Raja Ampat is Beautiful

Raja Ampat is Beautiful

Raja Ampat is Beautiful

Raja Ampat is the belle of Indonesia’s tourism world.

You know, its popularity has spread to local tourists to foreign tourists!

Many foreign tourists are fascinated. By the natural beauty, that is owned by Raja Ampat. OMG!

Its name is also famous in various countries. And various circles. rajaampatdoberai.com

One of the tourist attractions in Indonesia, has extraordinary underwater beauty. Very amazing, right?

Located in Waisai Regency, West Papua Province.

Raja Ampat has 610 very beautiful islands.

Among which are Misool, Salawati, Balanta and Waigeo islands.

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However, of these islands, only 35 are inhabited.

While the rest haven’t been touched. And haven’t even been named.

Here it is the charm that you can only find in Raja Ampat. Yippy!

1. The Best Diving Spot – Raja Ampat is Beautiful

Diving Spot in Raja Ampat

Image source: unsplash.com/sebaspenalambarri

The beauty under the sea of Raja Ampat can no longer be doubted.

This location is the best diving. And snorkelling spot in the world. COOL!

As many as 75% of the world’s marine life is found on this island. Very amazing, right?

You should try to dive in these waters. And start to explore the underwater world.

This diving spot is located in the village of Arborek. rajaampatdoberai.com

In addition to diving, you can also interact directly.

With local residents while enjoying the beauty. Of the villages that are served.

The people in this village are very friendly. And will smile at you. Hehe

They are also ready to welcome with open arms. WOW!

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2. The Natural Beauty is Unmatched

Island in Raja Ampat

Image source: instagram.com/dolankemari

Many say that Misool is very beautiful. Even you can only be said.

To touch Raja Ampat when you have travelled here.

This is where the journey. Of Eastern Indonesia begins! rajaampatdoberai.com

During the trip, you’ll find various kinds. Of tours in Indonesia that you meet.

Many also can’t define it for sure. Because the beauty that is served. By Raja Ampat is extraordinary.

3. Lagoon in Star Lagoon

This lagoon is a star that can pamper you. You can see and differentiate which places should be exposed to.

Only from the cliff. You’ll immediately be fascinated. By its beauty. Very amazing, right?

4. Many Exotic Islands – Raja Ampat is Beautiful

Raja Ampat is Beautiful

Image source: unsplash.com/sutirtab

BTW, have you ever heard of Wayag?

The coral clad in green. In the middle of a very blue ocean presents.

An extraordinary panorama. Makes it not so global.

You can take photos with amazingly great backgrounds.

5. Sunbathe on The Sand Arise

The island is only filled with white sand. On the middle of the blue ocean.

Making this place so unique! And visited by tourists on board.

The location of the island arises close to Mansuar Island. If the water is receding. White sand that arises is increasingly clearly visible. WOW!

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6. See Birds of Paradise Directly

Birds of Paradise

Image source: travel-ling.com

So, are you often curious, about the sightings of the birds of paradise?

For those of you who are curious. And, want to see the bird of paradise directly.

Located in the village of Sawinggrai. You’ll really be able to see this bird.

If it turns out there are no birds. That show themselves in front of you. Don’t be disappointed! Hehe

Because, there are still other places that are very cool. rajaampatdoberai.com

Thus the charm of one of the many tours. In Indonesia that are very popular.

And well known. In foreign countries.

Tempted to come?

Humm BTW, what number are you interested in?

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Doberai Private Island, a resort owned and run by Indonesian.

Experience local tradition with high standard. In tropical dive resort services.

Doberai Private Island provides uniquely Indonesian hospitality.

As previous satisfied guests did, experience yourself our motto:

Come as Guests. Stay as Family. Leave as Friend.

Why choose us?

We are beautiful. Yep. The first and the nearest. Private island resort in Raja Ampat. And we design the distribution of bungalows. As such to maintain exclusivity. Even for group guests.

It as optional types of bungalows. Eco overwater bungalow. Of Course and land-based AC bungalows. All with private bathrooms of course.

Raja Ampat Eco Resort. Keep improving our facilities. And services. Allowing us to obtain HALL OF FAME. From Tripadvisor. In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. And Certificate of Excellent. In 2019.


