Enter Raja Ampat From Sorong

Enter Raja Ampat from SorongĀ 

Enter Raja Ampat From SorongĀ 

Enter Raja Ampat from Sorong – The long journey from Germany-Switzerland-to Indonesia. Which lasted 2 days and nights. Even though using the plane was very tiring. But, the fatigue was gone so seconds saw the beauty of Raja Ampat in plain sight. rajaampatdoberai.com

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Raja Ampat Resort. Enter Raja Ampat From Sorong. From Makassar, we flew to Sorong. Taking only 2 hours 15 minutes, we arrived there. At DEO airport aka Dominique Eduard Osok, we were greeted. By a wall depicting native tribal girls and an attractive view.

Welcome to Domine Eduard Osok Sorong.” Or “Welcome to Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport.

Taking 2 baggage between engine speeds. We exited the airport. Ah, someone’s already picked up. It was late afternoon, we were escorted to the best hotel in Sorong.

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Exploring The City

Raja Ampat Resort. I might be too hopeful to meet a gracious and friendly receptionist. My eyes staring at the man.

Hmm. It’s different. At night, we took a walk exploring the city.

I had to queue at dawn to buy diesel. Stocks often run out. So, I had to buy quickly.

The light of an angkot driver. Who looked like Daihatsu Semarang we were riding in. The colour is yellow, not orange.

Because there were no assistants, the driver tied the door with a rope. So that, it was easy to pull and not run.

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He said the transport price of Rp. 20,000 per person. And for special orders that don’t include routes could start from Rp. 50,000 to hundreds of thousands. Depending on where.

For Europe, it’s still cheap. But not for the standard price of Indonesian public transportation. My head shook.

Why is that? Isn’t there a Kasim refinery in Sorong which produces thousands of barrels of crude oil? It means that if it was imported from Kalimantan. It can now be independent.” I protest.

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Before coming to Sorong, I was reading and reading. Because, I was surprised that the price of fuel was exorbitant there. So, that tourism to Raja Ampat couldn’t be cheap.

The price, in my opinion, can’t be justified.

Buk, crude oil can’t be directly used by motorized vehicles. If it is processed in Jakarta, then we have to go to Sorong again. It’s long and expensive.” explained my husband.

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Berlin Wall

Raja Ampat Resort. We have arrived at Jalan Yos Sudarso, Kampung Baru, a place that is said to attract tourists to visit. The Berlin Wall, its name. Berlin is the capital of Germany, where I migrate.

Why is there the name of the Berlin Wall on Sorong? What is the picture of the barrier that forms a barrier? Similar to in Germany? Has it collapsed or is it still standing? Who was there?

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All were answered in the midnight light. Basic night blindness, my eyes are not clear looking at anything. In the famous local tourist area.

Why, where’s the wall?

My feet go up the barrier that people usually sit on. Zinc which covered the beach reclamation project invited my eyes to catch heavy equipment. Several project cars and a handful of people across there.

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