Katingting Boat From Raja Ampat

Katingting Boat From Raja Ampat

Katingting Boat From Raja Ampat

Katingting Boat From Raja AmpatRaja Ampat in West Papua Province is known as a natural marine paradise for the last 10 years.

Today, indigenous peoples there are struggling to strengthen their sovereignty over the waters, containing the natural biological wealth that can be exploited by their children and grandchildren in the future.

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From the economic standpoint, the local fishermen have only traditional fishing gear and also using traditional paddling boat or at best to use a very small motorized machine.

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Traditional Boat

Producing traditional boat is becoming a side business for local residents, since fishing and transportation on the sea are vital to the local community. Motorized boat industry became the economic backrest when fishermen had a bad season.

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Motorized boats including the types of catamarans boats – one of the traditional type of boat in Raja Ampat.

These boats can be found in various regions Raja Ampat. Although they are available in many places, each region in Raja Ampat has its peculiarities in terms of form and technique of production.

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Ketinting has a standard length of 8 meters and a width of 60 centimetres. These boats are generally made from whole chunks of tree Matoa perforated and shaved so that it becomes part of the boat hull.

Matoa tree grows naturally in Raja Ampat. Once the hull is completed, manufacture of boats followed by making both ends of the tapering.

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On either side of the boat, fitted with outrigger, which is a framework of bamboo which makes the boat remains balanced in facing an onslaught of waves and wind at sea Raja Ampat.

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In Raja Ampat, aerodynamic shapes create a reliable long-tail boat to face the fierce seas. Although more fishermen use Ketinting for fishing in the shallow sea, or take tourists that are not far from the mainland.

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One example of indigenous peoples in Raja Ampat is Wawiyai village. It is a small village that is entered in the District of South Waigeo, Raja Ampat, West Papua Province.

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The livelihoods of people are partially cutting wood for sale in town, working at the pearls company, fishing and forest gardening. Transport equipment they use for all work activities is small boats they called Katingting.

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They are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. A small boat which they call the ‘long-tail / body’ is a kind of transportation from village to village.

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Width not exceeding waist adult size and can only be filled by five people. Katingting is very easy in use, small children, adults and the elderly can be easily used. For them making Katingting is easy, it can be made in just 2 weeks.

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One of the means of transportation used also by Raja Ampat Doberai Private Island is a ship body / Katingting. The small vessel was purchased from Wawiyai community and used to patrol the island mobility around the resort area.

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To introduce Katingting to foreign guests, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort makes traditional fishing package using Katingting. Many things that we must learn from the wisdom of the local culture.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort invites guests both local and overseas to be able to maintain and preserve the marine ecosystem culture in Papua especially Raja Ampat.

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