Cultural Heritage of Raja Ampat

Cultural Heritage of Raja Ampat

Cultural Heritage of Raja Ampat

Cultural Heritage of Raja Ampat – It is rich and diverse too, ranging from neolithic shell middens and prehistoric cave paintings. Through relics from the era of the Four Kings (Raja Ampat). Who once ruled here and gave the region its name.

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To remnants of more recent history such as the cave bunkers. And seabed wreckage remaining from the Second World War.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort or Doberai Private Island complete your adventure in this unparalleled place. By letting you witness the stone aged era of mankind.

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Several activities await you such as visiting the sea cave skull cemetery, sacred stone, fish spearing. Hot stoned cooking and so forth and so on.

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Doberai Private Island allows you to visit and witness it. By your own eyes how the people. And communities of Raja Ampat spend their daily life.

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We have been bringing guests to local villages around the island, and get mingled by the local community.

Many of the guests which happened to be fortunate. Or from a big company who concerns about local people life. They did philanthropic activities to the people they saw by themself.

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The activities vary in many aspects. Such as education, health, economy, entrepreneurship, religion, social. Culture, and many others.

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Doberai Private Island plays its role by bringing between two parties. Doberai Private Island also allows playing a role even bigger than that. By guarantying some activities.

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In many cases, Doberai Private Island does an extra effort. By collecting and announcing for some program that to be funded by a party.

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By doing that Doberai Private Island could contribute significantly. To the local community economically, and socially.

Hence, Doberai Private Island welcomes all people from all over around the world to pay attention. And do tangible activities that could. Improve the people well being now and in the future.

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