Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer Ship

Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer

Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer Ship

Raja Ampat Reef Destroyer Ship – West Papua Province finally handed over the case files. Of Amanikan cruise ships which allegedly hit coral reefs. In Raja Ampat waters to the Sorong District Prosecutor’s Office. For further legal proceedings.

The head of the Raja Ampat Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Bernadus Okoka. Said that he had submitted the case file. To the foreign cruise ship to the Sorong District Prosecutor’s investigator.

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He said the legal proceedings awaited the Sorong District Prosecutor’s investigator. As the prosecutor stated that the case file. Of the cruise ship was complete.

173 GT motorboat

The 173 GT motorboat was legally processed. Because, it hit a coral reef in the waters of Arborek Village. One of the most beautiful tourist destinations. In Raja Ampat Regency, November 2017.

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He explained, according to the results of the study in the field. The area of the underwater coral reef which was damaged by the KM Amanikan reached 162 square meters.

The damage, according to him. The functions of ecosystems or fish shelters, aesthetic functions, wave resistance or flow functions, social. And cultural research has declined,” he said in Waisai, Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Antara reported.

Damaged coral reefs

Damaged coral reefs of various kinds. And it takes up to 15 years for these coral reefs to be able to live again as usual. The loss of Raja Ampat. Due to damage to the coral reef reached Rp. 800,000,000.

In this case, the Raja Ampat Regional Police investigator has determined 2 suspects namely, the skipper with the initials IMS. And the helmsman of the ship with the initials S. Both suspects are charged with violating Article 98 Paragraph (1) jo Article 99 Paragraph (1) of Law 32 of 2009. Concerning protection and management living environment.

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In addition to the alleged destruction of coral reefs. By Amanikan cruise ships, there are also cases involving the MV Caledonian Sky vessel which has a weight of 4200 gross tons. to the waters of Raja Ampat on March 3, 2017. After passengers travelled on the island, the ship was captain by Captain Keith Michael Taylor. continue the trip to Bitung on March 4, 2017.


On the way to Bitung, MV Caledonian Sky ran aground on a collection of coral reefs in Raja Ampat. Once pulled by a tug boat, the ship finally managed to sail back leaving the damage to the reef in an area of 18,882 square meters.

However, until now there has been no clarity on the legal process of damage to coral reefs caused by the cruise ship.

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