Our 70 ha private island. Is located only 25 minutes from Waisai. It’s surrounded by Kabui bay at the back. And Waigeo Island. On the left and right side. These circumstances make the beaches extremely safe. Even for kids to go swimming, snorkelling & canoeing. Around the island.

Doberai Private Island located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula. On the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia’s West Papua province. Raja Ampat, or the 4 Kings. Is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals. Surrounding the 4 main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, & the smaller island of Kofiau.

The name of Raja Ampat, comes from local mythology. That tells about a woman who finds 7 eggs. 4 of the 7 eggs hatch and become kings. That occupy four of Raja Ampat biggest islands whilst the other 3 become a ghost, a woman & a stone.

Raja Ampat Regency is a new regency. Which separated from Sorong Regency. In 2004. It encompasses more than 40,000 km² of land and sea. Which also contains Cenderawasih Bay, the largest marine national park in Indonesia.

It’s a part of the newly named West Papua (province) of Indonesia which was formerly Irian Jaya. The islands are the most northern pieces. Of land in the Australian continent.

Although accessing Raja Ampat’s islands isn’t that difficult. It takes some time. It takes four hours flight from Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia to Sorong. Then. taking the boat to reach the islands is necessary.

Types of Bungalows

To accommodate preferences from the guests. We have 2 types of the bungalow. For the one. Who prefers a natural lifestyle. Eco overwater bungalow. (7 units). Suit for them.

The design & material. All stem from local. So that. Our guests could experience the real local taste. Another type. Island-based AC bungalows. (7 units).

These two types of bungalows. Are located on different beaches. That could not allow them to hear & see each other.

This circumstance gives group guests. To enjoy their party. Without disturbing guests. In eco bungalows.



Things to Prepare For Vacation In Raja Ampat

6 Things to Prepare When You Go on a Vacation to Raja Ampat

6 Things to Prepare When You Go on a Vacation to Raja Ampat

Things to Prepare For Vacation In Raja Ampat – Do you want a vacation to Raja Ampat in the style of a Backpacker? What are the things that must be prepared while on a Backpacker-style vacation to Raja Ampat?

Vacationing in Raja Ampat is not an impossible thing to do. Indeed for a vacation to Raja Ampat requires a large fee. But these costs can be reduced if when you plan a vacation to Raja Ampat you apply backpacker-style traveling.

If you want to go to the sea paradise in eastern Indonesia with a backpacker style, you need to prepare a few things. Here are some things that must be prepared while on a Backpacker-style vacation to Raja Ampat.

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Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know

Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know

Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know

Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know – When you get bored doing your work routine. One of the things you can do to refresh your mind so you don’t get stressed out is to travel. rajaampatdoberai.com

Regarding the tour, there are many places and types of tourism in Indonesia that is actually a pity to miss. One of the tourist attractions in question is Raja Ampat tourism.

Raja Ampat Resort. Have you ever visited this tour? If not, on this occasion you can get more knowledge. Because, what was discussed this time is Raja Ampat travel guide.

Today, most Indonesians have heard of Raja Ampat, although many have never visited it. Before discussing further Raja Ampat travel guides, you can listen to an additional introduction related to this tour.

Raja Ampat is one of a group of islands in Papua. The islands in the eastern provinces of Indonesia are said to have been named based on myths or local legend.

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Raja Ampat Travel You Need To Know When Is The Right Time

As an opening to the Raja Ampat tour guide. The first thing to think about. When you want to take a trip to one of the popular tours. In eastern Indonesia is the following trip with accommodation.

Raja Ampat Resort. For those who come from as far away as Jakarta, you can use plane transportation that departs for Sorong Papua. There are many aviation transportation service providers to choose from.

Booking tickets now is not a hassle because you can book plane tickets online. In fact, ordering tickets to go home from Sorong to the city where you live is also available.

What about the ticket price? For those who choose good aviation transportation services, the price must be of course not a little.

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Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport

After travelling for several hours, you will arrive at Domine Eduard Osok Sorong airport. From the airport, you have to travel again to the port.

To arrive at the port in question, you can choose to use one of 3 transportation vehicle options.

The three choices referred to in the Raja Ampat tour guide are public transportation. Motorbike alias motorcycle taxi, and rental car.

For those who don’t mind the budget alias, using a rental car is the first choice that can be chosen.

Conversely, for those who want a backpacker-style vacation where costs are minimized. Public transportation services are the most appropriate solution.

