Sharing In Selpele Raja Ampat

Selpele Raja Ampat

Travel to Raja Ampat, Don't Forget to Share in Selpele Village - A Review from Our Visitors

Selpele Raja Ampat – One of our visitors wrote about Doberai Private Island and his experience in exploring the beauty of Raja Ampat.

“Traveling around Indonesia is no less interesting than travelling abroad. In addition to increasing knowledge about the cultural diversity of the archipelago, this activity makes us love Indonesia more. – Raja Ampat Resort

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Sharing In Selpele Raja Ampat. For me personally, travelling is not only to please myself and to get tired from work routines. However, travelling is also a time for sharing. In November 2018, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to explore Raja Ampat, West Papua with colleagues.”

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Raja Ampat is one of the ten best marine tourism destinations in the world (according to with spectacular maritime views. So proud to be an Indonesian who has a beautiful tourist destination. WOW!

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Reach The Raja Ampat Area

To reach the Raja Ampat area, I took a flight from Jakarta to Sorong, West Papua, about 6-7 hours with one transit in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Tip if you want to come here, take a night flight to land tomorrow morning in Sorong and can directly explore.

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Arriving at Sorong, I continued to travel by sea. Departing from the fishing port to the inn on Urai Island, about 2-3 hours by speed boat.

Urai Island, is strategically located between the Raja Ampat island destinations. I stayed at Doberai Private Island, a resort on a 70 hectare protected forest island.

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A glimpse of where to stay, Doberai means peninsula according to the local language. Having a concept of full in privacy, the beauty of Raja Ampat is enjoyed in a quiet. And friendly atmosphere with nature.

There are 2 lodging choices. Namely Eco Resort facing the beach without air conditioning. And Deluxe Resort which is air-conditioned.

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We can read in full here.

Thank you for visiting Doberai Private Island.

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