Conservation Project in Raja Ampat

Conservation Project in Raja Ampat

Conservation Project in Raja Ampat

Conservation Project in Raja Ampat – The countries that are members of the Regional Coral Triangle Initiative. On Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) regional membership. Appreciate the management of the Raja Ampat watershed conservation area, Papua.

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Director of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Andi Rusandi said the Indonesian government along with member countries.

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Of the CTI-CFF were after discussing the management of watershed conservation areas in each. Especially the starfish area which was the world’s coral reef triangle.

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In the workshop, each country delivered the concept of conservation management in their country. Then they receive input and suggestions for more effective management.

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After the workshop in Sorong City. Envoys from the countries working on the conservation of water areas. Or The Marine Protected Area Working Group (MPAWG). Were invited to visit the marine conservation area of Raja Ampat Regency.

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The location of the representative members of the CTI-CFF was given the opportunity. To interact with the local community. In the Raja Ampat waters conservation area. They dig information about the management of the tourist area.

Andi said the representatives of neighbouring countries admired. And appreciated the management of conservation areas. By the government and indigenous peoples.

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In fact, he said, several countries were interested in adopting a regional management system. Carried out by the people of Raja Ampat Regency.

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The government continues to seek the concepts of good management of marine protected areas. Which provide an increase in the economy of the community. But, on the one hand, nature remains sustainable.

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Our hope is that the marine conservation area in Raja Ampat Regency, which is the world’s coral reef triangle, is a pilot water area for other countries in the world.” Said Andi.

This initiative should be monitored by all stakeholder continuously. Doberai Private Island places itself in the front row. In this movement or program. As it’s a commitment to conserve and preserve nature.

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