Officialy Registered Padi Dive Resort

Officialy Registered Padi Dive Resort

Officialy Registered Padi Dive Resort

Officialy Registered Padi Dive Resort – We proudly announce that Doberai Private Island is now. Officially registered as Padi Dive Resort.

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We maintain and endlessly improve our services and facilities. Based on international safety standard practice in fun diving activities.

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As dive resort, we provide 3 kinds of services. Which are: dive course (education), fun dive trip (experience). And sale and rental dive gear (equipment).

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We make sure, every aspect of the activities mentioned in the above paragraph. Will be in the international standard safety procedures, especially in term of safety.

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In terms of the dive guide. All of them must meet the minimum classification of diving license. Which is a divemaster.

We also produce our own divemaster. That come from internal Doberai Private Island.

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We prioritize the staff who have a talent. And show a good attitude. For a certain period of time.

We train our own staff from zero, until they reach divemaster. We make sure they have enough dive log, confidence, fully skilful. And show a good attitude toward guests.

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In order to make sure that our dive gear are always in good condition. Regular maintenance and services should be done.

We have our own certified specialist to conduct the maintenance. For the dive gear, that consist of second stage, first stage, BCD, mask, fins, and wetsuit.

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All the standardized tools. For the specific brand of the dive gear are also complete.

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Four unit BAUER compressors support our dive centre. Using registered BAUER spare parts is the decision we made.

Because, we understand that safety relies more on this equipments.

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