be included on the same map. So that this can be used to build better management in the future.

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said, an investigation had been carried out by an integrated team whose results would be used to take the next step regarding this case.

Luhut stressed that he would take legal steps to damage the Raja Ampat coral reef caused by the M.V cruise ship. Caledonian Sky.

“The important thing is that the insurance from the ship is also present, taking the data in the field, the damage caused by the Caledonian Skyship. We will take legal steps in the international arena”, said the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs.



Raja Ampat People Extremely Friendly

Raja Ampat People Extremely Friendly

Raja Ampat People Extreemly Friendly

Raja Ampat People Extremely Friendly – In one of the big tribal festive event. Last month 2019. On Waisai Beach. Which the theme was Torang Cinta Raja Ampat. (We love Raja Ampat). Was very lively.

In the middle of the event. Visitors who came were entertained by singer Andre Hehanussa. Who sang the song Lovely Raja Ampat and Kami Papua.

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Andre claimed to be proud and happy. To be invited to perform in Raja Ampat. He feels. The beautiful island in Papua. Is full of local wisdom. Which has the potential to bring tourists.

Since he landed. In Sorong to cross to Raja Ampat. These nuances have been felt from treating friendly. And smiling locals.

The man born in South Sulawesi. Considers these 2 things to be the initial capital. That makes tourists comfortable visiting a new area.

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They serve with a friendly. And full of smile. To anyone. This is very good. Similar to Bali. Travellers need a comfortable atmosphere. We need tourists to come“, Andre said.

Regarding accommodation and transportation. In Raja Ampat. The singer of the Kuta Bali song. Hopes that facilities and services. That make it easier for tourists to be reproduced.

I’m optimistic. That the development of Raja Ampat will improve and expand. So don’t hesitate to come to Raja Ampat,” Andre said.

Raseno Arya

Deputy Assistant of Personal Market Segment Development. Deputy of Nusantara Tourism Marketing Development. Ministry of Tourism. Raseno Arya also claimed. That the people of Raja Ampat were increasingly. Open to welcoming tourists.

Even though, they didn’t close themselves to modernization. The local community didn’t forget, the customs that were handed down, by their ancestors.

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Their art blood is very thick. The art displayed is also very entertaining. Travellers who are interested in getting to know. The local culture, will feel very entertained when visiting here“, Raseno said.

The development of Raja Ampat tourism potential continues. The Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), together with a search engine company. Google. Recently collaborated to take pictures. And showcase the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. In cyberspace.

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One of Google’s bosses. Sergey Brin. Had visited Raja Ampat some time ago.

After seeing the beauty there. He promised to take the underwater street view live team. With a submarine to do his job.

Before I was not too sure of the beauty of Raja Ampat. But after seeing it immediately. I was very impressed. It’s a shame if the experience isn’t shared with others“, Brin said.

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Raja Ampat Coral Reef Crashed

Raja Ampat Coral Reef

The Beauty of Raja Ampat Coral Reef

Raja Ampat Coral Reef Crashed – Damage to coral reefs at Raja Ampat. Due to being hit by a Noble cruise ship Caledonia. Could be greater than 1,600 m2, originally estimated.

The Indonesian government is still evaluating the damage. So that it’ll immediately determine the steps for restoration and rehabilitation. The Indonesian government will also file a lawsuit. With the Noble Caledonia ship company in the near future.

Brahmantya Poerwadi

According to the Director-General, of Sea Space Management of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Brahmantya Poerwadi. After knowing the total area and types of coral damaged. By being hit by the MV Caledonian Sky.

The government will also assess the multiplier effect. That was incurred and opportunity lost. Or costs for lost opportunities for the incident.

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Multiplier effects. For example, there where the place is schooling ground. Because, there is no place where possible. The income of the fisheries will not be available. The constraints on the tourism side are also very detrimental there. We’ll also evaluate it. How much do they get it? a year?“, said Brahmantya.

“We must detail this loss of opportunity. Until the rehabilitation of the coral reef has been estimated. For the time to return to normal“, Brahmantya added.

Huge Damage

From the huge damage, the government can only make a budget for the restoration. And rehabilitation of coral reefs which can take up to 20 years.

