Ancient sea fish (Coelacanth) fish were found again in the waters of Raja Ampat, West Papua. This fish was accidentally provoked by fishermen from the Ram Island sub-district of Sorong Kepulauan District, July 2019.

This ancient fish was caught at a depth of ± 60 meters in Urbinasopen waters. Hooked at 08.00 CET and immediately landed in a period of approximately two hours.

This ancient fish landing was made to the area of Suprau, District of the Mesum Maldives, in a state of life.

Coelacanth fishing hooked began to spread, starting from the many people who documented the fish. Previously, there were no fishermen who got this ancient fish.

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Reducing Tourist, Raja Ampat Still Prioritizies Safety

The Raja Ampat Regency Government, West Papua Province, formed an integrated team to safeguard tourist visits during the 2019 Eid holiday.

The Head of the Raja Ampat Regency Tourism Office, Yusdi Lamatenggo, said the integrated tour security team consisted of the Office of Tourism Services, Transportation Agency, Basarnas, and security forces.

“Raja Ampat Regency Government is always ready to provide comfort to tourists who visit the area during the Eid holiday and the usual days,” Yusdi said, as quoted by Antara on Wednesday (5/6).

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The Beauties of Raja Ampat’s Natural and Culture

Doberai Private Island - Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Raja Ampat, a regency located in Eastern Indonesia, is indeed familiar to our ears. The name Raja Ampat started when the National Geographic magazine, published in September 2007, discussed Raja Ampat. This magazine is so neat about the beauty of Raja Ampat along with the charming picture documentation. Raja Ampat Regency consists of islands in the “bird” head region of Papua, such as Misool Island, Batanta, Salawati, Wayag, Waigeo, Saonek, Saonek Mondie (Little Saonek), Kofiau, Fafanlap, and many other islands that are included in the Raja area. Ampat has 610 islands. The capital of Raja Ampat Regency is located on Waigeo Island, precisely in Waisai, South Waigeo District.

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The Economy of Raja Ampat Residents Boosted Due to The Development of Tourist Destination

Doberai Private Island in Raja Ampat

Doberai Private Island in Raja Ampat

The enchantment of Raja Ampat, which has been famous throughout the world, brings many foreign and local tourists to visit there just to fill vacation time or channel a hobby of snorkeling and diving.

The wealth of marine life and the beauty of its small islands scattered from Waisai, Misool Islands, Salawati, Gam to Waigeo, have been known as one of the attractive tourist destinations, to get the nickname paradise.

Raja Ampat’s celebrity is what makes many investors glance at these tourist destinations to compete in building lodging, ranging from home stay style to resorts. Some even offer lodging on the Pinisi ship.

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Why Visit Raja Ampat is Expensive?

Has exotic tourist destinations. Did you know that traveling there is very expensive. This is the reason!
Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? This new belle of eastern Indonesia has begun to be known by many domestic and foreign tourists. But unfortunately, the cost to visit the place is still fairly expensive.

Just imagine, to enjoy the beauty that is in this place, at least tourists have to spend around Rp. 5 million for an estimated 5-6 days (excluding return airplane tickets).

Infrastructure development that has not been evenly distributed is indeed one of the main reasons, the high cost of living in the region.

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Endless tells the charm of the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua. The status of ‘The Last Paradise’ sticks to its name and is widely recognized by tourists from all over the world. Not only underwater charms and panoramas of a cluster of islands, Raja Ampat is now starting to offer other potential as a paradise for bird lovers.

Various tour packages, exploration routes, and observation towers are prepared simply by the local community, in order to facilitate tourists from various walks of life. A panoramic tower was erected and managed by Amandus Marindal and his family in the middle of Kabui Bay.

Only 30 minutes away from Saporkren Village or about 1 hour from Waisai City using a fishing boat, visitors can get a beautiful panorama with the distance from the city center. Of course that also means that transportation costs are far cheaper than other well-known locations. This location is known as the ‘Wawiyai Peak’.

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Raja Ampat is indeed not saturated to talk about. Because there is indeed a separate paradise that is so eye-catching. Local and international tourists know and lot. Natural panorama that is so amazing and only exists in Raja Ampat makes it a special attraction for visitors.

Nature that is still beautiful, natural, and the coolness that is given will increase your happiness. However, this time it does not touch on natural tourism, but rather the typical cuisine of Raja Ampat. Culinary that will definitely make the holiday more fun and impressed.

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The colorful coral reefs in Raja Ampat waters radiate beautifully. Without having to dive and enter the sea in all its shallow sea contents it has been seen and represents almost most of the contents of the deep sea. Small fish like dancing show off their bodies. Quiet waves of waves give them the opportunity to swim in groups and get closer to human dwelling areas. The fish combined with a charming coral presents a paradise for world divers. Raja Ampat Sea does have a beauty that has not been matched by any place in Indonesia, even Raja Ampat can be compared with the world’s beautiful waters such as the Maldives, the Mediterranean Sea, or the Fiji Islands.

Raja Ampat is one of the 10 best dive sites the world has. In fact, it is recognized as the number one waters in the world that has the most complete flora and fauna in the world. A coral expert, Dr. John Veron once mentioned in his research that Raja Ampat has 450 species of coral that are identified as still developing very well. A Conservation International (CI) agency in collaboration with the National Oceanography Institute (LON) and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has also conducted a study in 2001 and 2002. The results of this study show that Raja Ampat has nearly 75% of existing coral reefs around the world. In addition, the waters of Raja Ampat are home to more than 1000 species of reef fish and 700 types of mollusks. The conclusion of the study is that none of the world’s waters has this condition other than Raja Ampat.

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WHAT first occurred in your mind when you heard about beach? For hunters of beauty, the beach is one of them synonymous with coral reefs. Yes, coral reefs are home to fish.

The many types of fish around it make coral reefs a beautiful sight when diving or snorkeling. In this world there are at least 10 locations that have beautiful coral reefs, here are some of them:

1. Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Islands are tourist destinations in the Papua region. This island has been known by the whole world because of the charm of its natural beauty. One form of the popularity of Raja Ampat tourist attraction is the documentary film made by Avant Premiere entitled “Edis Paradise 3”, in which the film tells the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat, dubbed the Amazon Ocean World.

2. Andros, Bahama
Andros Island is the largest island in the Bahamas in the Caribbean Region. People who live on this island make up the 3rd largest coral barrier in the world. The length of the coral barrier is more than 230 Kilometers, its beauty is no doubt. This place is suitable for beginners for scuba diving.

3. Mahe (Seychelles)

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles Islands. Home to several marine parks, Mahe offers diving opportunities with hawksbill turtles, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, lobsters and Moray eels. Ste Anne Marine National Park, located 5 km from the capital city of Victoria, is one of the main tourist locations on the Indian Ocean for diving.

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