Raja Ampat Diving Is Amazing

Raja Ampat Diving Is Amazing

Raja Ampat Diving Is Amazing

Raja Ampat Diving Is AmazingDiving in Raja Ampat is the best diving in the world.

It has the world’s most biodiversity marine region with more species of fish, coral, and mollusc than anywhere else.

The enormous number of species can be staggering. Some areas have a large group of manta rays, turtle, school of fish and regular sighting of shark.

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Definitely Doberai Eco Resort or Doberai Private Island provides varieties of packages or customized packaged for diving. However, Doberai Eco Resort sets a standardized packaged that includes diving in it.

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Underwater Beauty of Raja Ampat

The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat Papua is no longer a new thing. Not only for residents of Indonesia, even the international community often talks about how exotic this group of islands in eastern Indonesia is.

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With many beautiful island choices, Raja Ampat Papua is on the list of destinations that must be visited. And is a paradise for travellers.

Marine life that will accompany your diving experience here, including sweet lips tropical carangidi or big fish like sharks. In another part, there is also a beautiful coral reef garden, where small fish and carpet sharks live.

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How? Are you interested in visiting the Dampier Strait?

With 610 islands in Raja Ampat, Papua, you will be presented with many diving spots.

Not to mention the many unique marine life that will accompany your diving.

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It will definitely be a pleasant experience, right?

If you have plans to dive in the depths of the Raja Ampat sea in Papua, here are diving spots you should not miss.

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Blue Magic

One of the most internationally recognized diving spots in Raja Ampat Papua is Blue Magic. In this place, Lonjor Sharks, Tuna, and various fish schools appear like a busy parade.

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In addition, you can also see the magic of the blue-ringed octopus that is often found in this place. The exotic underwater panorama makes divers always fall in love with this place.

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If you want to visit it, the location is close to Kri Island. This spot can also be reached from the city of Waisai. With a tricky entry and fast flow, this place is a challenge for divers.

Therefore, you need to concentrate more on diving.

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