Hunting Varieties Of Papua Orchids

Hunting Varieties Of Papua Orchids

Hunting Varieties Of Papua Orchids

Hunting Varieties Of Papua Orchids – My departure to Papua was certainly approved by my family. Before leaving, my mother advised, “Do not forget to bring orchids for me”, so she said. Initially I only consider passing because I think orchids in Papua, there is also in Java.

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This orchid hunting trip I started at the third day of the trip in Papua. The first time I realized that how special orchid Papua was when we visited the Forest Wapsdori. On the way to the waterfall Wapsdori, we saw many kinds of orchids and they are all really beautiful.

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Instantly I remembered my mother’s message that she wanted orchids. In the forest of Wapsdori, I saw some kinds of ground orchid, tiger and rabbit orchids. I wanted to pick and bring it home. However, I realized that we should not be arbitrary in picking herbs in the forest.

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Wapsdori Forest

Returning to visit Wapsdori forest, I was determined to look for orchids that only exist in Papua, to take them home. My second trip orchid hunting was when our team was in the area of ​​West Supiori, Biak.

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Down the river and explore the natural reserve Wabudori was really amazed me. These orchids just looked like ordinary tall grass and they were anywhere.

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Even when we were down on the Wabudori river on the way home, we saw a very large orchid flower once and white. Unfortunately, because of the speed of the boat we were on, making us unable to photograph and picking flowers. Foundered again my intention to have orchids.

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Blue Pool

Upon my return in Biak after visiting Supiori, we popped into one of the famous lake, the Blue Pool. A very strange phenomenon because the pool is really blue, but there is no water plants which make it blue. “Maybe because the mineral content”, said my partner.

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Around the pool there are orchids that I often have encountered in the forest. Therefore, once we are satisfied to take pictures, I took myself to inquire with one resident who was there regarding the orchids. It turned out that he has a lot of orchids in his house.

Finally I bought three kinds of orchids to take home. Thank goodness my intentions finally came true.

Black Orchid

Although orchids were already in my hand, but I was still looking for one type of orchid that only exist in Papua, black orchid. As the name implies, this orchid has flower with black color.

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I thought this would be the orchid gift special for my mother. But it looked like I need to refrain from having this orchid, since this black orchid is classified as protected species, so it could not be brought outside Papua land.

In addition, because the black orchid is very difficult to get so the price is very expensive. So I would not want to be discouraged to get the orchids.

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In the midst of sorrow since I could not get black orchid, I cheered after hearing that we will visit the Orchid Garden and Bird Park. Indeed I could not hunt orchids there, but at least I can get to know and see the various types of orchids in Papua.

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Unfortunately, while visiting there, orchids were not done at the time of flowering. So, I could only be satisfied with seeing the leaves of the orchid without being able to see the beauty of the flowers.

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Our team trip continued to Nabire. Driving around the islands in the Gulf Paradise, of course, was very enjoyable. Even more fun again, at the time we spent the night in one of the islands in the Gulf of Paradise, the Moor Island, I was given some orchids by locals.

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The orchid is a Tiger orchid, iron orchid, and Kribo orchid. Papua hunting trip was really enjoyable. For orchids lovers, perhaps Papua is a paradise. It can be said that all types of orchids are available here. In fact, you simply come to the forest and pick any kind of orchid that you want.

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