Nudibranch In Raja Ampat

Nudibranch in Raja Ampat

Nudibranch In Raja Ampat

Nudibranch in Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat has more than 1,070 kinds species of fish, 600 species of coral reef, and 699 species of mollusc. Compare with the entire Caribbean region who just have no more than 70 species of coral.

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There is no place on this earth that has so much diversity of marine life as Raja Ampat does. This could be due to the total population of the very few who still use traditional fishing gear and limited access between islands that actually protects it from damage natural ecosystems.

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Diving at night in Raja Ampat is extremely interesting. Underwater life at night is much different than in the daytime. When in the daytime, we can easily see clownfish (anemonefish), but at night, difficult to find since they are hiding somewhere.

At night usually can be found various types of crab, shrimp, squid and octopus.

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While in daytime diving is no less interesting, colourful coral reefs of Raja Ampat is very unique. In addition, the number of fish scattered everywhere with variations of different types. It was hard to describe how wonderful underwater Raja Ampat.

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As an Indonesian citizen, I am very proud of Indonesia which has territorial waters of Raja Ampat as unique and different from other countries.

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Heading north, we passed under the equator line marked with Kawe Island. Crossing the equator through the ocean is unique. These waters can also dive. There can be found the sea hare (nudibranchs), when it was the first time I came across the sea hare were chatting.

Sea hare is also abundant to be encountered in the area Friwen, Urai and strait Kabui.

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Raja Ampat

For divers who have explored several oceans in the world, no doubt, Raja Ampat has unique underwater lives. Coral reefs are colourful, the fish diversity and natural beauty of the land are the perfect mixtures.

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From the book titled “Beautiful Raja Ampat”, Obviously without the support from the government and the local people, nobody will be successful optimally and sustainably.

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It is highly important the cooperation of the various parties to preserve the environment. And it is also the responsibility of all of us, the divers and visitors to participate in the preservation of Raja Ampat.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is very supportive in preserving the ecosystem in Raja Ampat, a way to invite guests to be able to preserve nature and nurture existing reefs.

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Marine Biologist

A marine biologist and author of numerous reference books ever researching marine on the island of Kri. He noted there are 283 species of fish in a single dive.

The topography here is steep slope with beautiful coral reefs and a group of fish and the stars: fish pompano, snapper, grouper, reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, tuna and giant trevally.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort itself has dive spots with coral reefs, sponges and soft corals with striking colour tinge. Different types of topography in Kri, here tend coral walls – walls – although there is also characteristic sloping reef.

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It is also easy to encounter many types of nudibranchs or commonly called sea hare, part of the mollusc family.

Late in the afternoon, we hunt the presence of Mandarin Fish. This small fish patterned blue, red, orange-like motif pattern of Chinese culture. Do not know why, these species appear on magic hours – hours limited hours – ie approximately at 5-6 pm.

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After a long wait, a number of mandarin fish appear and posing behind a bend contortion of fire coral and another coral reef.

We also can walk down the street of small islands uninhabited area around Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort and see coral reef rock sticking out and surrounded by calm waters and clear greenish.

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