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Public Transportation

Especially for those who use public transportation, you can ride public transportation that has a yellow appearance. If it is not jammed, the trip can be taken in just 10 minutes.

Upon arrival at the port, you can also choose what kind of marine vehicle you want to ride. This port generally provides two types of ships, fast boats and slow boats.

If you want to use a fast boat, you should check the day and time the ship operates. Why? Every day, fast boats only have 1-2 departure schedules.

Raja Ampat Resort. For Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for example, there is only one departure schedule, which is 2 pm WIT.

For days other than those days, there are 2 scheduled departures, which are 9 am and 2 pm.

Then, how about a slow ship? Slow ships have a more flexible schedule than fast boats.

It’s just that the trip time with a slow boat is 2 hours longer than a fast boat. Even so, the cost of transporting slow ships is certainly cheaper than the cost of fast boats.

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Namely Waisai

For those who are looking for information on Raja Ampat travel guides. Especially related to transportation, there is one more travel option to choose from.

Travel transportation in question is by using a plane that departs from Sorong airport to the capital of Raja Ampat. Namely Waisai.

However, to use this special service, you must contact the service provider via telephone first.

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Raja Ampat Travel You Need To Know What Can Be Found There?

The next important point that those who want to explore Raja Ampat travel guides. In order to get a pleasant vacation is to know which places are interesting to go and what can be found from these tourist attractions.

As mentioned in the beginning, Raja Ampat is a group of many islands. Among the many islands there are, there are four main islands that are famous among tourists.

The four islands are Misool, Waigeo, Batanta, and Salawati. Each island has its own beauty.

For example, in Misool. Located in the southern part of Raja Ampat, you can enjoy a variety of terrestrial and marine diversity.

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Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know What Beach To See

Because it is surrounded by the sea. Several island regions in Raja Ampat have several beach attractions that are no less interesting than other places.

Raja Ampat Resort. In fact, some beaches look exotic because they are not widely known.

If you are interested, you can enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat Misool Island. By stopping at one of its white-sand beaches, Banos Beach.

Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know What Various Marine Biota Can Be Found

The existence of Raja Ampat travel guides will greatly help those who have never been and don’t know anything about this tour, especially regarding what can be witnessed while visiting.

You need to know, that Raja Ampat is a paradise for various types of fish and marine life. At this location, there are about 1,300 species of fish that live among coral reefs.

To watch the marine life, you can rent a boat that is equipped with special features basically. So, you can see the beauty of the seabed from the boat.

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Raja Ampat Travel You Need to Know What Various Animal Birds Are There

In addition to the soothing ocean view, you can also see various species of birds. That live in the Sapokren, Sawinggrai, or Yenwaupnor areas.

One type of bird that is not typical Papua that can not be found elsewhere is the Bird of Paradise. Which has feathers like a rainbow colour.

Raja Ampat Resort. In addition to Cenderawasih, you can also see other types of birds such as Cockatoo, Eagle, and so on.

View of Karst and Waterfall

Although it consists of many islands, it does not mean that all the tours offered by the Raja Ampat government are beaches and sea.

Visitors who want to see what the natural atmosphere of the Raja Ampat highlands. Can do is to explore karst islands. Such as those on Wayag island. Or explore the forest to find waterfalls and water sources.

Culture Tour

In addition to some of the above, you who are on vacation with your family can do a lot of energy-intensive tourist activities such as visits to various Raja Ampat cultural areas.

If interested, you can make a visit to the village of Arborek which offers handicrafts such as bags. You can also learn how to carve wood from indigenous Papuan art craftsmen, the Asmat Tribe.

If you are lucky, you can also see cultural attractions or special ceremonies held by native Waigeo residents. For many tourists who invite their families, Raja Ampat travel guides especially those related to culture are more sought after.

Raja Ampat Travel Guide: Many Adventure Activities Done

Raja Ampat travel guide for those who like adventure tourism activities can be listened to through the following explanation. For foreign tourists or domestic tourists who invite their spouse, coworkers, or close friends, there are several types of adventure tourism that can be done in Raja Ampat. Some of them are:

Diving Aka Diving

Diving or diving is one of the many tourist activities that are popular with tourists when visiting Raja Ampat. Of the many spots, the diving spot in the southern part of Waigeo is a favourite of tourists.

Even so, there are other diving spots that are also interesting. Some examples are in Batanta, West Waigeo, and Kofiau.

