New Gorgeous Beach Doberai Resort

New Gorgeous Beach Doberai Resort

New Gorgeous Beach Doberai Resort

New Gorgeous Beach Doberai Resort – As the number of guest staying in Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort or Doberai Private Island is increasing rapidly for the last one year.

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We perceive the need to expand our “playground” that consists of a beach, dive spot, camping ground and trekking area in and adjacent Urai island.

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Urai Island

Urai Island, the 70 ha natural beautiful island where we are located, has many gorgeous white sand beaches around it, and one of them we name it JB’s Park.

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The beach actually one of the house-reed in our Raja Ampat Resort. The dive spot is known to be abundant with soft coral, hard coral, nudies, macros, sea turtle and pigmy.

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JB’s Park beach is a simple natural and sexy beach. Just like any other enticing beaches in tropical countries, JB’s Park is “equipped” with clear white sand, crystal shallow water, pretty coconut trees, shady green trees, beautiful coral reef and privacy.

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Raja Ampat Resort

We put privacy as one of the criteria to be an ideal beach. This is in line with the concept of our Raja Ampat Resort, which is to provide the “playground” as privacy as possible for the guest.

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We guaranty that the guest and his/her spouse or partner would literally be alone.

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Based on the natural condition, inputs from guest and our consultant, we have decided that the beach is highly ideal to be a camping ground in our Raja Ampat Resort.

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The camping ground is specifically needed by canoe riders, the guest who area crazy about the beach but want to stay in completely empty beach, the guest who just want to be alone in a sexy empty tropical beach.

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Canoe riders in Raja Ampat are guest who explores and enjoy 1,500 islands of Raja Ampat, that’s why it is classified as archipelago, by riding canoe.

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The riders row their canoe in 10 up to 20 people in a group. The riders usually could be strong enough to row their canoe for a month in one time visit to Raja Ampat. They stay on a different island for almost every night. That is why they need JB’s Park.

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Even though the riders are usually equipped by state of the art canoe, that can carry every item needed. For survival in wild mother nature such as a tent, food, mini cooker, first aid medical treatment etc.

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But, based on a request we still provide them. With complete support that could allow them to relax, enjoy. And regain their energy to continue their exciting. But challenging canoe riding in Raja Ampat.

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