Coral Reef Raja Ampat Conservation

Coral Reef Conservation Raja Ampat

Coral Reef Conservation Raja Ampat

Coral Reef Conservation Raja Ampat – The KM Amanikan tour boat is reportedly dumping anchors in the shallow coral reef area which is one of the dive sites of tourists visiting Arborek Village, Raja Ampat, West Papua.

The tour boat irritated the residents of Arborek Village. For throwing anchors in an area that should not have been. So, residents reported it. To the Transportation Agency.

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Yohanes B Rahawarin

Head of the Raja Ampat District Transportation Agency. Yohanes B Rahawarin, in Waisai. Confirmed that his office had received a report from the community of Arborek Village. Accompanied by a photo document of the incident.

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He said, his party had also visited the community of Arborek village. And discussed the incident and discussed the regulations. That would be made. So that, no ships would throw anchors carelessly on the Arborek village reef.

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We also discussed with the people of Arborek Village to determine the area. Where tourist boats can park, and dispose of the term. So, as not to damage the coral reefs.” He said.

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According to him, following up on reports from the community of Arborek Village. The Raja Ampat District Transportation Office. Will call on Amanikan to be sanctioned.

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KM Tourist Boat Secure

Based on information compiled in the field, KM Tourist Boat Secure the previous offence has run aground. And damaged the reef on Raja Ampat’s Gan Island. The ship’s master had also undergone legal proceedings.

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In order to stop those things to keep happening in the future. Local Government must take a decisive course of actions. One of the things is that the Blut program. Should develop a watchdog group to regularly. And randomly monitor the area.

The watchdog group must consist of several teams. And every team must be responsible for their own respective area given. Those group should also be equipped by speed boat and other equipment. Such as GPS, Sonar, Walkie Talkie, etc.

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