Raja Ampat and Beginner Divers


For diving enthusiasts, it seems that Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua is one of the areas that must be visited. There are more than 76 diving spots, which can be enjoyed with various characteristics. Beside the beautiful sea, Raja Ampat is also known to have strong ocean currents. So divers really need to pay attention to the location and the weather that often changes.

One of Raja Ampat’s senior guides, who had also been part of Conservation International (CI) for 17 years, Husen said there were several dive spots that were friendly to beginners. Usually these points are also used to teach tourists who are not licensed to dive.

  1. Arborek One of the best underwater islands has many school fishes. No wonder foreign and local tourists choose this island to become a mandatory destination for Raja Ampat. For beginner divers, this island has a small portion of safe locations to study. Because it has a gradual depth and is relatively safe from large currents. “Because there we can gradually drop two, three, four meters to 15 meters to learn.
  1. Yenbuba In Yenbuba village which is included in the District of Meos Mansar, Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat Regency is also one of the favorite diving spots. The clear sea and diverse fish are its advantages. The divers of foreign tourists diving at the Yenbuba Tourism Village spot, on Manswar Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua. The clear sea, rich biota, and still well-maintained make it one of the favorite diving spots in Raja Ampat. On this island there is also a gradual depth for diving learning. Besides that, you don’t need to swim far to see beautiful coral and fish. Enough on the dock, you can already be amazed by the beauty of the marine biota. “Don’t go in there (Yenbuba) when the new water recedes and the water just installs. Because if you just want to recede, the flow will come out very fast, and when you plug it in, the current will be very fast,”
  1. However, for beginners who want to learn diving, they should find a special dive center that has the program. In this special program you will be given training and material several times, before being invited to diving.