Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat

Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat

Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat

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Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat – A travel blogger named Lina or familiarly called Alin wrote us on her blog, Here are just a few snippets from the blog he wrote and we have translated in English (original written in Indonesian).

“In general, you must have a certificate to dive. But there is a type of diving that does not require a certificate, namely Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD). DSD gives people the opportunity to try diving experience before deciding to take training or diving certificates In conducting DSD, you will be accompanied by a diving instructor. – Raja Ampat Resort

Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat I feel lucky because Doberai Private Island has DSD facilities. The DSD fee here is IDR 750,000, including diving equipment, diving briefings, and assistance during diving. The diving site is around Urai Island, not far from the Canoe playground. “

Divers will be provided with an air cylinder containing 200 bar of oxygen and nitrogen. The duration of diving depends on the physical endurance of the diver and the availability of oxygen and nitrogen in the tube.

I decided not to miss the opportunity to dive in Raja Ampat. Before starting diving, of course, my friends and I were given an explanation in advance about the code used when diving because in the water can not talk, the functions and ways of using diving equipment, and other things that must be considered when diving.

You can read more here.

Thank you Alin for sharing your experiences with Doberai Private Island.