Private Island For Honeymoon

Private Island For Honeymoon

Private Island For Honeymoon

Private Island For Honeymoon – Experience once in a lifetime, being only you in a wonderful empty island that has a cristal shallow flat beach.

In Raja Ampat archipelago, we recommend you to undergo the only few people on earth can experience.

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This especially fits for honeymooners (bulan madu), where you and your partner or special one will enjoy the 100% privacy.

We would drop and leave you alone the whole day or night on the island.

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Of course, we would provide you with full logistic including tent, to ensure your comfort.

In a nutshell, what can be more privacy than being on a private island.

For you to know, that is in Raja Ampat area, the best and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.

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Doberai Private Island

Doberai Private Island is mainly designed for honeymooners or guests who enjoy company with their loved one.

Due to that design or concept, Doberai Private Island that occupies a private natural beautiful island, only construct the bungalow and the facilities as much as possible not to damage or destroy nature.

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Furthermore, Doberai Private Island as a resort accommodation, only builds a very few numbers of bungalow so that the tranquillity and privacy remain.

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To justify this, Doberai Private Island only occupies not more than 10% of the total area of the island, and the majority of the bungalow is built on the water.

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In Doberai Private Island, guests who are in their honeymoon period, or guests who prefer to be alone while enjoying nature, could find a lot of space in this island.

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There are many beaches around the island to hang out and enjoy without having disturbed by other guests.

On land itself, Doberai Private Island provides a huge area to explore.

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This especially who love to enjoy the tropical natural forest. The forest contains more on birds, that allow guests to enjoy more.

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