Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat

Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat

Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat

Foto Hunting in Raja Ampat – If we hear the word Raja Ampat, we would have thought of hunting photos that are instagrammable. In Raja Ampat, there are two most famous photo spots, namely Pianemo and Wayag. Both of these places do offer phenomenal views, with blue sea and small islands that adorn.

Besides these two places, you can actually find instagramable photo hunting locations that are no less interesting. One of them is Mayalibit Bay which is on Waigeo Island.

Mayalibit Bay

Mayalibit Bay is a very long bay. Its existence seems to divide Waigeo Island into 2 parts. This bay has a shape like a bottle. At the edges, you will find waters with a size that is so broad, has a width of up to 350 meters. The natural atmosphere is still very awake here, with shady trees and clear water.

In addition to having spectacular views, Mayalibit Bay also has enormous fisheries potential. Here, you can find as many as 230 species of fish. In addition, you can also find 27 species of mangrove trees that grow in the area around the bay.Well, during a visit to the Bay of Mayalibit, you can find several interesting places that offer unique photo spots.

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At the mouth of the Mayalibit Bay, you will find the position of the bay surrounded by karst rocks. These rocks have a unique shape. Out of the many rocks that exist, there are two rocks that have a genital shape. Local people refer to both stones as the Monument.

The local people have their own beliefs about this place. In fact, anyone can apply in this place. The requirement that the application be granted is also very simple. All you have to do is earnestly ask for a cigarette or coin presentation at the Monument.

Kali Biru

In addition to the Kemarah Monument, you can also find the presence of an exotic river called Kali Biru in Teluk Mayalibit. This river has water that looks so special, because the water is very clear and bluish in color. Around him, you will find areas of unspoiled forest.

To get a photo opportunity in Kali Biru, you need to walk through the forest about 15 minutes from the tributary area. Furthermore, you can play to your heart’s content in this refreshing river.

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Mayalibit bay also has a unique waterfall, which the local people call by the name Air Fall. This waterfall flows fresh water sourced from the mountain, with a height of about 50 to 100 centimeters. It is the presence of fresh water from here that gives rise to brackish green water around it.