Raja Ampat Resort. In general, each location has a special area for beginner to professional divers.


Snorkelling is a type of tourist activity that is also widely done by tourists. Like diving activities, Raja Ampat travel guides related to this activity are still associated with complete equipment for snorkelling.

Raja Ampat Resort. So, that nothing bad happens. Snorkelling is generally used as an alternative for tourists who do not want to try diving.

Sailing alias Sailing

Some tourist sites in Raja Ampat also provide facilities such as boats that want to try sailing, aka sailing. However, the costs required to rent a sailboat along with other necessary safety equipment may not be cheap. Therefore, before you can check first how much it costs to be paid and whether the budget is sufficient for these activities.


Raja Ampat Resort. Kayaking is one of the water sports carried out using kayaks, which is a special boat that usually only holds one person. Although less popular with diving, kayaking is also a favourite of tourists, especially foreign tourists.


If you are someone who likes fishing, it never hurts to try out fishing experiences in the Raja Ampat region. If you want to be more practical, you can fish while sailing, aka sailing.

Raja Ampat Resort. Raja Ampat travel guide related to fishing activities is not catching fish or other protected marine animals.

For those who are interested, you can use your own equipment or rent a fishing gear along with other fishing needs around Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Travel Guide: Costs and Accommodation

In this Raja Ampat tour guide, one thing that is also considered important is the cost and accommodation needed. You will later need a lot of money to buy a round trip ticket.

Not only that, but you also need a budget to rent accommodation because usually, Raja Ampat tours will last several days.

Besides that, also prepare the additional budget if you want to try out the various culinary available in Raja Ampat. If you do not want to be bothered with the following financial arrangements, you can use the services of a tour and travel agency.

So, it can be concluded that Raja Ampat travel guide is not simple. For those who do not use the services of a travel agency, you should really think about how the following financial arrangements with the itinerary alias travel agenda upon arrival there.

Raja Ampat Resort. If you use a travel agency, you may only need to prepare personal items that need to be carried, such as clothes, medicine boxes, cameras, and so on.



Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat

5 Items You Must Bring When Traveling to Raja Ampat

5 Items You Must Bring When Traveling to Raja Ampat

Things To Bring When Traveling To Raja Ampat – For travelers who like snorkeling and diving, it could be that Raja Ampat, Papua is on the list of places you are after. The stunning underwater scenery has successfully spoiled the eyes of local and foreign tourists for a long time.

Planning to Raja Ampat in the near future? The ticket and accommodation are done, don’t forget to bring these five items, so that your traveling will run smoothly. Find out more here!

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The Best Floating Resort in Indonesia

The Best Floating Resort in Indonesia

Doberai Private Island One of The Best Floating Resort in Indonesia

The Best Floating Resort in IndonesiaDoberai Private Island just recently chosen. As 1 of the 7 best floating resort in Indonesia.

Out of 7 best floating resort in Indonesia, Doberai is considered is the only resort. That occupies a private island individually. This makes Doberai Private Island unique. As a resort.

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Furthermore, Doberai Private Island is owned and run by local owner. Hence, the concept of the resort is fully Indonesian taste. In terms of personal services, food, ambience, and of course hospitality.

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Local Owner

Despite run and owned by, local owner, with Indonesian concept. The resorts guaranty that the standard follows. And meets the International standard. When it comes to safety and convenience.

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One of the best thing with Doberai Private Island is that the motto “come as guests, stay as family and leave as friends.”

This motto is obviously visible to the guests.

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It is Tropikala, a website currently gets around 14,000 page views per month. Has decided to convincingly reward Doberai Private Island the title. It is a vivid acknowledgement. Of our existence in the business.

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This is what Tropikala says about us. For a taste of true Indonesian hospitality, Doberai Private Island is a superb choice.

The resort is owned and run. By locals and prides itself. On delivering authentic Indonesian accommodation.

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Found in Raja Ampat, Doberai is surrounded by some of the best. Most biodiverse dive sites in the world.

On land, untouched rainforests are just waiting. To be explored by adventurous guests.

You can read the full article here.

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While Doberai’s surroundings are quite wild, its amenities are certainly not.

Visitors can enjoy the unique and delicious flavours of local dishes that are only found in this corner of the world.

If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience and true island getaway, Doberai Eco Resort is the place to go.

