Liquor In Raja Ampat During Fasting Month

Liquor in Raja Ampat during Fasting Month

Liquor in Raja Ampat during Fasting Month

Liquor in Raja Ampat during Fasting Month – Ahead of the fasting month which is expected to fall on May 25 2017, Yesterday, 19/05. Raja Ampat Regent Abdul Faris Umlati, SE. Wiped Out 100 of Illegal Liquor Sweeping Results from the Trade Office with Satpol PP. In the past few weeks.

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Hundreds of Liquor Bottles (Miras) are taken from several alcoholic seller shops. That don’t yet have a permit. Other than that they are destroying expired items.

The rules regarding liquor in Raja Ampat is very clear and straight forward.

The only tourist, are allowed to buy and consume liquor in the area of Raja Ampat.

Complete and legal authorization must be held by all the restaurant, hotel, resort, and other types of amusement in order to sell liquor.

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Mass Destruction

The mass destruction by the Raja Ampat Regent with the leadership of the WTO was witnessed by the Civil Servants (PNS) in the Raja Ampat Regional Government. The type of liquor destroyed was Mension House, Vodka Robinson, Red Wine. Bir Bintang and Whiskey Robinson.

Raja Ampat Regent Abdul Faris Umlati, SE. Said that the Miras that were destroyed were confiscated as a result of Perepsop, Satpol PP and Police Assistance.

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Because, in the next few weeks they had entered the fasting service.

Well Ahead of Fasting Certainly we as Regional Governments. Should take decisive action. So that, alcohol in Waisai must be stopped. And this destroyed alcohol is Confiscated Result Alcohol as well as expired foods found by the team.” He said.

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Regarding the permit for the sale of liquor, the Regent firmly said that all of them refer to the rules.

Therefore, later we will check one by one trader who doesn’t have a permit. And that later there will be offices. Or other relevant agencies that handle it.” said the Regent and He, adding, about the Ramadan safari.

Of course, it becomes an annual agenda of the local government.