Get To Know Scuba Diving


Get To Know Scuba Diving

Get To Know Scuba Diving

Get To Know Scuba Diving – Do you like or are interested in water sports? Exploring the under water world have the same sensation as exploring outer space. For those of you who love the under water world and did not hesitate to wear tight waterproof, diving activities surely captivate you.

Scuba diving (diving) is becoming one of the most popular water sports. So popular, up to nearly one million people get certified divers every year. Basically, sport diving only involves an air tube that is placed in the back and you just dive into the water with a protected set of waterproof clothing and the tube that keeps you can breathe in the water. Quite interesting, is not it?

There are some basic things you need to consider:


  • Make sure that you really want to do scuba diving. Prepare yourself physically and mentally. Physically, you should be able to swim, healthy and do not have respiratory problems, as well as the ability to adjust the balance. Mentally, you must be able to cope with panic, adapt to others, as well as overcome the disgust face odd-shaped sea creatures. If you can not dive, you can prepare by learning / diving courses.


  • Prepare all the equipment you need. Although your intentions are very large to be able to dive, but consider cook if you want to purchase equipment such as diving mask, snorkel, fins and booties. Buying diving equipment can be cheaper than if you have to hire every time you want to dive. Since the price of diving equipment is quite expensive, make sure first that’s why you are really interested in the sport and will do it regularly before you actually buy it.


  • Learn from the teacher. So that you can dive, diving can be by learning under the guidance of experienced instructors and certified dive instructors will guide you to learn diving step by step so you can run smoothly and fun. Often the true diving experience less traumatic and can lead to feelings will impact your desire to dive again. Experienced instructors will teach you the correct diving techniques.


Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort provides services for guests who are interested to learn diving and finally get their diving licensed or being certified diver. Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort has its dive center named Raja Ampat Doberai Dive Center led by highly experienced NAUI and PADI instructor.


Raja Ampat Doberai Dive Center ensures that all world class safety standard procedures are followed comprehensively.