Amazed By The Beauty of Piaynemo Raja Ampat

Piaynemo Raja Ampat

Enchanted Piaynemo Enchantment and Raja Ampat Sea - A Review from Our Visitors

Piaynemo Raja Ampat – One of our visitors, wrote about Doberai Private Island. And also, his experience in Raja Ampat.

“Visiting the island of Piaynemo. Is a mandatory agenda. When exploring Raja Ampat, West Papua. The island is located in Pam Village. West Waigeo District. From Doberai Private Island Urai Island, where I stayed. Piaynemo was 2-3 hours by 2x200pk powered speedboat. WOW!”

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Amazed, by The Beauty of Piaynemo Raja Ampat. One of the considerations, I chose to stay on the island of Urai. Besides its beautiful beaches is, its strategic location. The distance from here, to various Raja Ampat island destinations, isn’t too far. When compared to staying. In the city of Sorong.”

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Raja Ampat Resort. If you stay overnight in Sorong. It’ll take you 3-4 hours to sail to Piaynemo. Depending on the power. Of the speedboat engine used. If you stay on the island of Urai, then the sea journey is shorter. And, more destinations can be visited. Yippy!

Moreover, on Doberai Private Island there is a Raja Ampat Eco Resort. Which directly faces the sea. So, the experience of staying in Raja Ampat is MORE special! WOW!

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The availability of electricity, in the Raja Ampat islands, is still limited. OMG! On Urai Island, the electricity goes off at 07.00. And will turn on again around 17.00. OMG!

Therefore, don’t forget to charge electronic equipment. Such as smartphones, cameras, power banks. And drones at night. Flashlights can be taken in case an emergency occurs.

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Continue to tell about Piaynemo. This island is a karst hill island. Full of green trees. Climbing the hill is easy. Because, the stairs have been built up to the top. Around 300 wooden stairs. Are ready to be explored by visitors. And yep, make sure your body is FIT to climb!

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Thank you, for visiting Doberai Private Island. XO!

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