Boost Tourism in Raja Ampat

Boost Tourism in Raja Ampat

Boost Tourism Raja Ampat – To advance the attractiveness of tourism destinations in Papua. 2 cultural festivals will be held at the same time. First, the Asmat Cultural Festival, on Yos Sudarso Square. Asmat, Papua, on 20 to 25 October.

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Secondly, the Raja Ampat Festival & Travel Mart. at Raja Ampat Waisai Tourism Beach, West Papua, from 20 to 23 October.

Boost Tourism Raja Ampat

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According to Fathul Bahri, Secretary of the Directorate General of Tourism Marketing of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kemenbudpar). His party supports the implementation of these two festivals.

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In addition to preserving local culture. The festival is able to attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit Papua.

These two events are part of the Know Your Country Love Your Country program. Which introduces the beauty of Papua and West Papua. In the frame of Wonderful Indonesia.” Fathul said at a press conference in Jakarta. On Monday (9/26).

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Boost Tourism Raja Ampat . This year’s Asmat Cultural Festival is held for the 26th time. Since 1981. This year there will be cultural arts performances, dance competitions. Carving competitions, kayaking competitions. Rowing competitions, and enlivened by carving auctions.

According to the Regional Secretary of the Asmat Regency, Elisa Kambu. Her party wants to build the Asmat. On a cultural pillar.

Boost Tourism Raja Ampat

Since long time ago, the Asmat district in southern Papua has been famous for carving. Elisa Kambu said that the participants in the carving competition will be given 2 hours to finish the carving.

Participants will show their ability to carve. At the peak of the event. Their work will be auctioned off.” Elisa said.

In the previous year’s festival, Asmat had received many foreign tourists from Australia, Germany, Japan and Korea.

While the series of events in the Raja Ampat Festival & Travel Mart. Which was only held for the second time, will take place cultural arts performances, photo contests, seminars on diving. And underwater photography.

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Boost Tourism Raja Ampat . The local government intends to make this event an annual event.

According to Nico Ramandei, Head of the Raja Ampat Culture and Tourism Service Destination Division. The promotion of marine tourism. And nature tourism is a superior program to be promoted.

Considering there are 160 islands with an area of ​​64 km.

In addition to diving and snorkelling. Tourists can also enjoy the chirping of birds or bird watching. On the big islands in Raja Ampat.” explained Nico, saying tourists really want to see the Red Cenderawasih.

Boost Tourism Raja Ampat

In addition, many tourists also want to feel the sensation of feeding fish. In the Raja Ampat sea which is very rich in coral reefs.

Unlike the Asmat, Raja Ampat is the most visited. By tourists from Europe and America.

Tourists from Australia and Asia are relatively few.” Nico said.

Boost Tourism Raja Ampat . Both the Raja Ampat and Asmat governments agreed to hold a cultural festival at the same time. In the coming years.

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With this, both of them hope that the tourism sector in Papua and West Papua can develop.

So, the problem of transportation access, which has been a problem can be overcome.