Island Hopping In Raja Ampat

Island Hopping in Raja Ampat

Island Hopping In Raja Ampat

Island Hopping in Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of 644 island, 80% of which remain as yet unnamed.
Raja Ampat is not only beautiful with its underwater world, but also its above the water is even more beautiful. Especially for non-divers.
This makes Raja Ampat different from any other places in Indonesia, that are also famous for divers.

Islands and Kars

Raja Ampat above the water view is dominated by islands and kars. The last one is even more amazing, since they emerge from the surface of the water with varieties of shape.
In many places, the kars always located in group, this creates magnificent view when we are in the middle of them.
Furthermore, since the kars stand up as a group, scattered around, this makes the surface of the water calm, since the wave is blocked by the kars.

Main Icon

The main locations where groups of cars are very beautiful and famous are Wayag, Piaynemo, Kabui bay, and Misool. Among all of them, Wayag is the most beautiful one, and becomes the main icon of Raja Ampat.
Things that make Wayag special are the area is so wide, and numbers of kars are also almost countless.
Within the area of Wayag, we could explore it by riding a boat or kayak. The view within the area is so calm like swimming pool, quiet, peaceful, and clean.


Piaynemo is named the little Wayag, since the view looks almost the same with Wayag itself.
The only difference is that Piaynemo area is much smaller than the area of Wayag.
The location of Piaynemo is halfway nearer to the town, as compared to the distance to go to Wayag.
This is why Piaynemo becoming more popular than Wayag.

Kabui Bay

Kabui Bay is actually more similar than Wayag and Piaynemo.
But, there is no need to climb to any summit. To enjoy the view.
The main location in Kabui bay where tourists enjoy the view is called Kaliraja.