Culture And Languages Raja Ampat


Culture And Languages Raja Ampat

Culture And Languages Raja Ampat

Culture And Languages Raja Ampat – Language and culture are two integral elements, which can not be separated from the life of every person. Everyone, inevitably, was born in an environment of a particular language and culture. It is the same condition existing in Raja Ampat.

Every tribe in Raja Ampat tends to express their ethnic identity and language in accordance with the names of the ethnic groups. One example, every ethnic group tries to mention the language used by the tribal name, although on the other hand they claim that the language they use is also used in other villages or in other islands. This phenomenon is common. Each tribe has always tries to identify their existence to other groups so that their identity is also recognized and appreciated by other groups.

Tribal groups in Raja Ampat also always call their territories according to their own language. In Raja Ampat was found that a place, be it mountain, headlands, bays, islands and others, have different names depending on the ethnic groups living in the surrounding areas. One example is the naming of the islands in the region Waigeo. The name is written in the map and also used today by society in this region, derived from Biak language. However, the natives as Wawiyai people who have customary rights in the region of South Waigeo, calling the islands with its own name according to their language.

In Raja Ampat the situation is very interesting, look at the language and culture around the Gulf Mayalibit, Misool and Friwen Island. The inside of the Gulf Mayalibit inhabited by two ethnic groups namely Laganyan tribe in western and eastern Ambel tribes to the north. Laganyan people living in three villages namely Araway, BeO and Lopintol, while Ambel people inhabit villages like Kabilol, Go, Waifoi, Wairemak, Kalitoko and Warsamdin. These two tribes are linguistically and anthropologically different, even though they are geographically village not too far from each other. But this is a three villages Laganyan Islamic village, here there has been a cultural mix between Laganyan culture and Islam, especially regarding the values, norms, and habits of life. While Ambel ethnic groups are adherents of Christianity. Christian teaching has influenced the cultural elements Ambel especially mindset, values ​​and norms and habits. The same thing happened in Misool. The whole village Matbat rate still shows the characteristics of the original settlement of Papua as seen in Kampung Magey and Aduwei. While the majority of township Misool have characterized the settlement rate similar to the characteristics of the township outside Papua, as in the Moluccas and Sulawesi.

All the people of the tribe Misool are Muslim and has long left the majority of indigenous and tribal customs. While the majority Matbat are Christian and still maintain their customs. As already described, the language used by both adherents of different cultures, different also. All the people of the tribe Misool are using Misool language, and all the people Matbat are using Matbat language.

Raja Ampat is actually an archipelago, since Raja Ampat is composed of 640 islands. Matbat population on the other hand can use Misool language to communicate with their neighbors, but people can not use language Misool Matbat.

Biga people of the tribe also characterize patterns of settlement, livelihood and other lifestyle habits are the same as those Matbat, which is similar to the culture of Papua. Nonetheless, culture and Matbat Biga different in many respects. The second language is also very different tribes.

Community groups that inhabit the island Friwen, as already described, is an example of a situation in which the dominant culture, in this case the culture of Biak, affecting minority culture, culture Wawiyai. Friwen population is Wawiyai rate of descent Wawiyai Man mon. They have undergone a change in culture and language so that their culture is now dominated by the culture and language of Biak. These things happen in addition to the history of the tribe who are in Friwen Wawiyai, as well as economic factors and social. Which becomes very interesting is the village of Friwen is not too far from the village Wawiyai, the only village in the northern Gulf Wawiyai Kabui and is the origin of the village Wawiyai Friwen. But the people in the village Wawiyai still use the language fluently and maintain their culture very well.

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