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Preparation Before Going to Raja Ampat

Going to Raja Ampat? This is The Preparation

Preparation Before Going to Raja Ampat

PREPARATION BEFORE GOING TO RAJA AMPAT – Raja Ampat is one of millions of gifts given by God to the people of Indonesia. How not, tread Raja Ampat as far as the eye can see, as far as the foot stepped only the beauty and beauty found. And everything is still natural, clean, and the people are one with that beauty. All care for and maintain that beauty.

In Raja Ampat we can enjoy the blue sea as much as possible, a group of beautiful coral islands mememesona, hundreds of species of coral reefs and fish, as well as the friendliness of its inhabitants. Therefore, you need to be prepared more if you really want to enjoy the paradise that fell to the Black Pearl earth.

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Travel To Raja Ampat For Holiday Or Vacation

Travel to Raja Ampat

First Time to Raja Ampat

Travel To Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat, West Papua has become a dream destination for many people. But before you make up your mind to visit Raja Ampat, there are a few things you need to know to be a careful consideration and preparation. KompasTravel in the Lovely Raja Ampat Festival held on 18-21 October 2016 at Waisai Torang Cinta Beach, Raja Ampat summarized a number of things that must be prepared when visiting Raja Ampat as follows :

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1. Raja Ampat

The vast archipelago of Raja Ampat is a regency in West Papua consisting of 1,864 islands. Raja Ampat’s four major islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. The Raja Ampat area is 80 percent covered by water and 20% is land. Study the Raja Ampat map before you plan your vacation, this is a basic knowledge that is useful for choosing where to stay, transportation budget, to tourist routes.

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2. Tariffs required to enter Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat imposed Environmental Maintenance Services (TLPL) Tariffs, which are useful for monitoring and monitoring activities for conservation, community welfare, and Raja Ampat Regency development. TLPL is set at Rp. 500,000 per person for domestic tourists and Rp. 1 million per person for foreign tourists.

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3. Expensive transportation costs

Because the Raja Ampat region is an archipelago and the price of fuel is still expensive, ultimately affecting the price of motorboat rental for tourism. In a way, the cost of renting a motorboat is the largest budget post when travelling in Raja Ampat. For example, a trip from Waisai, the district town of Raja Ampat to Piayenemo, costs Rp. 8 million for a motorboat with 10-12 people. To reduce the transportation budget, go to Raja Ampat in a group, aka group.

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4. Stay options vary

Want a homestay at a friendly price or stay at a luxury resort? Raja Ampat has everything. Lodging in Raja Ampat is varied. Homestay prices in Raja Ampat start at Rp. 250,000 per night, to luxury resorts at Rp. 6 million per night. Things you need to know, this inn is spread on Raja Ampat islands. So when booking lodging, what needs to be paid attention to in advance is the location of the inn. The location of the inn will ultimately affect your tour route.

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5. Not easy to find food

When at the inn, eating is certainly not a difficult thing because almost all lodging in Raja Ampat has included dining facilities three times a day. But if you intend to island hopping, aka tours to the islands, eating a difficult case, because time will be spent at sea. Prepare food before island hopping in Raja Ampat. Similarly, the provision of snacks for lodging. Unless you stay overnight in downtown Waisai, there are markets, food stalls and restaurants.

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6. Dive license

For those of you who want to try out the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, take a diving license first. Because diving in Raja Ampat requires a diving course license. Although it doesn’t rule out you might be able to discover scuba diving in Raja Ampat. Unfortunately, not on a dive site that is famous for its beauty.

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Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know

12 Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know

12 Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know

12 Raja Ampat Travel Tips You Need To Know – Raja Ampat is indeed known to have a very beautiful marine environment. Not only famous throughout Indonesia, the beauty of the Raja Ampat sea is also ogled by foreign tourists. Raja Ampat is indeed known as a tourist attraction in Papua that is superior. Therefore, many tourists who want to travel to this place. You will also travel to Raja Ampat? Before you start your tour, consider our following article about travel tips to Raja Ampat. Here are the tips:

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Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

7 Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

7 Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat

Tips Before Going to Raja Ampat – A vacation to Raja Ampat is certainly fun. But before leaving there, there are a number that need attention.

Raja Ampat does have extraordinary appeal. However, before going to Raja Ampat you must know about this first, so that the preparation becomes more okay and the holidays can be maximized.

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