Plan Vacation To Raja Ampat

Plan Vacation To Raja Ampat

Plan Vacation To Raja Ampat

Plan Vacation To Raja Ampat – Trip to Raja Ampat is expensive? Not really actually, especially if we plan it well. The word “expensive” is something that is relative actually. In general, Raja Ampat when it is compared to other tourist spots in the country, it is relatively more expensive.

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This is because Raja Ampat is a marine tourist spot, where everybody knows that normally is more expensive than tourist spots on land. Moreover, Raja Ampat is located in Papua, where infrastructure is minimal when compared to other provinces in Indonesia.

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However, all of the high expenses will be paid off when you see the breathtaking view of Raja Ampat, both underwater and above the sea.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is also very supportive when there are tourists from within the country who also want to see the beauty of Raja Ampat, considering that tourists who come to Raja Ampat are dominated by foreigners, especially European.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort suggests to local tourists to come by group, between 4-6 people.

Travelling by group will greatly reduce the cost of transportation by speed boat up to 50%. For your info, since Raja Ampat is an archipelago, so in order to explore Raja Ampat, we have to ride speed boat everywhere.

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Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort has been serving and has prime customers who are nationwide companies, where they always come in the group between 6-12 people.

Here is a step by step things to do to plan your trip to Raja Ampat well.

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Flight Ticket

Plan your trip well in advance. Then buy a ticket through the local booking online now widely available in the country. Buying through online ticket booking has proved to be cheaper, since it gives a combination of multiple flights from multiple airlines.

Generally, ticket with a transit flight will be cheaper than a direct flight. And also longer transit flight will be cheaper than shorter transit.

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Once you are finished with an airline ticket, and now assuming you are in Sorong city already. From Sorong, you proceed to Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat.

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Going to Waisai city using a medium-large ship, Marina Express or Ave Maria, and there are two other large ships will take around 2.5 hours.

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Marina Express Ferry

In this case, we recommend guests to take the Marina Express ferry owned by a local private company. The three ships serve the route Sorong – Waisai every day.

The ships are quite in good shape and well maintained, equipped by air-conditioned, spacious enough and comfortable seating area.

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Ticket prices are Rp. 130.000,- and VIP Rp. 230,000, -. Now there are 2 times per day at 9 am and 2 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday schedule only serve at 2 pm.

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A glimpse about the capital city of Raja Ampat. 11 years ago the city was officially formed. Formerly the city was just like any other islands in Raja Ampat, it was a totally dense forest.


But now Waisai city is rapidly developing its infrastructure. There are hospitals, government offices, restaurants, shops and hotels for approximately Rp.350.000, – Rp.450.000.- per night.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort itself provides a shuttle with a speed boat from Waisai – Doberai Resort – Waisai, which are already included in the package of Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort.

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The travel time from Waisai to Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is approximately 25 minutes.

From Waisai city, you can tour the islands by speed boat. One ride speed boat to an island costs for between Rp.1,000,000 – Rp. 10.000.000,-.

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So if you go in a group of 10, it means the cost can be shared all together.

Why it so so expensive?

Because the price of subsidized gasoline in other provinces in Indonesia is Rp. 6.500,-, but the price in Raja Ampat varies from Rp.15,000,- – Rp. 20.000,- / liter.

And for a speed boat to run to the nearest island will take about 70 litres.


Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort offers several attractive option packages such as Raja Ampat Doberai Snorkeling Package, Raja Ampat Doberai Tour Package, Raja Ampat Doberai Dive Package, Raja Ampat Doberai Dive Package, and Raja Ampat Doberai Honeymoon Package.

These packages are in US Dollar. These packages include lodging, meals 3 times, speed boat, guide, snorkelling and diving equipment.

Packages offered by Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort are between 5 to 6 nights. Within this 6 nights, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort will bring you for island hoping to witness the beauty and uniqueness of Raja Ampat.

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For those who are not diving, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort will take you for snorkelling in the marine park around the islands. There are lots of snorkelling locations that can be seen with diverse habitat.

There are several locations with shallow water and white sand beach safe enough for children.

Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is located in Urai island. Up to this moment, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort is the only resort in Raja Ampat that occupies an island individually or privately.

Urai island itself is located nicely at “the doorway” of Kabui bay.

A little advice for you who will travel here, always bring your personal gear such as waterproof half-covered sandals, hat, sunglasses, t-shirts, short-board, sun cream, personal light medicine, and of course camera, if possible with a waterproof casing. – Plan Vacation To Raja Ampat.