King Sea Fish Raja Ampat

King Sea Fish Raja Ampat

King Sea Fish Raja Ampat

King Sea Fish Raja Ampat – Ancient sea fish (Coelacanth) fish. Were found again in the waters of Raja Ampat, West Papua. This fish was accidentally provoked. By fishermen from the Ram Island sub-district. Of Sorong Kepulauan District, July 2019.

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Raja Ampat Resort. This ancient fish was caught at a depth of ± 60 meters. In Urbinasopen waters. Hooked at 08.00 CET. And immediately landed in a period. Of approximately two hours.

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This ancient fish landing was made to the area of Suprau. District of the Mesum Maldives, in a state of life.

Coelacanth fishing hooked began to spread. Starting from the many people who documented the fish. Previously, there were no fishermen who got this ancient fish.

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The Sorong Coastal and Marine Resource Management Workshop

The Sorong Coastal and Marine Resource Management Workshop (LPSPL). Of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP). Who received reports of the discovery. Of these fish immediately headed to the location.

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Raja Ampat Resort. Together with the rapid reaction team handling marine mammals. And protected fish species, the team moved to Boswesen  Market. To secure fish that had a total length of 98 cm. And a weight of 12.48 kg.

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The Sorong PSPL workshop plans. To carry out DNA testing on the newly discovered fish.

Raja Laut fish or Coelacanth found in Indonesia. Are all protected species based on PP No. 7 of 1999. Not only national protection. This Raja Laut fish is also protected internationally. Which is included in CITES Appendix I.

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Previously, on Sunday (1/7) 2018, a sea kingfish was found anglers. In the waters of Raja Ampat Regency. West Papua. This fish is hooked with a fishing rod. At a depth of 300 meters.

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Follow up from the party responsible. For carrying out DNA testing stated that this fish is the same. As the species found in Manado waters.

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Raja Ampat Sea Area

The Raja Ampat Sea Area covers more than 85% of the Raja Ampat area. This condition is inversely proportional to the land area. This is, of course, the main attraction for Raja Ampat. Especially in the eyes of divers.

Raja Ampat Resort. The famous diving spots in Raja Ampat, include Cape Kri. Which is not far from Mansuar island, the Blue Magic which has beautiful coral. Or the waters around Arborek island which is a Manta Stingray habitat.

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Fish species that live in these waters exceed the number of land animal species. The world’s divers love Raja Ampat. Because, of the biological wealth possessed by its underwater paradise. To call Raja Ampat the Underwater Sea of the World.

Many unique marine species such as wobbegong (a type of cuttlefish/squid), mini seahorses. Or even large fish such as sharks, manta rays, and legendary mermaids.

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Divers also often find and swim with a collection of Tuna, Giant Trevally, or Snappers.

In fact, dangerous fish such as Barracuda often accompany divers when enjoying the beauty of the Raja Ampat underwater ecosystem.

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