Facilities For Education In Raja Ampat


Facilities For Education In Raja Ampat

Facilities For Education In Raja Ampat

Facilities For Education In Raja AmpatEducation is very important for the development of human resources. In general, limited infrastructure for education in Raja Ampat is significantly similar with other part of Papua. This poor infrastructure for education causing educational programs recommended by the government runs less than optimal.

Education Facilities

Success in education is largely determined by the availability of facilities and infrastructure. Physical facilities of the school buildings are available in almost all the districts ranging from elementary school (SD) up to Junior High School (JSS), while the upper secondary education (high school) only in Waisai (South Waigeo), Waigama (Misool), and Fafanlap (South East Misool). Due to of this condition, many children should go to Sorong when they are in school junior and senior high schools.

Some of the condition of school buildings, particularly elementary schools, are very alarming. Many school buildings were damaged so it is not suitable anymore for teaching and learning activities. Due to space classroom limitations, many schools adopt the policy to divide one classroom into 2 parts, so it can be used for two different grade levels. However, still there are many children do not attend school because of inadequate classroom. This condition is clearly disrupt the process of learning and impacts on the quality of the students produced.

In addition to the physical condition of the school, other things that interfere with the learning process is the presence of teachers. Many teachers are not settled in a job and sometimes schools were closed. Weak commitment of teachers to teach in remote areas often force them to go to the city and left his job in a long time.

There are even cases where teachers did not come to school while students should be prepared for the final exam. Because of this incident, then in the end they can not follow the test.

The total number of primary school teachers in the district of Raja Ampat as many as 352 people. When you see the number of elementary schools in Raja Ampat is still a shortage of teachers. Ideally, an elementary school is serviced by 8-10 teachers. Means the current number of teachers is only reached 55% of the ideal conditions required. Thus, Raja Ampat still requires elementary school teacher for 288-448 people.

Limitations of teachers is causing a teacher to teach in more than one class at the same time. There are some cases as a teacher who handles nearly 200 students consisting of grade 1 and 2 (in Wejim). There is even a teacher who must teach in grade 1 to grade 6 (in Atkari), although this is not something that takes place continuously. This circumstances most probably takes place in other regions in Raja Ampat.

Ratio of Pupils, Teachers and Classroom

Ratio of student to the classroom and teacher is a number that indicates the educational services received by each student. The student-teacher ratios in elementary school (SD) in Raja Ampat is 24. This means, one teacher handles / educate the average 24 students. Yet the student-classroom ratio is 26, which means 1 classrooms accommodate / filled an average of 26 students.

When compared with the number owned by the Province of Papua and Indonesia in the academic year 2003/2004, the conditions of Raja Ampat is not far below the Papua and Indonesia (Table 17-3). When you look at these figures it means education serve to every student in the district of Raja Ampat is slightly below the Papua and Indonesia.

Organizers Education

The responsibility of providing education is not just the responsibility of governments, but also the responsibility of each component of the nation. Therefore, the Government is also encouraging the private sector to play an active role in developing education. As a form of responsibility for the matter, many private schools were established in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort contributes as many as possible to give access for children to education. Activities that Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort has been doing is to financially support its local employees to continues for higher level of education.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort also facilitates guests who are concerned and willing to donate things to support children in local villages to go to school. Many the guests of Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort are considered as huge national company that has national corporate social responsibility.