Coral is the fastest (growing), 5 centimetres per year. Determined by habitat and seawater conditions. The clearer, the faster (growth)“, explained Brahmantya.


The destruction of coral reefs violates Law No. 32/2009. And therefore the Indonesian government will immediately file a criminal. And civil claim to the shipowner’s company,

Calling to the entity will be carried out immediately. Will the details make the ship motionless. It’ll be determined. Also will call the main and local agencies. For initial fact-finding and claim to Caledonian Sky“, explained, Brahmantya.

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Currently, the ship is already in the Philippines. The permit came out. And previously entered the waters of Raja Ampat. given by Syahbandar Jayapura.

The ship was released with permission from the Syahbandar. That will be asked later at the meeting. (Coordination at the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs)“, said Brahmantya.


Earlier it was reported that Noble Caledonia would be asked to pay compensation of US $ 1.28 million (around Rp. 17 billion to US $ 1.92 million). To restore Raja Ampat’s condition. But Brahmantya said the amount would still be evaluated again. After obtaining actual data from the field.

The cases of ships that hit the reef weren’t the first time actually. In Indonesia, there were once barges crashing on Sulawesi, on Batam, in Karimun. The scale of the ship was different. Some replaced it with several billion rupiahs“.

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This is a slightly different case. there are big cruise ships entering crashing with some consequences. So, it can’t be instant, it must go through processes and stages“, said Zulficar Mochtar. Head of the Maritime and Fisheries Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Research.

Apology Noble Caledonia

Yacht company Noble Caledonia apologized. For the incident and promised to pay for the loss that arose.

We’re currently working with experts. To find out how we can help with the regeneration of coral reefs. We apologize for the impact that has taken place on local communities“, as stated in their press release.

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Noble Caledonia has prepared a fund that aims to help local communities. And contribute to the improvement of coral reefs. We also want to send our expedition team to help regenerate coral reefs.”

In addition, we also have insurance. And our insurance company is working with the Indonesian government and coral reef assessment experts. Together, we will work towards a fair and realistic solution.”

Chronology of Incidents

On March 3, the Bahamas-flagged MV Caledonian Sky cruise ship and headed by Captain Keith Michael Taylor. Who brought 79 crew and 102 tourists arrived in Yenwaupnor village, which is a conservation area of the waters of the Dampier Strait.

The next day at noon, the ship drove towards Bitung and crashed into a coral reef at a depth of five meters in the waters of Kri Island.

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According to the ship captain’s statement, the ship failed because he only relied on GPS and radar without taking into account the tides.

Based on preliminary estimates of the extent of damaged coral reefs reached 1,600 m2 due to the movement of MV Caledonian Sky which tried to get out of the area failed, not because it was pulled by a tug boat.

The ship was released by Syahbandar Jayapura. On March 5.



Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer Ship

Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer

Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer Ship

Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer Ship – West Papua Province finally handed over the case files. Of Amanikan cruise ships which allegedly hit coral reefs. In Raja Ampat waters to the Sorong District Prosecutor’s Office. For further legal proceedings.

The head of the Raja Ampat Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Bernadus Okoka. Said that he had submitted the case file. To the foreign cruise ship to the Sorong District Prosecutor’s investigator.

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He said the legal proceedings awaited the Sorong District Prosecutor’s investigator. As the prosecutor stated that the case file. Of the cruise ship was complete.

173 GT motorboat

The 173 GT motorboat was legally processed. Because, it hit a coral reef in the waters of Arborek Village. One of the most beautiful tourist destinations. In Raja Ampat Regency, November 2017.

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He explained, according to the results of the study in the field. The area of the underwater coral reef which was damaged by the KM Amanikan reached 162 square meters.

The damage, according to him. The functions of ecosystems or fish shelters, aesthetic functions, wave resistance or flow functions, social. And cultural research has declined,” he said in Waisai, Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Antara reported.

Damaged coral reefs

Damaged coral reefs of various kinds. And it takes up to 15 years for these coral reefs to be able to live again as usual. The loss of Raja Ampat. Due to damage to the coral reef reached Rp. 800,000,000.

