Dive Spots In Raja Ampat

Dive Spots In Raja Ampat

Dive Spots In Raja Ampat

Dive Spots In Raja Ampat – Papua has a million charms that are spread to every corner of the city. One of the things that makes tourists fascinated is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Islands is a series of four islands consisting of Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island.

Speaking of his unique name, it turns out there is a unique story behind the name Raja Ampat. According to the myth, there was a woman who found seven eggs. Four of them succeeded in hatching and became four princes. The four princes also ruled in four islands in Raja Ampat. While the other three eggs turn into ghosts, women, and a stone. That said, the ghost became a spirit that protects the local community.

Besides having a unique name, Raja Ampat also offers underwater beauty. Under clear waters there are many fish, coral reefs and other marine biota that live side by side.

In fact, according to the data, there are 553 marine coral species, 1,470 species of fish, 8 species of whales, and 7 species of dolphins that are ‘inhabitants’ of waters in Raja Ampat. Not only that, Sona Enchantment can also see dugongs, sharks, turtles, mantas, and other Indonesian endemic animals. So beautiful, the underwater panorama in Raja Ampat has been named the best snorkeling site in the world by CNN in 2015 ago.

Dive Spots In Raja Ampat Best Dive Sites

To be able to see the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, we can try diving in the best spots. There are at least 76 dive points. But the best are Cape Kri, MIoskon , Mike’s Point, Blue Magic, Five Rocks, Friwen Wall.

Arborek is one of the best dive spots with the characteristic number of school fish or fish that swim together. On Arborek Island many small dive spots are suitable for novice divers who do not have a license.

While Manuar Island is the best point for divers who want to see manta and turtle animals. Chicken Reef is actually a cluster of coral reefs. Uniquely, the flow of sea water at the top is quite strong, but underneath it feels calm.

At Mike’s Point we can see almost all unique marine life, such as large fish, small fish, and colorful corals that resemble tunnels. The last spot, Blue Magic, is inhabited by wobbegong sharks or carpet sharks. Surely immediately attracted to diving one of the best spots in Raja Ampat right? Doberai Private Island as Padi Dive Resort covers all dive spots in South Waigeo.