Expensive Flight Affects Raja Ampat

Expensive Flight Affects Raja Ampat

Tourist in Raja Ampat

Expensive Flight Affects Raja Ampat – Tourist visits to Raja Ampat Regency. West Papua Province. Have decreased by around 30%. Due to the high price of airplane tickets to Papua.

Raja Ampat Tourism Office Head. Yusdi Lamatenggo in Waisai. Wednesday (6/5/2019). Said that the high price of airplane tickets. To Papua greatly affected the number of tourist visits, to Raja Ampat.

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He said, the high price of airplane tickets. Became a complaint of tourism people. In all parts of Indonesia not only in Raja Ampat Regency.

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Yusdi admitted, that the last year the number of foreign. And domestic tourists visiting Raja Ampat. Had decreased by around 30%.

Many tourists who have registered to visit Raja Ampat Regency cancel the visit because the price of plane tickets is very expensive.” He Said.

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Therefore, he hopes that the price of airplane tickets to Papua. Especially the cities of Sorong and Raja Ampat. Will be reduced to a reasonable. And affordable value. So, that tourist visits to Raja Ampat increase.

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The Raja Ampat Regency Government. Continues to strive to increase. The number of tourist visits by conducting promotions both at home. And abroad and holding various Festivals.

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Although promotions and various events. are carried out to increase tourist arrivals in Raja Ampat, if the flight ticket price remains high the target will not be achieved.

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Aside from that, some lingering issues in the area of tourism in Raja Ampat must also be addressed. They are the condition of the harbours in Sorong and Waisai, illegal porters in those two harbours must be managed nicely, cleanliness in all area of Raja Ampat, collection by local people to enter main destinations must be abolished, more aggressive action from local government to organize all stakeholder to kill starfish that kill coral reef in Raja Ampat.

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