PADI Dive Course

PADI Dive Course.

Padi Dive Course

PADI Dive Course: 

All courses are in USD

Courses include:

  • PADI Open Water Instructor
  • Dive gear; BCD, Regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins
  • Fun diving, according to the level
  • Certificate
  • Manual book; soft or hard copy

Prices & Packages:

  • Open Water Dive Course: USD 550 / person
  • Advanced Dive Course: USD 400 / person
  • Rescue Dive Course + EFR: USD 670 / person
  • Dive Master Course: USD 1,950 / person
  • Discovery Scuba Dive: USD 59 / dive / person

Comprehensive Options of Raja Ampat Dive Accommodation

Raja Ampat has become a dream diving destination for many divers around the world. In the past few years. The place is located in a rural area, though. Divers should ensure that they will receive proper Raja Ampat dive accommodation. Before going to this place. It’s not fun hauling all your equipment while travelling long and difficult distance. What kind of accommodation that the place offers for divers?

Checking Out the Available Raja Ampat Dive Accommodation

Diving is a fun water activity. However, it can only be done by trained people. Divers need to prove their capability before tackling a difficult diving spot. Beginner divers can only enjoy diving in easy spots. You have to have proper accommodation. To ensure safety and fun diving. Here is the diving accommodation list offered by this place.

Raja Ampat dive accommodation includes a highly capable local guide. The guide knows the perfect diving spots and their characteristics. And the local guide can also lead the divers. Toward those destinations easily since he is knowledgeable about this matter. Your guide is certified as a professional diver & capable to lead a group of less experienced divers. This enhanced the safety of each diving trip in this area.

Another accommodation type for diving here is diving gear. Diving centres in this area will provide full head to toe gears, such as wet bodysuits, snorkels, booties, and fins. Varied sizes are offered to accommodate incoming divers. The gears are regularly serviced to ensure that they are safe to be utilized by divers. Renting can be costly, though. Therefore if possible. You should bring your own gears.

Raja Ampat dive accommodation is not complete. Without the lifelines. They are the oxygen tank and compressor. These 2 types of equipment are important as oxygen tank helps to supply the important oxygen. To allow diver breathing underwater.

Meanwhile, the compressor aids in regulating the pressure of oxygen that goes into diver’s body. The oxygen tank varies in sizes. Smaller ones are dedicated to beginner. The compressor has to be calibrated regularly based on Bauer guidance. So, it’ll show an accurate level of pressure.

Diving Spot

To get to a diving spot. Raja Ampat dive accommodation provides boats. There are big, small, and medium boats. The boat size depends on the number of divers in a particular group. And the big group requires big size boat.

Renting the boat for group member will be much cheaper for each individual. When renting a boat, it’s important to make sure what equipment does the boat have. Boat for divers should always have basic first aid kit and radio in them. And it will help during emergency situations such as an accident during diving.

There is still no information about whether the diving class is offered in this destination. Professional divers are very well accommodated. Sure. Raja Ampat dives accommodation options are quite pricey. The diver can find ways to work around that, though.

As an example. They can bring some of their own lighter gears.

If you are looking for the Padi dive course, then you should move to Indonesia now! Raja Ampat Doberai Private Island is where you can find the best Padi dive course Indonesia. It’s a kind of Padi training that is now offered by the top Padi experts and in the best price. This private island is not only becoming popular for the offering of Padi dive course Indonesia but also a popular destination for those who want to admire the natural beauty of this place.