Preparation Before Going to Raja Ampat

Going to Raja Ampat? This is The Preparation

Preparation Before Going to Raja Ampat

PREPARATION BEFORE GOING TO RAJA AMPAT – Raja Ampat is one of millions of gifts given by God to the people of Indonesia. How not, tread Raja Ampat as far as the eye can see, as far as the foot stepped only the beauty and beauty found. And everything is still natural, clean, and the people are one with that beauty. All care for and maintain that beauty.

In Raja Ampat we can enjoy the blue sea as much as possible, a group of beautiful coral islands mememesona, hundreds of species of coral reefs and fish, as well as the friendliness of its inhabitants. Therefore, you need to be prepared more if you really want to enjoy the paradise that fell to the Black Pearl earth.

Choose the Right Time

PREPARATION BEFORE GOING TO RAJA AMPAT might include choosing the right time. Usually people travel when the holidays arrive. Try thinking otherwise, take a vacation when other people don’t. It does need a struggle and strict time management. Office permits, school permits for children, and other normative rules. But doesn’t it all depend on intention and opportunity? Intention is related to enthusiasm and self-motivation, if opportunity depends on intention. Opportunities and opportunities can be created after the intention arises.

Many advantages, you know, holidays when other people do not do it. Because it is not a high session, of course tickets are cheaper, hotels are also more choices, travel is more flexible because the mode of transportation is more spacious. And most importantly, we can linger at tourist sites. As I experienced yesterday when I was in Raja Ampat, because it was not the holiday season almost all of the places were quiet away from the hustle and bustle of humans

At the top of Pianemo for example, this place is an icon of the king of Ampat. From this peak we can feel the exotic sensation of the enchanting coral islands like a garden over a blue, blue sea. To reach the top of Pianemo, we have to walk 300 steps which are only about one meter wide.

Imagine if the holiday season, thousands of people will stand in line to go up and down. Especially at the peak, we will not be free to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of a place that may be our whole life can only see it once. Likewise in Arborek, Yenbuba, Pasir Timbul, and other destinations there were not many visitors at that time. Istagenic is really the point.

One of The Preparation Before Going To Raja Ampat Is To Choose The Right Package

Don’t ask how much time is needed to enjoy all the beauty of Raja Ampat. One month will not be enough. The Raja Ampat Islands consist of 610 islands and only 35 islands are inhabited by residents. Four major islands include Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo.

There are dozens of objects that are visited by tourists like Pianemo, Yenbuba, Pasir Timbul, Kabui Bay, Batu Pinsil, Arborek Village, Salawati Waters, Wayag Islands, Misol, and many others. For adventurers visiting the places that I mentioned earlier may not be new anymore, they will look for other hidden places that have not been touched by humans. But for ordinary people, of course, the right place already represents the icon of Raja Ampat.

Many choices of packages offered by travel agents or operators. For the first time to Raja Ampat, I suggest taking a four day and three night package. The package price is approximately Rp. 4.5 million to Rp 6 million depending on the number of objects visited and the facilities offered. It’s easier, because everything has been taken care of starting from the airport, crossings, hotels, eating, entering tourist sites, and returning to the airport again.

Preparation Before Going To Raja Ampat Must be Time calculated

It is important to manage time so that the baseball in Raja Ampat is more memorable. Operators usually make a standard itinerary, leaving at 8:00 and returning at 17.00. I suggest leaving early, considering the trip to one point to another requires quite a long time.

Usually the operator will invite you to the furthest point first, then to the next points while driving home. In certain spots such as Pianemo, Telaga Bintang, or if you have time to go to Wayang try to arrive before zuhur. Remember landscape photos will be better results if taken before ten eleven o’clock. The sky is still blue, and the light is not too hot.

Likewise to other spots, such as to the location of the Sand Timbul. Embossed sand is a natural phenomenon that is actually an island that arises to the surface of the sea at certain times.

This island only appears when the sea is receding. Well, if the middle tide, the stretch of sand island will disappear drowning in the water. That is why the people in Raja Ampat call it Pasir Timbul.

Expanse of sand is quite wide and usually the tourists who come there because they want to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea. Taking pictures at this location is very interesting because it gives the impression as if we were in the middle of a vast ocean.

Apesnya, we came to the location of this sand arise in the afternoon, the sea is high tide and of course the sand does not appear anymore. All flattened with sea water, only the white color of sand can be seen from the surface.

Physical and Stock Preparation

PREPARATION BEFORE GOING TO RAJA AMPAT also includes preparation of your phisical and mental condition. To enjoy Raja Ampat means to be physically fit. Do not imagine riding a room-cooled boat and can sleep soundly. The journey from one island to another takes hours and of course the sun is very hot. Many places require us to do trekking / rock climbing.

To reach the top of Pianemo for example, we must climb at least three hundred steps. In Telaga Bintang even more extreme, although not as high as Pianemo, there are no stairs, only steep rocks with terraces. Likewise in Maya Pun, and Wayag, all need extra struggle to conquer the peak.

Provisions of course are very important to keep our stamina awake. Mineral water, snacks, big meals, need to be prepared more. For those of you who like snorkeling, must bring fresh bread for souvenirs of beautiful fish under the sea. Very exciting for sure.

Don’t Forget to Taste the Savory Crab Walnuts

Raja Ampat is not only famous for its natural beauty, there is an extreme culinary that is a must try, the Walnut Crab. But make no mistake, there are no restaurants or stalls selling it. You have to cook it.

Before going up to the top of Pianemo, you will see local residents selling various merchandise. Starting from coconal oil, Bahar root bracelets, young coconut, and live Walnuts crabs. Walnut crabs are animals that live on land, live in coconut trees. The size is very large, as big as a coconut. The price per tail varies from Rp 50 thousand to Rp 300 thousand, depending on the size.

If you don’t have a high cholesterol history, you need to try it. Like we do. After bargaining, you finally buy three tails for IDR 400 thousand. We continued to climb the top of Pianemo, while Mr. Mustang, our guide, waited below to prepare a furnace to cook it.

Sure enough, when it came down from the top of Pianemo, we were welcomed by the fragrance of the walnuts that had been burned. The color is reddish, the sign is ready to eat. There is no special seasoning, only dipped using soy sauce but hmm the pleasure is really unbelievable. Really double the pleasure. And it is said, walnut crabs can add vitality to both men and women, if the correct way to consume them.

So, don’t wait any longer to delay enjoying the beauty of Raja Ampat. Raise your luggage, bring your camera around, and enjoy life.