Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson

Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson

Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson

Raja Ampat Coral Valuable Lesson – M.V cruise ship. Caledonian Sky which ran aground on the Dampier Strait on March 4. Caused massive damage to coral reefs. In Raja Ampat. Environmental activists say the Government must make this event a valuable lesson. And make various efforts to protect state assets in the form of invaluable natural wealth.

Damage to coral reefs in the waters of Raja Ampat is estimated to reach more than 1.8 hectares. Due to the destruction of the M.V cruise ship. Caledonian Sky which ran aground in the Dampier Strait.

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Further research and calculations are needed. To determine the steps that must be taken. As an effort to restore damaged coral reefs. This is related to the damage to coral reefs. That are included in the core zones of fisheries and tourism.


If the damaged coral reef is around 1.8 hectares wide enough. And the affected coincidence is coral reefs that enter. The core zone of fisheries. Also tourism. So, this needs to be done by restoration or recovery. The strategy for restoring coral reefs. We can’t yet determine whether. We should use transplantation techniques or not.

Of the 603 species of coral reefs recorded in Raja Ampat. it’s not certain how many species are damaged. The total loss due to damage to coral reefs in Raja Ampat. As not been calculated exactly.

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Because the damage caused is not only related to coral species. That have existed for 100 of years in the place. But also related to the functioning. Of coral reef ecosystems for tourism and fish production.

Very large. Indeed there have been those who have already calculated the value. It’s based on the option value. For example in addition to the value. That must be used to restore the costs used for restoration. To the costs lost from a reproduction of fisheries capacity.

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Yep. Because the coral reefs that we have are nursery places. For several types of fish. Well, there are also values that are lost because of tourism. Because if it’s broken. People can’t dive anymore. Well, that’s actually a lost loss. A lost benefit.


Restoration is the most likely choice to restore damaged coral reefs. However, variations in coral reef species need to be measured. Before they are damaged. Before doing restoration or repairs.

From the monitoring that has been done. There are several large colonies of damaged coral reefs. Which require a very long time to restore. To the minimum conditions of the coral reef. Doberai Private Island.

Growing coral reefs until he has a 30 cm colony. That may take more than 30 years alone, minimum. Well especially if we measure the success. Of the restoration from the ecosystem side. It’ll take much longer. Because this is a coral reef system. The ecosystem has been built for hundreds of years.

reproduction of fisheries capacity.

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The government needs to take policies to protect coral reefs. And Indonesia’s underwater ecosystems. From the threat of anchors of large ships that stop or just pass.

Identification of the types or species of damaged reefs. Must be carried out immediately. And the restoration strategies that will be used.

Strategic Ship Moorings

To avoid the same damage or incident occurring in other coral reefs in Raja Ampat. Or other dive sites in Indonesia, the government must immediately make a lot of strategic ship moorings. So, large vessels don’t directly enter shallow waters. Which are at risk of damaging the reef coral.

In addition, the government must immediately make a good zoning policy. So that there is clear zoning. Where large ships can enter or can’t enter.

Ketut Sardjana Putra said that this was related to the importance. Of the existence of a map in the sea area. As a better reference and planning in the future.

The 1 map policy. 1 map policy is important. Not only in the territory but also in the sea. So that good coral reef information, marine conservation areas which are actually state assets. Should be included on the same map. So that this can be used to build better management in the future.

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said, an investigation had been carried out by an integrated team whose results would be used to take the next step regarding this case.

Luhut stressed that he would take legal steps to damage the Raja Ampat coral reef caused by the M.V cruise ship. Caledonian Sky.

“The important thing is that the insurance from the ship is also present, taking the data in the field, the damage caused by the Caledonian Skyship. We will take legal steps in the international arena”, said the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs.