Raja Ampat Prioritizes Safety

Raja Ampat Prioritizes Safety

Raja Ampat Prioritizies Safety

Raja Ampat Prioritizes Safety – The Raja Ampat Regency Government. West Papua Province. Formed an integrated team to safeguard tourist visits. During the 2019 Eid holiday.

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The Head of the Raja Ampat Regency Tourism Office. Yusdi Lamatenggo. Said the integrated tour security team consisted. Of the Office of Tourism Services, Transportation Agency, Basarnas and security forces.

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Raja Ampat Regency Government is. Always ready to provide comfort to tourists. Who visit the area during the Eid holiday. And the usual days.” Yusdi said. As quoted by Antara on Wednesday (5/6).

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According to him the integrated team of tourist visit security. Is an annual routine program. To anticipate the surge of tourist visits in each Raja Ampat tourist destination.

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This integrated team. He continued. Served in the port of Waisai to ensure that every tourist boat. Carrying tourists had safety equipment at sea.

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He said the integrated team. Would also be on duty at every tourist spot. In Raja Ampat Regency. Ranging from Waigeo to Misool. To provide services to tourists who visited.

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But this year’s Eid. Yusdi continued. The price of plane tickets is very expensive. So many tourists. Especially domestic tourists. Cancel travel tours to Raja Ampat.

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According to him tourist arrivals. In the Raja Ampat district. West Papua Province. Had decreased by around 30%.

Many tourists who have registered to visit Raja Ampat Regency. Cancel the visit. Because, the price of plane tickets is very expensive.” He said.

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He hopes that the price of plane tickets to Papua. Especially the cities of Sorong and Raja Ampat. Will be reduced to a reasonable and affordable value. So that, tourist visits to Raja Ampat increase.

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Although promotions and various events are carried out. To increase tourist arrivals in Raja Ampat, if the price of airline tickets remains high the target will not be achieved.” He said.

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