In this case, the Raja Ampat Regional Police investigator has determined 2 suspects namely, the skipper with the initials IMS. And the helmsman of the ship with the initials S. Both suspects are charged with violating Article 98 Paragraph (1) jo Article 99 Paragraph (1) of Law 32 of 2009. Concerning protection and management living environment.

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In addition to the alleged destruction of coral reefs. By Amanikan cruise ships, there are also cases involving the MV Caledonian Sky vessel which has a weight of 4200 gross tons. to the waters of Raja Ampat on March 3, 2017. After passengers travelled on the island, the ship was captain by Captain Keith Michael Taylor. continue the trip to Bitung on March 4, 2017.


On the way to Bitung, MV Caledonian Sky ran aground on a collection of coral reefs in Raja Ampat. Once pulled by a tug boat, the ship finally managed to sail back leaving the damage to the reef in an area of 18,882 square meters.

However, until now there has been no clarity on the legal process of damage to coral reefs caused by the cruise ship.

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The Raja Ampat Coral Reef

The Raja Ampat Coral Reef

The Raja Ampat Coral ReefDamage to coral reefs in Raja Ampat, West Papua. Due to the collapse of the MV Caledonian Sky cruise ship. In the Dampier Strait, recently. Was very concerning for many groups. Especially environmental activists.

Because the coral reef of Raja Ampat. Which is known as the centre of marine biodiversity in the world. Suffered extensive damage, reaching 1.8 hectares.

Support from many parties is needed in order. To be able to return to their original conditions.

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The Definite Disadvantage

The definite disadvantage is that coral reefs die. From being crushed by a ship. Not to mention the living creatures that grow coral.

The concern and many parties are that Raja Ampat is widely recognized. As a global centre for marine biodiversity.

Raja Ampat’s coral reefs store natural assets. Which are not only important for Raja Ampat and the Indonesian people. But the world community at large.

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Therefore, the institution which has conservation programs in 69 countries including Indonesia. Would certainly welcome with open arms. If there is a request for assistance from the Indonesian government. To do the restoration on damaged coral reefs. Because, this is a big job that requires the participation of many parties.

Long before the Caledonian Sky vessel incident occurred. Dini and its conservation institutions had programs in Raja Ampat. For more than 13 years.

Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area

The program called Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area. Was approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

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The new conservation just recently developed. By all the stakeholders which is to address. The rapid growth of the starfish that kill hard coral reef in Raja Ampat. The program contains many activities. That needs to be done in order by all parties involved. In the tourism industry of Raja Ampat. Now the program has come to the activity. To replanting the new coral reef in the area. That has been damaged by the starfish.

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Raja Ampat Is Beautiful Education

Raja Ampat is Beautiful Education

Raja Ampat Is Beautiful Education

Raja Ampat Is Beautiful EducationRaja Ampat in West Papua. Is considered a fragment of the world’s paradise. So that it attracts 10 of 1000 of tourists to explore. Its underwater beauty every year.

But, in the midst of the global uproar of tourism. Some of the children of Raja Ampat struggle to wade. Through the sea and live a limited life for education.

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“I am proud to be born as a Papuan child, but our lives are difficult, learning half-dead using a lamp, far from parents and having to live in lodgings.”

The expression was expressed by Felix Togarman Burdam, a class IX student at SMP Negeri 27, Kampung Samate, Salawati Utara District. Felix is one of 15 children from Soop Island who are now forced to migrate to Samate to continue their education.

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In Soop, there are only elementary school facilities. The closest junior high school that Felix and his age can reach is in Samate, about 90 minutes away by sea using a 15 pk engine boat that is not equipped with a safety float. Crossing the islands in Raja Ampat by boat is not a cheap choice for most locals. In islands such as Raja Ampat, navigating the sea is the only way to move.

Bad Economy

But the bad economy did not allow Felix and his friends to commute from Soop to school in Samate on a motorized boat every day. Their parents cannot afford to buy kerosene fuel every day.

Moreover, said Felix, the Soop children prefer to go to Samate instead of going to Sorong because there are no tuition fees. Avoiding expenditure is a rational choice for those who come from lower-class economic families.

