Raja Ampat Doberai Testimonial

“We stayed there for about 5 nights, and it was absolutely amazing, most definitely paradise. Doberai Eco Resort have an... Read More
Dimitris Z
“Raja Ampat is a mangificent place & staying in a Doberai your in the heart of it. The location is... Read More
“Amazing place”
“We’ve been there for 5 nights only, but for sure we will come back. Friendly staff, good Asian food, wild... Read More


“The Most Nature and Stunning View at Raja Ampat”
“Took a few hours from sorong to Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort. The resort is very well managed, green, cozy... Read More
“A truly heaven on earth!!”
“Spending a whole week to celebrate my birthday there with my friends was an amazing time ever!! I could say... Read More
“Peaceful Paradise”
“Great place to wind down, relax and enjoy wild life both above and under water. We went there for 5... Read More


“Diving Raja Ampat at Doberai Eco Resort”
“Amazing base for exploring the fantastic subsea treasures of Raja Ampat. The food was better than we anticipated for a... Read More
“Lost Paradise at Doberai ”
“We visited the Doberai Eco Resort for a short 2 nights 3 days holiday. Previously just want to visit raja... Read More
“Heaven on earth in West Papua”
“It was the first time for me (Indonesian), and my friend (Japanese), but we both agree that this is the... Read More


“Paradise for Divers and relaxing”
“after nearly one year we just about to visit Doberai the second time. I think this said is one of... Read More
“Excellent Resort”
“A beautiful resort, staff are very friendly and welcoming and it felt like we were part of the Doberai family... Read More
“Amazing Island”
“I was so curious to prove by my self that Raja Ampat is special and beautiful as its name soaring... Read More


“Amazing Doberai”
“I have been travelling with my group all over indonesia. spent a lot of time everywhere. this review is not... Read More
“Absolutely Fantastic Resort”
“Staying at Doberai Eco Resort,Raja Ampat with the eco concept is really fantastic experience. The resort located in Uray island... Read More
“Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort”
“Excellent resort located in very nice environment, the coral reef and the fishes are awesome, just snorkeling in front of... Read More


“Juan PuroYoga”
“I ve been traveling around the world for as far as I can remember. Last few year my destination has... Read More
“Nature, Secluded and Private”
“Stayed in Doberai Eco Resort for 7 days. Scuba dived everyday except the first and last day. We did not... Read More
“Highly recommended”
“Went to Raja with a group of friends and we were deliberating for ages about accommodation. We were struggling to... Read More


“One week is not enough”
“Truly not enough!!! There are so much things to do and to see there, making one week is really not... Read More
“We (Norwegian & Indonesian) have visited this place twice in this year. 1st trip was April 2013 and 2nd trip... Read More
Indrajaya A
“In a nutshell: we just spent two weeks in a piece of Paradise which is “placed on earth”, and for... Read More


“Idyllic location and excellent hosts”
“I highly recommend Doberai Eco Resort for couples or friends visiting Raja Ampat. It offers an excellent option for those... Read More
“great day at doberai”
“really nice and peaceful place to stay…. i can enjoy my day with snorkling diving and sunbath… for the diving... Read More
“excellent service and amazing place”
“This is the place where everyone who has the family, must go there… we can learn a lot from the... Read More


“amazing paradise..wow!!”
“Spending a week in my vacation last month in Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort felt like being in a another... Read More
“heaven on earth”
“What an amazing place this earth is, after spending a few days at Doberai resort, I now have a different... Read More
“The doberai Eco Resort is one of the best place on earth, that’s why I called this Resort is like... Read More


“One with nature…”
“Nothing is better than being one with nature. Doberai Eco Resort is located in such secluded part of the archipelago... Read More
“It is really a paradise”
“I am a diving instructor I have dived in almost 90% dive sites in Indonesia, and I can’t agree more... Read More
“AMAZING Place Deborai Eco Resort is wonderfull place to enjoy the nature. So many kind of fishes and birds. the... Read More

Forgoten Paradise
“I spent a wonderful week in Doberai with a group of diving friends in April. The place is so beautiful... Read More
“Far away from the bustle of the city, Doberai Eco Resort is a beautiful exotic place where me and my... Read More