How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat

How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat

How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat

How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat – This writting is actually more suitable for Indonesians themselves. Statistically tourists coming to Raja Ampat consist of 80% foreign tourists, & 20% local tourists. Of the 20% local tourists it can be said that 70% are from Java. And the rest are from the city of Sorong & its surroundings.

When viewed from the side of length of stay, foreign tourists on average stay for 5 – 8 nights. While local tourists, on average stay for 1 – 3 nights.

In terms of their activities, 70% of foreign tourists dive, the rest make landings on the island. Or just relax at the resort. As for local tourists, 95% of them do island jumping activities. With the main purpose of doing selfies.

Foreign tourists generally combine their time in Raja Ampat with 50% doing activities. Such as diving, snorkeling or island hopping, and 50% more relaxing to enjoy the beauty of nature. By sitting on the beach reading a book.

As for local tourists, because they only have 1 to 3 nights, they in the end almost never stay at the resort where they live to just relax. And enjoy the beach. Their time is very crowded from morning to evening. Even sometimes until the new night they arrive at the resort. They generally want to be able to see all the attractions in Raja Ampat. In just 1 or 2 days.

Finally, because they are always in a hurry, it can be said that they lost the opportunity. To be able to enjoy the beauty & superiority of Raja Ampat. Which is not owned by other locations in Indonesia. Such as silence, tranquility, which blends with the natural beauty typical of Raja Ampat.


We can propose if possible, especially for local tourists, to provide sufficient time at least 5 nights. If you want to have a maximum vacation in Raja Ampat. 2 or 3 days are allocated for sightseeing. And taking pictures. While the remaining 2 days are for leisure.

Thus from us. Hopefully it is useful for local tourists. Who want to take a vacation. And see the natural beauty of Raja Ampat.

Doberai Private Island

Doberai Private Island itself, is the first resort in Raja Ampat. Located on a private island. With the aim of providing a private space. And atmosphere for guests to relax.



How To True Enjoy Raja Ampat