Eight Species of Birds of Paradise That Raja Ampat Has

In Raja Ampat there are eight species of bird of paradise that can be enjoyed by tourists who visit.

Eight species of bird of paradise that are recorded in the Raja Ampat Islands are red sandalwood or with the Latin name Pradisaea rubra, bald cenderawasih (Respublica diphyllodes), small cenderawasih (Paradisaea minor). Then, rattan defender tendon (Diphyllodes magnificus), king’s cenderawasih (Cicinnurus regius), wire-bred dead (Seleucidis melanoleuca), curly neck manokodia, and glossy manocodia.

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BPPT Supports Raja Ampat in Many Aspects

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) is working with the Raja Ampat Regency Government, West Papua, to develop in the tourism, technology and innovation sectors, and fisheries.

Head of BPPT Unggul Priyanto explained that the potential of natural resources in Raja Ampat Regency is very large and has a strategic geographical location.

Thus, a good physical and non-physical infrastructure is needed to develop the place into a tourism area, technology development and innovation, and fisheries.

“The technology developed supports national priority programs, which are contained in the Medium-Term Development Plan for 2015-2019,” said Superior in a press release received by Business on Wednesday (2/14/2018).

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Avoiding Over Fishing by Raja Ampat

Doberai Private Island - Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Raja Ampat has been known as one of the best natural tourist destinations in Indonesia. Raja Ampat’s reputation can be owned because the local community has a direct contribution in preserving the environment.

In fact, they have a tradition that is routinely carried out for environmental preservation, called the tradition of samson or also known as the sasi ceremony.

Through this tradition, Raja Ampat proved to be an area with abundant marine wealth. According to data from Conservation International, Raja Ampat is the habitat of around 75 percent of coral species in the world. In addition, Raja Ampat is also home to as many as 1,427 species of reef fish, dozens of species of sharks, hundreds of types of molluscs, whales, manta rays, dolphins, or turtles.

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Main Dive Spot in Raja Ampat

Papua has a million charms that are spread to every corner of the city. One of the things that makes tourists fascinated is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Islands is a series of four islands consisting of Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island.

Speaking of his unique name, it turns out there is a unique story behind the name Raja Ampat. According to the myth, there was a woman who found seven eggs. Four of them succeeded in hatching and became four princes. The four princes also ruled in four islands in Raja Ampat. While the other three eggs turn into ghosts, women, and a stone. That said, the ghost became a spirit that protects the local community.

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Ecosistem in Raja Ampat Must Be Conserved

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Raja Ampat Regency in West Papua has beautiful natural scenery, also a stretch of coral reefs and famous marine biota to foreign countries. This area is also a habitat for rare birds, such as king cockatoos and yellow crested, red parrots, maleo, and paradise.

Raja Ampat is a newly created regency from Sorong Regency, and officially became an autonomous region on April 12, 2003. The capital is Waisai, which is on Waigeo Island. The marine district which has 610 islands is rich in flora and fauna, and natural resources. However, the ecosystem is threatened with damage because of the rampant mining exploitation that does not care about the environment.

This district has an area of 46,292 km2 with a population of 27,071 inhabitants. About 85 percent of the area is ocean, only around 6,000 km2 is land. There are only four large islands, namely Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Of the 610 islands, only 35 are inhabited.

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Why Raja Ampat is Beautiful?

Doberai Private Island - Raja Ampat Eco Resort

Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat Eco Resort

At first glance our mind imagine a beautiful landscape and calm ocean meet the sky at the horizon. The open sea with beautiful coral around the islands, welcoming some cheerful jumping dolphins. The blue sky combined with the beautiful ripples of the waves combing every white sand on the shore.

Fresh air blowing boisterously guarantees the natural coolness of the typical green tropical forests. The sound of seagulls bursting beautifully as if singing and grateful for this amazing sight. From inside the water, a variety of beautiful collored fishes graced the living corals that gracefully dance. This is a real life paradise on earth.

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The Needs to Preserve The Nature, and At The Same Time Grow Tourism Safely in Raja Ampat

Waigeo, Misool, Batanta, Kofiau and Salawati islands are part of Raja Ampat Regency which has terrestrial habitat of various endemic flora and fauna. Raja Ampat has an area of land and sea totaling 46,108 square kilometers with a total of 2,713 islands.

Based on research conducted by the West Papua Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) and the organization Fauna & Flora International – Indonesia Program (FFI-IP), biodiversity on Waigeo Island, Batanta, Salawati, Misool, and Kofiau is in the form of 186 species of birds. 40 types of amphibians, 13 types of reptiles, 32 types of mammals, 350 species of wood and palm trees, 57 species of orchids, and 5 types of semar bags.

According to the Head of the KSDA West Papua Central Office R. Basar Manullang, there are still endemic fauna and flora that need to be studied. Call it bald paradise (Cicinnurus republica), red paradise (Paradisea rubra), maleo waigeo (Aepypodius bruijinii), cuscus waigeo (Spilocuscus papuensis), and Dendrobium azureum orchids.

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Doberai Private Island - Raja Ampat Eco Resort

New Jetty Facilities

New jetty has been constructed. This jetty allows guests to explore the island better without sweating.

Technically the jetty connects the eco bungalows to the dive center area, which also means connecting two sides of the island.

New Schedules for Pick Up & Bring Back: Waisai – Doberai Resort

Saturday – Monday – Wednesday (3 days a week)

Waisai  to  Doberai Resort: at 11.45 am

Doberai Resort  to  Waisai: at 7.45 am

Marina Ferry Express Schedule

From Sorong to Waisai:

  • Mon – Sun at 9 AM & 2 PM

From Waisai to Sorong:

  • Mon – Su at 9 AM & 2 PM

Marina Express ticket :

  • Executive IDR 130.000;
  • VIP IDR 230.000;



Doberai is one of the resorts in Raja Ampat, located in Urai island, one of the islands in the area of Raja Ampat, West Papua. Doberai Eco Resort picks up guests by speedboat at Waisai, and bring them to the island in just 25 minutes. This place is one of the best choices for travelers because it is owned by Indonesian investor. For reasons of high idealism and love to Raja Ampat make them want to invest their money in the form of Doberai Eco Resort. Keep in mind most of the resorts in Raja Ampat belong to and controlled by foreign investors.

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