Sago Staple Food Raja Ampat

Sago Staple Food Raja Ampat

Sago Staple Food Raja Ampat

Sago Staple Food Raja Ampat – In the eastern part of Indonesia, particularly in the area of ​​Raja Ampat, the world recognizes or knows Raja Ampat archipelago for its uniqueness and the magnificent view above and underwater.

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But do not know what is the staple food of the community, before the rice was introduced by the government for the last 40 years.

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In eastern part of Indonesia, they are; Sulawesi, Ambon, and Papua, including Raja Ampat, their staple food before was sago. In Raja Ampat itself, accordingly the first tribe was first made sago as a staple food in the region is Matbat.

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Since there used to be a tribe of “tribal Matbat” who first inhabited the islands of Misool area. The tribe originally lived in the middle of the forest so that they make sago as their staple food.

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Sago is the tree when used as a source of subsistence which has two benefits, namely as foodstuffs and building materials.

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Benefits as foodstuffs such as mushrooms emerging from the dregs of the squeezed sago, and sago worms emerging from sago trunk consumed, aci. Or starch as raw material to make papeda, and Sinoli.

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According to local people, “Papeda can be made by pouring hot water to sago powder, stir it gently until the liquid evaporated and sago becomes condensed.”

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There is another delicacy made from sago named Sinoli. It can be made by sifting the sago to get really soft and smooth sago. Then, heat a bowl of coconut milk, pour it to the sifted sago, stir for a minute, then Sinoli is ready.

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Besides made a variety of processed foods, the sago tree also has many benefits. The leaves can be made roofs, the trunk of the leave is to make senate or mat to be used in the house.

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In an effort to help preserve and introduce the culture and local food abroad. Doberai Eco Resort also serves dishes that use sago as raw material. To the guests who stay at Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort.

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Doberai Private Island

Most of the guests of Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort, now Doberai Private Island give positive responses. Over the dishes presented.

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Based on the fact, Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort decided. To continue serving the dishes using sago as raw materials.

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By doing that, Raja Ampat Doberai eco Resort believes that the world. Would know better the culture as well as sago as one of the staple food in Raja Ampat.

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