New Schedules for Pick Up & Bring Back: Waisai – Doberai Resort

Saturday – Monday – Wednesday (3 days a week)

Waisai  to  Doberai Resort: at 11.45 am

Doberai Resort  to  Waisai: at 7.45 am

Marina Ferry Express Schedule

From Sorong to Waisai:

  • Mon – Sun at 9 AM & 2 PM

From Waisai to Sorong:

  • Mon – Su at 9 AM & 2 PM

Marina Express ticket :

  • Executive IDR 130.000;
  • VIP IDR 230.000;



Flights Jakarta to Sorong

 Airline Departure Transit Arrival
Batik Air 3 – 4 times / day
Sriwijaya Air 00:05 AM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 07:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
22:30 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
 Garuda Indonesia 17:15 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
19:15 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar  06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
21:00 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)

Flights Sorong to Jakarta

Airline Departure Transit Arrival
 Xpress Air 10:45 AM Sorong (SOQ) Direct 12:55 PM Jakarta (CGK)
 Sriwijaya Air 07:25 AM Sorong (SOQ) Makassar 10:35 AM Jakarta (CGK)
 Garuda Indonesia 14:30 PM Sorong (SOQ) Makassar 19:25 PM Jakarta (CGK)
16:05 PM Sorong (SOQ) Makassar 21:35 PM Jakarta (CGK)

Flights Sorong to Waisai (Raja Ampat)

Airline Departure Arrival
 Susi Air Monday 08:30 AM Monday 09:00 AM
 Friday 08:30 AM Friday 09:00 AM

Flights Waisai (Raja Ampat) to Sorong

Airline Departure  Arrival
Susi Air Monday 09:10 AM Monday 09:40 AM
Friday 10:30 AM  Friday 11:00 AM


Step by Step from Sorong Airport to Doberai Eco Resort

1. Sorong airport – Sorong Harbor

Take airport taxi, 15 minutes from Sorong airport – Sorong harbor The cost is IDR 150.000,- / car / drop. We could arrange the taxi driver; Named Pak Haji, : +6285343661960, or Rahman +6282347888423. Guests could pay directly to the driver upon arrival at Sorong harbour.

2. Sorong Harbor to Waisai (capital city of Raja Ampat)

Take the ferry, 2 hours, from Sorong harbor to Waisai. The ticket is available 2 hours before departure. The ticket is available at the ticket counter at Sorong harbor. Guest should be at the harbor at least 1 hours before departure. For the comfort of your legs, please take the front row seats; no: A1 – A10

3. Waisai harbor to Doberai Eco Resort

Our Speed boat would pick you up at Waisai harbor, and bring you to the resort in 25 minutes.

4. PIN Entry Raja Ampat

Local Government enforces a regulation for all tourists entering Raja Ampat to pay Entry PIN valid, for one year. It is IDR 1.000.000,- / person for foreigners, and IDR 500.000,- / person for locals. The PIN can be paid at Waisai harbour at the PIN counter. Only IDR in cash is acceptable.


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