“We are staying in lodging, so there is no need to pay for going to school, just walking,” said Felix.

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6 Best Food Of Raja Ampat

6 Best Food Of Raja Ampat

Best Food Of Raja Ampat

6 Best Food Of Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat is indeed not saturated to talk about. Because, there is indeed a separate paradise. That is so eye-catching. Local and international tourists know and lot. The natural panorama that is so amazing. And only exists in Raja Ampat. Makes it a special attraction for visitors.

Nature that is still beautiful. Natural and the coolness. That is given will increase your happiness. However, this time it doesn’t touch on natural tourism. But rather the typical cuisine of Raja Ampat. Culinary that will definitely make the holiday. More fun and impressed.

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Sago Caterpillar Satay

This typical Raja Ampat cuisine is indeed a little scary. Because it’s made from caterpillar sago trees. For people around this culinary. They are so liked and used to enjoy it. However, it’s important for you to know that this typical culinary contains a high level of protest. This high nutritional value is what. You must enjoy.

Even though, it does look scary. It’s precisely this that confirms mentality. When visiting Raja Ampat it’s mandatory. To taste this typical culinary.

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Manokwari Grilled Fish

The next typical Raja Ampat culinary is Manokwari grilled fish. Indeed, the ingredients are served from sea products. It’s precisely this fish that is a high source. Of protein for the body. Fresh fish cleaned with water. Furthermore, it’s traditionally burned. Because, it’s traditional that keeps the freshness of the fish. Usually, the fish used is in the form of tuna.

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Wrapped Fish

The next culinary speciality of Raja Ampat is Papua fish. This special food uses the basic ingredients of sea fish. Which are sprinkled with delicious Raja Ampat spices. Furthermore, given a flavouring of bay leaves that will make the dish so much better. It’s this natural ingredient that keeps this culinary content. From being available. Guaranteed taste produced is not inferior to Ikang wrap in other regions.

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The next typical Raja Ampat cuisine is papeda. This special dish is made from sago. This type of fish is known as delicious. And has a high nutritional value. Sago isn’t only served independently. But, there are other additions namely tuna. The way to cook it is quite easy. Cleaned fish is cooked with a variety of natural herbs. A mixture of turmeric in this dish. Will make the fruit yellow.

Of course, this broth will make the tongue shake. To immediately enjoy it. For this reason. When visiting Raja Ampat it’s incomplete without enjoying this papeda.

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Sago Martabak

Hearing the word Marbatak is definitely not foreign. Because almost everyone has tried it. Raja Ampat presents a different dignity. Than other regions and is only there. This dignity is made of sago which has been mashed. After that, mixed with brown sugar and fried.

Sago is famous. For its delicious taste. That will make Martabak more kicking. When enjoyed. In addition, ingredients typical of Raja Ampat. Are also found in this dish. Of course, when visiting Raja Ampat. You must enjoy the dignity of sago.

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Cheating Crabs

This typical Raja Ampat cuisine. Does sound intriguing. It’s this unique name that. Makes visitors curious about this cuisine. This intriguing name. Can be obtained from the raw material. Which already has claws. So, it’s considered cheating crabs. In cooking. Shrimp can be done boiled, fried, or grilled. Of course, the delicious taste of shrimp. Will make your holiday. More memorable.

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Doberai Private Island, a resort owned and run by Indonesian

Experience local tradition with high standard. In tropical dive resort services. Doberai Private Island provides a uniquely Indonesian hospitality.

As previous satisfied guests did, experience yourself our motto:

Come as Guests. Stay as Family. Leave as Friend.

Doberai Private Island occupies a 70 ha natural wonderfull exclusive island privately. Named Urai, only 25 minutes from Waisai, the Capital City of Raja Ampat district. The exclusivity and privacy are guaranteed would be yours.

Doberai Private Island located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula. On the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia’s West Papua province. Raja Ampat, or the four Kings. Is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals. Surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, & the smaller island of Kofiau.

The name of Raja Ampat, comes from local mythology. That tells about a woman who finds seven eggs. Four of the seven eggs hatch and become kings. That occupy four of Raja Ampat biggest islands whilst the other 3 become a ghost, a woman & a stone.

Raja Ampat Regency is a new regency. Which separated from Sorong Regency. In 2004. It encompasses more than 40,000 km² of land and sea. Which also contains Cenderawasih Bay, the largest marine national park in Indonesia.

It’s a part of the newly named West Papua (province) of Indonesia which was formerly Irian Jaya. The islands are the most northern pieces. Of land in the Australian continent.

Although accessing Raja Ampat’s islands isn’t that difficult. It takes some time. It takes four hours flight from Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia to Sorong. Then. taking the boat to reach the islands is necessary.



Raja Ampat And Chance Education

Raja Ampat and Chance Education

Raja Ampat And Chance Education

Raja Ampat and Chance Education – Since the 1998 crisis, the poverty rate in Indonesia has been claimed. To had dropped dramatically, based on the survey conducted. The poverty rate in Indonesia is at 9.82% or 25.95 million poor people.

However, these quantitative statistics and figures. Don’t fully illustrate, the real conditions. Of the quality of life. For Indonesian people.

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The provinces of Papua. And West Papua are in the first. And a second place. With the highest. Poverty rates. No less than 1/5 of the Papuan people. Live below the poverty line.

And yep, formal education is important, to improve the quality of human capital.

Therefore, education measured through school enrollment rates. Is an indicator in determining. Human quality. The high rate of dropping out, of school in Raja Ampat. Is a serious problem. For the government.

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On the other hand, an increasingly open world requires. Every locality to increase the capacity. And the competitiveness, of its people.

Moreover, the development of the Raja Ampat Islands tourism. That continues to be done, or not has to be balanced. With the development, of its community.

The government is required to carry out, physical infrastructure development in conjunction. With the development, of social infrastructure. (Health and education). Raja Ampat and Chance Education

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Papuans generally have the potential. For good social capital which is measured. For example., from a wealth of informal values. And norms including. Informal institutions.

If local knowledge and beliefs are combined, with personal skills and expertise (human capital). The acceleration of improving community welfare can be realized.

The Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) owned by Papua. Should be maximized. Not only in the economic. And tourism sectors. But, also in the education sector.

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District or City gets a portion of 80%. Of the special autonomy fund. Where a minimum of 30%. Must be allocated. For education. With such a large budget.

It’s certainly very inversely proportional. To the condition of most Papuans. Who are still trapped in poverty.

Behind the glitter of Raja Ampat. As a world tourist destination. The face of poverty reflected. By the indigenous people is clearly visible.

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Insolvency, makes the cost of living high. Making it difficult. To fulfil basic services. There are people who are marginalized. From education. Especially the people of Raja Ampat Regency. Who value education. As a luxury item.

On Mainyafun Island. For example, to go to secondary school. You have to go to Waisai. Which costs around Rp1.3 million. In one direction. And about 4 hours. By glass fibre boat. And often without security equipment.

Behind the beauty of the world paradise. Of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Many households struggle. To get out of poverty.

Many government programs. To help reduce poverty. In Raja Ampat. Can be said to. Still not succeed.

1 of the causes. Of failure is high practice. Of corruption among. The bureaucracy.

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Raja Ampat Sea Area

The Raja Ampat Sea Area covers more than 85% of the Raja Ampat area. This condition is inversely proportional to the land area. This is, of course, the main attraction for Raja Ampat. Especially in the eyes of divers.

The famous diving spots in Raja Ampat, include Cape Kri. Which is not far from Mansuar island, the Blue Magic which has beautiful coral. Or the waters around Arborek island which is a Manta Stingray habitat.

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Fish species that live in these waters exceed the number of land animal species. The world’s divers love Raja Ampat. Because, of the biological wealth possessed by its underwater paradise. To call Raja Ampat the Underwater Sea of the World.

Many unique marine species such as wobbegong (a type of cuttlefish/squid), mini seahorses. Or even large fish such as sharks, manta rays, and legendary mermaids.

Divers also often find and swim with a collection of Tuna, Giant Trevally, or Snappers.

In fact, dangerous fish such as Barracuda often accompany divers when enjoying the beauty of the Raja Ampat underwater ecosystem.